writing quotes are my passion life is completely a struggle , hence can do the best things and take the best lessons from it.

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  • inspirational_pen 48w

    Happy teacher's day to all the teacher's for making me learn how to learn from the mistakes!

    Guru Brahma Guru Vishnu
    Guru devo Maheshwara
    Guru sakshat para brahma
    Tas mai Sri gurave namaha !!

    Jai guru divas ..!!

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    Teacher's day

    What to write on a teacher.
    A teacher writes everyone !
    Blessed and lucky are the one who have a teacher's shadow upon their head
    Who Nurtures a Student
    Enchants songs of moral values
    Educates everyone to be an educated one !

  • inspirational_pen 51w

    #colourful life cheerful life !!

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    Green colour brings out dignity
    As the nature wears it so comfortably
    Blue colour brings out kindness
    As the sky is under it so beautifully
    Red colour brings confidence
    As the sun comes out of it so sharply
    White colour brings obligations
    As the moon shines so zealously !!

  • inspirational_pen 51w

    #my friend who is a secret taught me to live again !!

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    Mysterious friend

    I had a friend
    Who taught me a trend
    I learnt how to stay impressed
    In order to avoid being distressed
    Sour I was like an indomitable
    Sweet iam like an indefatigable
    Attention ! Attention !
    Stop wondering about my friend
    Because she taught me a trend
    And that is "How to be an enchantment"|
    Because I love being complacent!!

  • inspirational_pen 51w

    Live your life on your terms and conditions ❣️
    #life #live

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    Life !

    Life is a kind of realism,It can be specified as the attitude or practice of accepting a situation as it is and being prepared to deal with it accordingly.

    Life is extravagant. while describing life,it seems very contemplating the reason is,it has its own ideals,own admirations.
    Ironically,life is an ultimate hope to negotiate the prosaic world.

    Welcoming the life or accepting it convivially
    ensures that you proclaim over your spirits
    Life is innocuous, experiencing the best part of it will make you genial,you will not have to brood on unnecessary conditions.

    Most probably,The problem for life is that it seems increasingly remote from ‘reality’.
    The dilemma is that the more graphic you make your realism,the more this drives your life to the moral truth, simultaneously it exemplifies that you live according to your moral truths and have your virtues effectively.

    Expertise, enchance the hard situations,get
    inspired,get experienced ,let your originality come out,give your spirits a light of hope.Then, the result will be anonymously great.

    Don’t be impatient,things will go right when you trust yourself and the almighty.
    Yes, situations seems hard but every situation has a solution, elaborate your self consciousness.

    Design your own adventures and necessities,fulfill your desires and walk sagaciously.

  • inspirational_pen 51w

    What to describe.
    I become speechless when i think about my mummy
    Just love you mummy ����
    #Mother's love

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    Life has always been cruel to her. Human comprising floods of feelings within her.A psyche that always ponders over her family.Sensitive than we think. Strong than we imagine. Whether it is her husband or children with prudence, dedication, and devotion she withstands all the problems which prove dangerous to her family.

    Honored and treated with great respect of all the creatures of this paradise. The journey of a kind, merciful human empathizes with me, I wonder always, what is she made up of?
    Then, my soul proudly answers she is your mother, A lady with priceless love and devotion to serving her family. Ultimately, she compromises worldly pleasures. Life will seem pointless If her blessing hands wouldn't have touched our heads.
    The extraordinary nature beyond imagination will leave everyone silent. Every human being one and the only wish is to build a successful career, but her wish is to build her family's career

    A dedicated strong-willed lady, who is determined to face all kinds of challenges in the hard situations, and for the hard situations, she used patience as her weapon.
    Right from giving birth after going through the hard pain where almost she gives off her life to give a new life to her child. Every child becomes knowledgeable if he/she knows her mother's significance. If we come to know the pain and struggles of a mother we will definitely combat all the battles of life because we will then realize the value of life.
    Despises all her wishes, expects only LOVE AND CARE! NOT MONEY!

    A garden with beautiful and colorful roses spreading the fragrance of love, generosity, discipline, strong spirit, and many more qualities with each color of the respective roses.
    Perhaps, grief-stricken, she always has a smile that heals everyone's heart.
    There is no other bond in this world as,

  • inspirational_pen 51w

    A huge salute to all the martyred sons who fought for this country and were able to bring back the pride!
    No matter how many years will cross , their sacrifices will always stay as a golden memory in the hearts of each and every citizen of India
    This is the sand of gold where iam born and it is a gift bestowed to me!
    I will always try to increase the pride of India !!
    Bharat mata ki jai !!
    Maa tujhe Salam!!
    Bande mataram!!
    Salam hai un jabazon ko !!

    #India #independence #freedomfighters #salute #proudofindia

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    Diamonds of India!!

    This had long been expected,and all preparations had been made.
    Orders were passed quickly, and in a couple of minutes every son of the mother land was at their post.
    As the enemies approached the battle ground, The warriors launched their first attack.
    While some of the soldiers with immense courage were dealing with the opponents, the warriors who had been hiding behind the hedge, pecked out and alarmed every single enemy.
    But the most terrifying spectacle was the one who left himself on the ground dead so as to catch hold of all the destructors of India, He was having bullets in his chest without crying a single word from his mouth, pretended as he was being defeated.
    Finally, the time of agony arose, where we lost our diamonds moulded with sand and Blood flowing through the streams.
    The battle came to an end , eyes were full of tears. Every single body without soul proudly states that our Nation is admiring and Most privileged. Squeaking of the families will leave everyone sad .
    The footprints will always remain on this land and their conciliatory will always remain capered...!!

  • inspirational_pen 52w

    Ejects happiness everywhere
    Each drop feels so illusionary
    Coming out of which becomes difficult
    Holding the umbrella sits in front of me , As it is aware of the fact, that I may go morbid
    Makes me grin with the whams
    I have a feeling that my soul is with me now
    The fragrance melts my rough criteria's
    Where i stay drowned all the day.
    Meticulously I hear, the whispers which contains all the solutions of my routine page!
    Assuage becomes heart, soul sleeps leaving all my rages behind!


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    Rain droplets

    I don't know why but rain steals my heart in a way that I forget everything except my pen
    When rain comes my pen starts dancing and asks me to describe that beautiful droplets!

  • inspirational_pen 52w

    Trust your soul
    Trust your inner Beauty
    Bring out the new you
    My favourite line which I written is THE ISLE OF OPPORTUNITIES IS YOURS.. by following this our maximum hurdles will go in vain.

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    Release of soul

    Ringing plains are yours.
    Such a frolic psyche and prudence at every stride.
    How optimistic you are! Admirable is your thirst
    for learning.
    Yearning is your soul, leave nothing unattempted.
    Shorn futility, ponder over your blunders.
    Grin and compromise the tenuous reality.
    Violate the term frivolous, growing with your soul.
    Admit impediments, to the Lee's.
    Zealous to explore, oppose to renounce.
    Don't let indefatigable impress you.
    Impetus soul with legendary instincts.
    Fulcrum radiance of Providence for others.
    With complacency you lurid.
    Singular craving for gigantic dreams will expertise
    You are perplex, consisting consternation.
    Meager consternation makes your soul consummate.
    Encourage conscientious,
    Avoid being illusionary.
    Change glee to your assuage.
    A visage with colossal, visionary you are.
    Subdue your heart with discerning vision.
    Wreck the morbidity of the brain, stay complacent.
    Humane is the soul, resilient are your beliefs.
    Step meticulously,
    The isle of opportunities is yours.
    Put an end to cowardice, devote to courage.
    Infinite pedestals are waiting for you to manifest
    your powerful attempts, become a name...

  • inspirational_pen 52w

    NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE THE ONLY THING TO BE REMEMBERED IS HOW TO come out of our flaws and the hard times
    Find a way to endeavour a new life neglecting the past
    Because experiences stay with us always not the past
    So learn from your experiences and prove that everything is possible in this world !!

    #Nothingisimpossible #positivity

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    Nothing is impossible!

    The very first rule of your life should be not to have the rules which demotivate you.
    Change your life to a parable, Apart from getting inspired from others life,try to make your own life a genre,by listening to which everyone's heart fills with a kind of enthusiasm.

    Do not repudiate the fact that we are humans,and humans are the only creatures in this world to withstand the pains and hurdles with strong convictions and hard work.
    Some situations causes high mutilations to our heart, to which we become mutinous but a new start always gives a beautiful end.

    Whenever you fall down, don't try to get up and run again, only walk slowly, whatever the injury you had will take time to recover, have a mutual understanding with your life's situations, now, when you walk slowly stop for a while and set a new target to your life, Now increase your speed, have your vision straight forward to your eyes.

    We have enormous people around us.
    some are destitute, some are rich, some are fragile, some are strong.
    Multiple words and sentences. so, whenever a
    person tries to poke you or tries to discourage
    you,Never feel regret Take those discouragements as your
    encouragement.Get encouraged through those words. If they say
    you are fit for nothing,you take them as I can do everything. If they say you are useless,take them as I am useful and further will be.
    If they laugh at you, feel that they are happy for your happiness.

    You are an incarnate with plentiful ideas.
    You are not an extravagant.
    extravagant are those who laugh at you.
    The highest level of achievement is yours , if you have sumptuous confidence on yourself.
    Superfluous energy and superlative is what
    humans have. But are confused when to use and how to amend them on.Surmount all the difficult circumstances with your will power and astonishing qualities.Just one thing you need to keep in mind is you are Jazzy and can reach the height of a bamboo.

    Above part were the words which I think will give some confidence and might change the persons state of mind.
    Our actual part is to work on the sentence."NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE" so, when
    we transform the sentence and in the place of three words if we replace them with four words then the
    sentence becomes:"THE THING IS POSSIBLE".
    People usually go to the palmist to know their
    future. why don't we trust our own hands and show our excellency.

    Except trusting our hands, our talents we trust the people who don't even know what is their future and claim to predict our future within minutes.We must trust our fait, but that trust gives us the fruit when we work on our inner qualities and exhibit throughout the world.
    Be an Architect: design your own destination
    rather than depending on others.
    Be a Doctor: perform the operation to kill the
    disease named discouragements and criticizing statements.

    Be a Medicine: try to detoxify all the detests in
    Be a Teacher: Teach yourself whenever needed and try to keep your discipline up to the mark.
    Be a student: Learn from the teacher, and the
    teacher is you.
    Stand as an example of extremely astonishing
    creative ideas.
    These are not just the words to be printed in a book,But my wish is to explore my words, to enormous people, so that when people read them. not more,
    but at least one person of this of this paradise gets inspired and starts his/her life newly.
    I want to share my life experiences. To prove that whatever I have said in the above part actually has a meaning.

    I belong to a middle-class family. went through many hardships in my life and still striving to support my family.I always used to feel that I cannot match others and others level, Never knowing that I also have infinite abilities, when the first time I topped in my class, was the day I opened my eyes and from that day to this day i was the top of my class. I have developed myself to
    such an extent that, the people whom i used to think are very intelligent now ask me if they have any doubt. Though people jostle me i still glamorize because i won't consider their words, instead I feel happy that they are noticing me.
    There was a turning point in my life where I was about to die,
    but we all know, till our parents are there behind us.

    No disease can touch us, I stood up again
    previously I didn't believed god, I was always in a state of loath.Now, I am strong, I am enthusiastic.
    all because of my experiences, I feel myself as the most luckiest person because I am born two times with the same parents. The moment I started believing god is the moment I started believing that my parents are my god.
    They are "MY ALMIGHTY

  • inspirational_pen 52w

    This moment will always remain as my golden moment because I again came back out of the danger which I never thought I'll be experiencing
    All thanks to my godly parents ..
    I will be always thankful to them for giving my life back to me!!
    My parents are my heaven
    Thank you mummy and baba

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    On a sunny blissful day
    Suddenly I felt something
    There was a change in me
    Not knowing what was disturbing me.
    A few hours later
    There was a rise in my body temperature
    Hot and Feverish I was trying to breath
    My eyes dropped its shine and I couldn’t stand
    I could feel a trail of tears
    On my burning skin
    My parents holding me weeping silently
    With streams running down their reddened eyes.
    Prayers for my recovery in their every breath
    Two helping hands brought the hope of my survival
    And I recovered opening my eyes
    Wiping the tears with shaky hands
    With such careing parents
    Whose face will always make me realize
    Life with them was worth living
    These were the moments in my life
    That will remain a Reminiscence