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  • ira_neer 2w

    माना उन्होंने मुखलिसाना मोहब्बत की,
    कोई गुनाह नहीं
    - ये उनकी सच्चाई हुई

    हमने बंजर दिल पाया जहां मोहब्बत कि
    संकल्पना भी मुमकिन नहीं
    - तो क्या हमसे बेवफाई हुई ?

    ©ira_neer 15/1/2022

  • ira_neer 4w

    @luvnotes_challenge_host Hope this is in line with the topic.

    @writersnetwork Thank you for the like and repost. Truly honoured.������

    My humble thanks to everyone who found this and my other posts too worth likes and reposts. ������

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    Never ending expedition

    Oh! What to do ? What do I do ?
    To escape death by the weapon of routine
    Just pick up a hobby they say
    Jack of all trades, but
    master of none is my way
    Look inside you. What are you passionate about ?
    Find and pursue your passion
    It'll make your life more fun
    I did give the advice some thought
    To pick one from multiple, I fought

    Impromptu on one fine day,
    While gallavanting through
    The Google Play Store array
    I stumbled upon Miraquill app
    Just like that - out of the blue

    Nonchalantly the curious side of me took over
    I began PEREGRINATING Miraquill like a shopper
    Then pondered - Was it worth having or crap ?
    Would it be a good bargain for me to snap ?

    Found, hanging out here for some time
    Reading some writers was sublime
    Inspired by amateurs and masters to try
    I embarked upon my maiden JOURNEY, a little shy
    For a nervous rendezvous with words
    A hesitant tryst has metamorphosed
    Into a never ending EXPEDITION
    I do know now, here lies my passion

    ©ira_neer 1/1/2022

  • ira_neer 4w

    Happy New Year !

    I'm out of ideas and a little more busy than usual. Hence, have been unable to scribble anything of late (Though, I don't flatter myself by thinking that anyone was waiting for my post.... anyway... just in case)

    Wishing all the fellow Miraquillians
    - Vintage and contemporary
    - Young and elderly
    - Meek and bold
    - Iron and gold
    - undersold and overbold
    - everyone that Miraquill holds

    A V E R Y H A P P Y N E W Y E A R !

    ©ira_neer 31/12/21

  • ira_neer 6w


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    I wonder why people like dark and sorrowful posts.
    You might say - Personal choice.
    I'll say - Right. But still, WHY ???
    (And I know there's no convincing answer for that)

    In mycase, I've observed that I end up following the account of a person who is able to make me laugh with their 3-4 posts. Such people are lively (jindadil) and their positive energy is magnetic. I certainly love to be happy. I enjoy good jokes and laughter. I wonder who wouldn't and WHY ?

    Today I thank @ulti_ginti for spreading smiles on my face. It's just my way of appreciating this person and her witty talent.

    I enjoyed reading her - "say it as I feel it" style which is lively and without inhibitions.

    18 December 2021

  • ira_neer 6w

    All around me are words
    Scattered and floating, like dandelion florets
    Following unordered, like overly zealous pets
    Engaged with mind and sometimes disengaged
    Intruding my ears, eyes and brain -
    Singing phonetics or dancing in groups as shape-shifters
    Invading my cerebrum in silence or chaos
    A companion for lifetime

    ©ira_neer 17 December 2021

  • ira_neer 6w

    It's Christmas

    It's Christmas when
    at every dusk and dawn, there's no news of any place bombed

    It's Christmas when
    A difference of religion hasn't caused an ugly hateful division

    It's Christmas when
    A difference of sex isn't a controversial subject

    It's Christmas when
    the crimes find no ambiguous way to enact their dirty play

    It's Christmas when
    Self sufficiency isn't the result of immoral proficiency

    It's Christmas when
    Uplifting the have-nots doesn't mean usurping the rights of the deserving lots

    It's Christmas when
    the modern world's progression doesn't lead to environmental degression

    It's Christmas when
    breathing the atmospheric air doesn't cause us to despair

    It's Christmas when
    Our faulty egos, we remember, in everyone's best interest to surrender

    It's also Christmas when
    X-mas is celebrated in the month of December and despite never seeing Santa, he is lovingly remembered.

    ©ira_neer 14 December 2021

  • ira_neer 10w

    It's the "gentleness" in your demeanor that makes you a "GENTLEMAN".
    - Aafiya Siddiqui

    So simply put. Makes utmost sense.

    So, here's me,
    wishing all the GENTLEMEN
    A very happy MEN'S day !

    November 19, 2021

  • ira_neer 11w


    #rachanaprati107 #hindi #hindiwriters #shayari #hindishayari #miraquill

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    Miraquill song in Hindi

    Na tum hame jano
    Na hum tumhe jane
    Magar lagta hae kuch aisa ke
    Miraquill ke shamiyaney talay
    Kuch lekhak jo hae jama huey
    To Kalam ko mila chalne ka bahana
    Phir kyu na ho sama suhana suhana

    Dekho ye dil ki
    Ajab dastan hae
    Kalam bolti hae
    Dil bejuban hae

    Keh rahi hae kalam,
    lekhak ke kai afsane
    Dahal ya bahal raha dil,
    bas pathak hi jane

    Ho gaya hae milan
    Lekhakon ka mastana
    Ho gaya hae koi
    Kisi ka phir deewana

    Yahan nagme hae, kissey hae
    Yaari, dushmani, shayari hae
    Yahan rachnakaro ka sahyog hae
    Bhakton ka adhyatmik prayog hae

    Hae idhar memeswale kai fankar
    Aur Chutkule bhi hae beshumar
    Shabdo ka yahan mela hae
    App bilkul yahh albela hae

    Na tum hame jano
    Na hum tumhe jane
    Magar lagta hae kuch aisa ke
    Miraquill ke shamiyaney talay
    Kuch lekhak jo hae jama huey
    To Kalam ko mila chalne ka bahana
    Phir kyu na ho sama suhana suhana

    ©ira_neer November 11, 2021

  • ira_neer 11w

    #wanderer #wod #pod #mirakee #writersnetwork #miraquill

    @miraquill @writersnetwork Thank you for EDITOR'S CHOICE. This adds wind under my pen's wings to keep my inky✍️ bird flying. Elated ��

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    Rooted wanderer

    She stands steady amid the storms and gushing monstrous waves like an unimpeachable lighthouse
    Beaming the right direction to both the experienced but doubtful and the amateur seamen gone astray on their basal voyages.

    Stupefied with the drab humdrum and with rooted intellect about the known, her explorer heart catiously wanders in quest of the unknown.
    Her sanguine twin eyes drift scouting beyond the boundaries of the norms, for an idyllic and quintessential world that they had dared to envision eons back

    Her lonesome jaded entity seeks for a friend - a bolster against which she can rest for a while, being totally remiss to what's expected of her, in whose company she can let her hair down; a guardian angel to look over her so that she'll be spared of the worry of being ravaged and taken down by conniving and perfidious fellow mortals.

    Yes, she's well rooted and dutiful like a lighthouse, but her elements constantly wander beyond what is and for some respite.

    ©ira_neer November 11, 2021

  • ira_neer 12w


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    Mirakee smartees

    They do not read, like or repost for the ones they TAG (dusron ka padho mat par apna padwao)

    They like and comment on one of your post only when they have posted something and want you to check it out (subtle)

    They continuously like your posts (only like) to draw your attention to them.
    They follow you and once you follow back they unfollow (mission accomplished)

    Now this one is funny. Some "on and off" account deactivators have a funny way of saying 'Hi ! I'm back for a while now'. They just like one of your post. Not that they check and like all your posts that you had posted while they were deactivated. So, not really a fan of your writing probably. You've intrigued them for some reason and so they gallivant to your account on reactivating. Also, maybe sometimes while doing window shopping at your account they end up buying a post and pay for it with a like. (I respect this. Really. I mean it. Atleast they have the courtesy to drop a like. Better than the plagiarists and people who copy your ideas and sell as their own without letting you know that they stealthily keep crawling into your account for thieving).

    Lesson learnt -
    Never to follow someone who has many followers but themselves are following less than 10

    Tip -
    Take screenshots of your followers, so that you can track who has unfollowed you after you started following them.
    (i.e. Only if you want to play the follow unfollow game. I don't do it myself. Honestly.
    But, by educating novices with these tips, indirectly I'll have my revenge with the smartees.... Ha ha ha (devilish laughter )

    ©ira_neer November/5/2021