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  • irreplaceable_10venni 17w

    Feeling unwanted, unpampered is the most brutal feeling in the world,
    Just like staying untouched in a lot of rolled chits of paper, waiting to be picked up atleast by a random hand, which you know is again a probability.

  • irreplaceable_10venni 29w

    Isn't it a cruel joke?
    When you see the person you loved with your heart and soul, trying to impress someone the same way they impressed you once.

  • irreplaceable_10venni 29w

    Reality is an earthquake that shatters every beautiful dream.

  • irreplaceable_10venni 38w

    In darkness cruel grip,
    I found you like a ship.
    Transported me to your land of positivity,
    much beautiful than what negativity lied giving me..
    You taught me how to climb on my rope with hope,
    At times when I believed my future had zero scope.
    I was that person who directed my vision towards the darkness that nights bring along,
    But now, I've started enjoying other shining aspects of the night sky, along with a pinch of darkness.
    Want you not like the sun or moon,
    Want you not like the seasons.
    Just be my pole star, a beacon that always steers me in the direction of hope.
    Constant and forever.

  • irreplaceable_10venni 41w

    He pretended to be happy with his married life,
    While she pretended to have moved on
    But,deep inside they knew, they are still stuck with the same past, difficult to let go of each others memory.

  • irreplaceable_10venni 41w

    We met one day,
    Not planned, may be destined to meet
    Like the first time we meet each other.
    Catching each other unawares.
    It was bizarre, something that we never felt being with each other.
    I felt a lump in my throat, he must have felt the way.
    Eyes instantly brimmed with tears to the point I couldn't see him clearly.
    Heart, a bit hardened unlike the first time I understood I began to love him.
    I squeezed shut my eyes and turned to walk back, but was stopped by a voice in the distance.
    Turning back, I saw the same girl I saw years ago in her bridal attire.
    She held me by my shoulders and smiled at me.
    "I remember seeing you, you are his friend, aren't you?," She asked, with him standing beside her.
    I nodded trying to match up to her smile.
    Deep inside, I know I lied to her. I wasn't just his friend.

  • irreplaceable_10venni 50w

    Welcome changes in life.

    You just need a change,
    wanted or unwanted,
    forced or accepted to just look back,
    laugh at your stupidity, faults,
    places where your trust was broken,
    look where your innocent heart was choked, just as why it cared so much about things, people.

    thoughts that continued to chip your innocence away till the last stub is crumbled to the size of an atom that refuses to disintegrate still now.

    Be grateful for the lessons you've learnt.

    You look back at things, laugh at it , turn back, leave out a loud sigh and walk smilingly ahead, this time a little matured, chiseled to face a better world.

  • irreplaceable_10venni 94w

    If people are in a hurry to leave your life,
    Give them a Royal walkout.
    Every entries were important once, and the exit too..

  • irreplaceable_10venni 95w

    Hardened by unexpected discoveries and bitter facts from your dear ones,
    reversal is mere a broken option.

  • irreplaceable_10venni 97w

    Your smile at troubled times is the fitting reply to those who wish to snatch that away from your life.