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  • isolated_atom 8w


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    The melody of song matched with my emotions,today.
    It reminded me,how we were used to sing our favourite lyrics for each other, together by staring in the eyes of each other.

    The flying birds I saw while reading the novel suggested by you with a hot cup of coffee in my balcony.
    It reminded me,how we were used to look over the sky till hours to spot the bird for getting the essence of our new poems.

    The shattered bedsheet with arrogant gleam of sunrise in the summer and lot of wrinkles. It reminded me thousand of battles we'd fought upon it.

    Though, you've gone,your memories couldn't escape.
    They smell like vintage pages of my diary,we had been writting our heart out upon.
    I still keep on writing letters and store them in the softest corner of my almirah with a hope that someday, you'll come to read them for sure.


  • isolated_atom 30w

    To Mommy2.o from her beta ji.

    Happiest b'day to
    the girl of 16 who taught me how to trust anybody and whose presence is legit precious to me!
    I Don't wanna be cliche by amplyfing how we met and how our bond became strong.
    In fact, i'll prefer to describe what you're to me. What was the empty place which is filled now just because of your presence.

    You're that part of my heart I adore the most. Also I don't want to express my love through some words only, but i want to do every possible and impossible thing to make you feel that how much i adore you.

    I definitely will live my life without you, but I really don't even want to live without you.
    Here, I'm begging with teary eyes that I want you at each and every phase of my life.
    I want you to be the strongest support system of mine.
    I want you everyday,every hour,every minute and evey second of my life.
    I don't care whether sun rises or not,but I want you to message me 'Good morning ' everyday.
    I Don't know whether our relation will intact forever or not, but all i know is that i'll never let you go from the core of my heart where i've kept you under 7 locks.
    I've seen the glance of whole universe through your flickering eyes. We both have the same conditions in life that's why,we go through the same problem everytime.

    You've your own beauty and that beauty is literally bizarre.
    Whenever, I contemplate you,my heart get solace and my soul smiles.
    The way you understand me, nobody else can do not even the people around me.
    We may be miles apart, but we're never apart. We're always connected.

    You're one of my favourite creation of almighty after my mom.
    I adore you for not judging me but to understand me. I'm greatful for that night when we were sharing our friendship stories on friendship day and you said,"I think I got my soulmate" trust me I got my eyes teary and nothing is more solacing as well as special sentence for me till now.
    Whenever I get stuck in problem,you give me the bestest suggestion to let that problem away from me.

    I've shared you that sort of my life what I had to share with my mom maybe,but I didn't share with her.
    Due to her job, she never get enough time to spend with me. She always remains busy and that's why I don't share my problems with her what a teenager girl must do.
    I shared that stuffs with you also you take care of mine as my mom and that's why you got the title of my "mommy 2.o" so,you now know it's not that easy for a girl to give the position of her mom to somebody else.
    Now you can understand what you mean to me.
    I'm glad to be your beta ji.
    I love that deep and heart out conversation to you.

    And when it comes on writing skills you're the one of my favourite writer actually. The way you define love is sublime.
    Everything you write becomes the reason to love you,for me.
    I'll keep adoring you no matter what.

    Chal chal itni tareef enough hai. Ab tu kuch jyada bhaw khayegi ik.
    But I think it's not enough but i've to stop writing cuz my accountancy book is calling me. You know it's my exam time.
    Sorry for this weired writing but I ACTUALLY love you so I couldn't stop myself from writing this weired note. Dragged very vaguely u know that.

    Greatful for this app which finally let me meet my soulmates.

    Happiest b'day,my love! ❤️

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    She's a petal of rose.
    Beautiful and aromatic.

    She's essence of old songs.
    Aesthetic and pure.

    She's the battle among feelings.
    Love and poetry.


  • isolated_atom 41w

    @the_speccy_outsider Dear uncle,I know it's not fitting on your situations nowdays ,but here's a positive vibe what you need the most.
    All the very best!
    All the stars of success are with you. ��

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    Always look forward,to what is ahead.
    Your thoughts and wisdom, gracefully spread.
    Living the life to the fullest,is up to you.
    Look in the mirror, always be true.
    Listen to your inner voice,
    Live your life, through your choice.

    _Sonal Dubey

  • isolated_atom 45w

    कल रात मेरे साथ घटित सत्य घटना पर आधारित ।

    Okay bye. I need mental peace.

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    Nervousness trespassed in me, last night.

    Door was oozing the silence of loudest storm running in my mind.
    Fingers were still stucked in dishevelling like a hungry young crow.
    On the battleground of bed ,I was playing like a rebellion.
    Ordered my pillows to come and provide shelter by being the weapon through which, I could save myself getting bear down on my head between them.
    sweaty were my hands still anxiety chocked my throat by dancing like rain in the month of June.
    Legs upon one another were afraid of losing The power of movement due to mind illness.
    It's all about nervousness.

    The storage in my room was filled of negativity and fear which were stuck in my thoughts just like my phone's storage was filled with pictures of blue skies,white clouds,the myriad faces of moon and some white lilies from my garden which have been the healer of mine, when I used to be an innocent girl at the age of 13.
    Nervousness adorned my fear very systematically, beautifully and smoothly strong.
    Frequency of nervousness filled the gap that my beds corner and the floor contained.
    Nervousness embraced 2 of its new friends named 'fear' and 'doubt', inside me.
    4 books in my shelf basked in the room, felt menace.
    It's all About nervousness.

    My eyes were ghasty open,i ceaselessly starred at the rooftop and detected non identical twins in my knees also my stomach ached differently like never I felt before the last night.
    The clenched fist,deepest and darkest crumple was insufferable.
    Nervousness put down a lock on my mouth.
    I was mum.
    I was mum.
    The nail paint over my nails was red in tint until my nails turned black.
    Tension would be immortal witness.
    It's all about nervousness.

    Zillion of wrinkles on my bed and non counted hair falls are witness of the strain I suffered last night.
    I met with the clots of freezed blood and some injuries my nails tattooed on my skin.
    My bedsheet is crying with silence of losing lots of its thread and for tolerating the pain of wrinkles I gave it.
    Profoundly I met a new me,last night.
    Teenage is actually mirthless.
    It's all about nervousness.


  • isolated_atom 46w


    I wondered,that how the clouds outside my window turn pink whenever
    he sends me letters adorned
    of hopes and notes regarding
    the soul exists inside
    me and the essence of aroma of his forever
    fresh love.
    I thought that metaphors crave his ink.
    Hopes feel like another ray of sun coming
    from the another window in my room to the almirah inside
    which lots of his hopenotes and letters are in imprisonment.

    The gleams get stuck among his promises of
    being forever fresh in love.
    I've no more courage to set that gleams free.


  • isolated_atom 47w

    Start from caption.

    आज उसने फुरसत में शाम को मैसेज किया और बड़े प्यार से कहा,"योर बर्थडे इज कमिंग,क्या लोगी अपना बर्थडे गिफ्ट?"
    मैंने भी दिल से,बिना झिझक एक प्यारी सी मुस्कुराहट के साथ जल्दी से कह ही दिया कि 'काश कभी मैं तुम्हारी कविता का शीर्षक बनूं!'

    वो चुप था, हालांकि उसे लिखना नहीं आता है पर फिर भी उसने मेरी इस बात पर ठहाके नहीं लगाए और झट से मना भी नहीं किया।
    वो फ्रैंक है। हर बात सीधा सामने मुंह पर बोल देता है,पीठ पीछे बोलने की गुंजाइश ही नहीं और यही बात उसकी मुझे सबसे ज्यादा भाती है ।
    एक मैं इंट्रोवर्ट गर्ल,जिसे लोग और उनकी लंबी बातें एक आंख नहीं सुहाती है ,और वहीं वो,लिमिट लेस कन्वर्सेशन का हेड।
    वो हमसे अलग था,बोले तो एकदम अलग। और ये तो यूनिवर्सल ट्रुथ ही है कि 'नेगेटिव पोल्स अट्रैक्ट ईच अदर।'

    "अगर तुम यही चाहती हो तो यही सही, मैं कोशिश करूंगा और तुम्हीं तो कहती हो ना की कोशिश करने वालों की कभी हार नहीं होती तो मेरी भी हार नहीं होगी",उसने कहा।
    इतने में मेरा दिल बाग-बाग हो गया और मानो बाहर निकलकर नाचने सा लगा।मेरे पैर तो जमीन पर थे ही नहीं मानो।
    एकदम 'आज मैं ऊपर,आसमां नीचे ' वाला सीन था।
    हमने भी एक स्माइली वाला इमोजी भेज ही दिया जैसे-तैसे करके।

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    उसने मेरी चुप्पी देखी और कहा,"सुनो,मैंने कभी लिखने का ट्राइ तो नहीं किया पर शायद एक लेखक के लिए लेखनी और शब्दों के जाल से बढ़कर कीमती कुछ होता ही नहीं है। उनकी अपनी अलग ही दुनिया होती है,जैसे कि तुम्हारी भी एक अलग ही दुनिया है, कविताओं,शब्दों और कहानियों के बीच।
    हम किसी से कितना भी प्रेम कर ले,परन्तु यदि हम उसके बारे में कुछ लिख नहीं सकते तो वहां प्रेम की परिभाषा सफल नहीं मानी जाती।
    शायद हम उनके बारे में लिखकर उन्हें अनुभव करा सकते हैं ,कि हमारे दिल में उनके लिए प्रेम कितनी मात्रा में है।
    हम किसी के लिए कुछ लिख पाएं उससे बड़ी उपलब्धि और क्या ही हो सकती है।
    आज की इस भाग दौड़ भरी जिंदगी में थोड़ा सा समय निकाल कर ,एकांत बैठकर,भावों की दुनिया में प्रेम की पिटारी से कुछ खूबसूरत शब्दों के चयन से कविता रूपी माला बनाना कितना अद्भुत होता है ना!
    एक लेखक को अपनी हर रचना के अंत में अलग सी ही प्रसन्नता मिलती है,मानो वहीं उसकी मंजिल है।
    मैं भी चाहता हूं ऐसी प्रसन्नता का अनुभव करना।

    अब तक मैं खुद को पाता था ,तुम्हारी रचना में
    अब तुम मिलना,खुद से,मेरी रचना में!"
    "हां! मैं बनाऊंगा तुम्हें अपनी कविता का शीर्षक"

    मेरे पास शब्द नहीं थे,उसे देने को पर मेरी आखों के पास था कुछ,अश्रु, आखिरकार निकाल ही गए।


  • isolated_atom 47w

    So written in 14.5 minutes.

    Tried hard but didn't catch it.
    But read please.

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    काश कभी मैं उसकी कविता का शीर्षक बनूं!
    विरक्त होकर भी उसे रक्त से सिंचित करूँ,
    क्षणभंगुर से प्रेम को,अनन्त कर,
    निष्प्राण होकर,समाधि में तैरा करूँ।
    काश कभी मैं उसकी कविता का शीर्षक बनूं!

    उसके वियोग को भास्कर की विभा तले
    रौंद, ध्वंस करूँ,
    रेत से स्नेह प्रमोष कर,उसके ह्रदय को
    कविता रूपी कुसुम से सदैव अलंकृत करूँ ।
    काश कभी मैं उसकी कविता का शीर्षक बनूं!

    व्योम तले स्थाई होकर,
    बेजान पन्नों में सामर्थ्य भरूँ,
    रिस कर अपने अश्रु धरा पर,
    खुद ही मैं सिंचित होकर,
    उसके आंगन में पुष्प खिलूं।
    काश कभी मैं उसकी कविता का शीर्षक बनूं!


  • isolated_atom 48w

    Pardon me for the mistakes.

    I'm missing you like hell. @parle_g ����
    I'm not feeling well here without you. Please come back.
    I know you're suffering a lot in your life,and it's very hard for you to spend time in entertainment. Just for some days.
    I want that vibes back when you used to talk and spend time with us.

    You're the one and only person in my life who shared about her past even about your mental health with me.
    You can't even imagine how important you're to me.

    How supportive and lovable you're,no one can understand but god.
    I'm endowed with your friendship which means much to me.
    Lots of love. Please come back. ❤

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    कि अब हर्फ नहीं तुम्हारी जौफ़िय्यत ब'यां करने को
    मि'रे एक तुम ही तो थे,अब कुछ बचा नहीं फ'ना करने को।

    तकल्लुम तुम्हारा ही हमे रा'स आता था
    की अब हर्फ ही नहीं,तुम'से इल्तिज़ा करने को।।

    इंतिशार नहीं कर सकता रू'हों को जुदा
    पैदाइश दूसरी भी हो,तो खौ'फ नहीं तुम्हारा हबीब होने को।।


  • isolated_atom 48w


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    My love is entangled in the dark ray which
    passes through the button of his white shirt.
    The threads of that shirt crave my touch
    and bind me.


  • isolated_atom 48w

    I don't/never take much time(not even more than 1 hour.) to write something because the deep i think I can't frame them in words properly.
    Thought to post something ,so i dragged it in some minutes before posting

    Just a very random. You can skip.
    Finally 50th post.

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    I don't believe in soulmates but POETRY and SHE.

    She is indulge in poetry and poetry embraces
    her and achieves the unfinished goal.
    There is poetry in the rays of her morning sun, and in the evening, along with the stars,
    there is poetry in the moon too.
    There is poetry in her immense sorrow
    and poetry in the echo of her laughter.
    As if she is the breath of poetry, and
    her breath is poetry.
    For the sake of poetry she lives in poetry.
    From the petals of her lotus to the grains
    of sand, there is poetry.
    From her beating heart to the lifeless
    pages, only poetry remains camped.
    Poetry is her love and love is poetry for her.
    Poetry is for her a constant inspiration, of the eternal.
    Poetry does not perish, but changes the
    spirit and emotions with the introduction
    of new words and new authors.
    Poetry does not become lifeless,
    but poetry gives new life to the broken people.
    Poetry is not just a means of expressing
    feelings by embellishing them,
    but poetry is our companion who is ready
    to walk with us for life.
    The end of the universe is possible,
    but not poetry.
    If poetry and love are weighed in the scales,
    then poetry itself will always have the upper hand, because poetry contains more
    emotion than love.

    "Her poetries have wings to fly and reach his heart."