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  • its_farhan2904 26w


    The desires were far from reality
    I still wished that a dream would come true.

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    حقیقت سے بہت دور تھیں خواہشیں میری
    پھر بھی خواہش تھی کہ اک خواب حقیقت ہوتا.

  • its_farhan2904 27w

    Thankfully, there is no stench of sin, otherwise this world would not be able to live.

    शुक्र है पाप की दुर्गंध नहीं आती, नहीं तो ये दुनिया जी नहीं पाती।

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    شکر کریں گناہ کی بدبو نہیں ورنہ یہ دنیا رہنے کے قابل نہ ہوتی.

  • its_farhan2904 29w

    The government does so much favor to the public….. snatches away the eyes and donates spect….!!

    Your branded clothes and faces often lie, the reality of a person is known only in your nasty

    Good deeds are done even in silence.

    God knows man's intentions and also his show-off..


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    God knows ur intention


  • its_farhan2904 30w

    Sorry it's kinda long....But I hope u enjoy..

    Everything was going well. Both siblings go to school together. But unfortunately the brother was lame and his sister is ashamed of him being lame. She didn't even tell his friends that he was my brother. When it was lunch at school, Alex wanted to have lunch with Perry, but as soon as he arrived, she (Perry) and his friend left, making fun of him. Laughed at him, treated him like he couldn't do anything in his life. Today is her sister's birthday and sister was enjoying birthday party with her friends when Alex comes there and asks can I attend this party? Hearing this his friend started laughing and asked Perry, have you invited Alex? Perry comes out of the party and crying. Outside his father was coming inside with gifts. Father saw Perry crying, he asks why are you crying? Perry says I don't want to be with Alex, he makes me feel awkward when he is with me. Father says go Alex, you go and sit in the car. Father says Perry do you know Alex has no legs, do you know the reason behind this? Father said you and Alex were playing together in the house when you were 5 years old, and you suddenly left the house while playing and there was a speeding car coming from there and then Alex tried to save you. And since that day he lost a leg. So you saw how much he loves you, and how nasty you treated him. Hearing this, Perry brought tears to her eyes and Perry went and apologized to Alex at the same time. And now that Alex and Perry used to go everywhere together, in fact now Perry isn't even ashamed to go with Alex. It was phenomenal.

    I would be happy if you read it @writersnetwork

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    Sister Ashamed brother.


  • its_farhan2904 31w

    Only leaves fall in autumn, there is no season to fall from sight.


  • its_farhan2904 33w


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    Snapchat is all about fun ,
    Until someone take screenshots.

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  • its_farhan2904 38w

    خبر پہنچتے ہی سب دوریاں سمٹتی ہیں
    جو کام زندگی نہیں کرتی ، وہ موت کرتی ہے.


  • its_farhan2904 38w

    ज़िंदगी एक खेल ही तो है , जीत जाएंगे या सीख जाएंगे ।


  • its_farhan2904 38w

    تمہیں مشکل میں ڈالنے سے پہلے وہ تمہیں مشکل سے نکالنے کا وسیلہ بتاتا ہے۔