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  • iynace 3w

    The spawl is real, frankly we never settle.
    Emotions scattered all over, fighting endless battles
    Feeling numb, craving security like a bi-asexual mug
    Twisted mind might think rigged raga is obtained from a rug
    Red flags everywhere, everyone is flashing warning signs in Broadway
    Nobody cares, they never pay attention anyways
    Instinct pushes for a way out, that's just fantasy in a crazy misty world
    Only birds are truly free
    Free from the commitment and emotional attachments we try to avoid
    Wings become a necessity, fly over the hedge into an endless maze of refuge, freedom awaits- perfect paradise

    Wait, things changes when karma comes knocking
    Clipped wings, pinned claws
    Clinging on the illusion of communication, establishing a pavement for competition
    Enchanted echo's commitment and complexion
    Its a perfect cycle of jowo
    A typical love quarrel

  • iynace 16w

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    Mjolo, deception and pain

    ... She would get away with all the things she did to me, but hey karma is not related to nobody... Hold up, this is how it all began, when it all started l didnt know her as Kirior whatever, l called her Rue
    I wasn’t going to make it for sure, l couldn’t breathe. Crawling down the pavement, crying for help- no one was willing to spare a little time to help. Blood was all over the place, l was gasping for air like l was having an asthma attack. Sound began to fade away, it felt like walls were closing in.
    Memories, they haunt you down even in your deepest, darkest places. The smell of blood penetrated my nose –I lost the sense of smell, then l remembered the last time smell gave up on me, collage wasn’t a good place for me, seating in the library like everybody else that’s when she got in. Sprawling with a vibe that destroyed all senses, the fragrance of her perfume blocking my nostrils the only thing l could smell was her presence, it felt like l was locked in paradise. My own super fly, super quiet and juice.
    The sound in my head become loud, l could hear my own thoughts screaming. Couldn’t figure out why am l senses were so loud. Curiosity haunting me, who is she? My mind kept asking the same question time and again.
    Well halo there! ...
    Who are you? ... My inner being started interlarding with perception.
    Based on your vibe you are student, your blouse is loose, you not here to be seen but those bracelets there are jangle you want attention, congrats am all in. You went down through the shelves looking for something eye catching, what could it be. Maybe fiction, sci-fi, I don’t know, you seem different. Scouted through P and Qs you looking for something deep, what you are looking for is down to your far right the shades of infinity.
    You tripped and bombed into somebody else, you sound apologetic, like you are ashamed to be a good girl, where did you come from, you walk towards me and uttered your first words to me.
    (I couldn’t stop the voices in my head, there were so loud)
    Rue: hallo
    Me: huh....
    I was gobsmacked l couldn’t talk, the chaos in my head was not processed, the question, the curiosity, I wasn’t sure of what l want my intension were not transparent. I swear my mind was clouded, l couldn’t say anything straight. The moment was tense and you jumped back in, swaying the weird vibe.
    Rue: Are you new here? You seem like the quite type.
    Me: oh my! No, no -am not. Mm just....
    House order: Shhh!
    Rue: sorry
    You hair wisped, as the librarian was closing in on us, now you just sitting opposite me. No words uttered, but l could see it in your eyes you wanted to know why l was staring at you so much. It’s simple really l couldn’t take my eyes off you,

    You too perfect l guess
    I couldn’t tell the difference between love and like no more
    I had to revisit love definitions
    How Ironic, who knew love can make one rush through dictionary pages over and over, trying to justify the feeling running through their body, but it was as clear as the purest crystal.
    So beautiful, no doubt
    When you moved your hair, you threw this crazy charm that could drill every man’s heart; I could swear l was ready to do anything for you.
    A shoulder, a person to relay on perhaps- you look independent though
    Your smile, made me realise what l have been missing, it flows with possession.
    You giggled, l melted
    All l could do was stare....
    You stared back, your eyes full of curiosity
    No resentment what so ever

    Unknowingly l made you uncomfortable, so you looked the other way, time passed l didn’t even heard the gong ring, you got up in a rush.
    She probably late for class, l hoped.
    Anyways l wasn’t going to late a slight misfortune ruin my day, so l buried myself in paper work l had an assignment due later that day.
    Few hours passed, l felt l had my fill so l packed my belongings and left for the bar. I know what you’ll thinking what is he going to do in the bar, the club is his place.
    Am a Ned but l know the club is the best place for me but to find a lady the bar is where anyone would go. It’s just logic and it seemed like a plan. In my mind l couldn’t stop fantasying about her you know.
    I lost track of everything, my surrounding become noisy as l was reminiscing about the moment I just lost. Well it’s ironic how we regret things we never fought for. Well typical humans, we don’t value what we have until we lost it.
    The pavement was full of homeless people, trying to get as much help from passer-by’s. I felt bad, l was rushing to the bar to enjoy a life that someone wishes to have yet l wasn’t grateful for what l had. Anyways that’s life after all, we don’t always get what we want. A chance to save the day perhaps but it doesn’t happen twice a week you don’t get too many chnces.
    I got to the bar, Ed sheren was playing repeat.

    Some people never have a chance, crap schools, bad blood with parents and life, life gave them lemons yet no one taught them how to make lemonade. Your emotions are out of shape, you can't focus your chi you want to let someone in your life who will make the problems go away. But then you won't submit your ego doesn't allow you, you like a vegetarian who is scared of killing animals but very much comfortable with killing people.
    As l walk down the hall way, music pounding on my ears, it felt good but l was fading- in reality, my body was swamped in blood.
    I wasn't sure l was going to make it, but l had to try.
    Help! Help?!
    My voice was fading, no one was there to save me, and she just stood there gushing her teeth’s out like she was going to eat me. I didn't know love could be so mess till l meet, Kiri. I couldn't tell if she likes me. All she could do was surprise me. Throwing this low key vibe, l couldn’t read. She was beautiful, like no one l ever seen. I couldn’t believe such beauty and composure could be on one being.
    Well it’s like they say, love is never settle when it is its only too good to be true.

  • iynace 16w


    If l wasn't strong enough l would be dead,
    If the world wasn't so different, I wouldnt be right here
    What good is change, if nobody likes change
    If we humans are not perfect, why do we expect perfection

  • iynace 38w

    What if she say NO!
    Then what?!

  • iynace 38w

    Dear tariro

    I don't why
    When, it all happened
    Listen, am super into you
    I can't fake it
    I can't pretend
    All l can do is stare, wish n' adore..

  • iynace 38w


  • iynace 39w

    Love hurts
    Love cost
    Love is demanding
    Love is caring
    Love is painful
    Love is soulful
    Love is everything else but patient

  • iynace 39w

    Lost in the moment #nf

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    I had that pictures dont change
    Jus the people inside them do
    Who ever told you life will be easy
    I promise that person was lying to you

  • iynace 39w

    We never free, not at all
    We black people live through hell until we prevail.

  • iynace 40w

    When poverty killed a dozen
    they turned sideways, face down

    When we screamed for help
    they stuffed our mouth, so we could shut up

    When we tried clipping out
    they kept their doors shut

    When we tripped on the staircase
    They watched with disgust

    When we made it to the top
    they say we knew you were going to make it

    They don't want me to win, yet they can't handle losing