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  • jacob_howdagee 20w

    Like a dog barking at what I can't see
    I talk to the stars and all of her mystery


  • jacob_howdagee 21w

    Eternal Happiness

    I believe eternal happiness does exist
    But we carry the burden of a consciousness
    That allows us to question it


  • jacob_howdagee 22w


    The world has been set ablaze
    It took removing ourselves
    To get rid of the hate
    And remove the hell we create

    But just to be sure
    The wind sifts through our ashes
    Displacing us further
    Into the nothingness
    that we exist


  • jacob_howdagee 22w

    #death #GuardianAngels #heaven

    Seeing stars from space is like seeing the past due to the distance. Also borrowing the idea that loved ones become a star to watch over you when they pass on.

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    The Distant Star

    I always look out
    into the past
    And it's exactly that
    Which stares back

    I would love to see
    what you've become

    A distant star?
    If you're still there
    Watching over me
    Give me a sign

    A little flicker
    For my world to see

    Heaven's not far away
    If I'm in the light of your eyes
    As you watch over me


  • jacob_howdagee 26w

    Crocodile Streams

    Kiss me
    But don't part your lips
    You might say something sweet
    That'll taste sour when you're missed

    Love me
    But don't let your heart skip a beat
    Because our hearts are finally
    flatlining synchronously

    Hold me
    By the handle of the blade
    Long enough to watch
    The blood evade my veins

    Cry to me
    But don't let a tear leave
    Cause you hide crocodiles
    In those streams


  • jacob_howdagee 34w

    If you're not choking down
    What life puts on your plate
    Then you become the prey


  • jacob_howdagee 35w

    Happy Birthday Flower

    Today, the hummingbirds are humming
    A happy birthday to you

    I wrote this with a feather
    While drinking some nectar
    That wasn't as sweet as you

    May your birthday wishes be carried
    From flower to flower
    So everyone can see them bloom


  • jacob_howdagee 45w

    At This Depth

    No one else saw her
    In the same light as I
    They can't appreciate the sun
    When it continues to shine

    But she was the shimmering of sunlight
    On the ocean's surface

    So I dove in
    To all that she is
    Sinking further down
    To the trance of her every sound

    And no matter what
    she still looks her best
    Since eyes are useless
    at this depth

    With as much room around me
    As there was in my fall
    There couldn't possibly be
    Any entrapping walls

    I've completely forgotten
    About the surface
    Because down here
    I have so much purpose

    She needs my company
    Or else she'll freeze
    She needs my body heat
    So I let the waters leech

    But I tell you it's worth it
    Cause every so often
    I see that shimmering light again
    - Bioluminescence.


  • jacob_howdagee 46w

    Where I Fall

    I meant to wave you off
    Like the branches of a tree
    Shooing away the wind

    But I acted as the roots
    Leaving it to be
    always your move

    Keep tugging me along
    Show me where I will fall
    So the birds can sing songs

    Of how I used to stand tall


  • jacob_howdagee 46w

    True Reflection

    On my face, it should be seen
    That I've got no look of sympathy.
    But your eyes ignore what they've found
    As your mouth keeps making its sounds

    You think you're doing so well
    Constantly throwing promises at me
    But I have finally grown to see
    These are the kinds you can't keep

    It's every single one

    Your lips are diversions
    Acting as ripples across a lake
    So that no one can see
    The true reflection of your face