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  • japsjk 42w


    Passion swirls as my listless eyes
    behold a vision of you
    dulcet storms ensue.

    Tangerine hues embalm
    the brazen skies gaudy
    tremors rake my body.

    Lying on the hardened crust
    amid infinite stars
    mind recounts the cosmic scars.

    Like meteors blazing
    Your vision haunts_____
    A twilight zone_____.

    Holding on to the last remnants
    the fringed curtains drop
    as slumber time warps.

    A divine melody resonates
    within the encumbered Bowers
    of my soul-like flower.

    Silken mesh of entwined memories
    cascading warmth 
    drifts over the skeletal swathe.

    Holding your hand
    I smile at the peaceful form beneath
    shrouded in an eternal sheath.

    Your soul, my haven
    I drown in a timeless abyss
    imbibed in an eternity of oneness.

  • japsjk 46w

    May there descend on this earth, our land
    Some Angels with a healing touch
    To eliminate the sufferings of those
    Whom nature's wrath has in its clutch

    May there descend on this earth, our land
    Some Angels with the balm of love
    To obliterate darkness and hatred
    And instill faith in the God above

    May there descend on this earth, our land
    Some Angels with the lamp of knowledge
    To dispel the ensuing ignorance and evil
    And illumine the souls of men

    May there descend on this earth, our land
    Some Angels with a cup brimming of happiness
    To remove all sorrow, pain and gloom
    And fill all hearts with eternal bliss

    And when the bells of serenity chime
    And when souls resonate with joyous smiles
    May we hoist with pride, this tricolor sublime
    Embracing with dignity the hues of life

  • japsjk 56w

    Our earth may just be a tiny speck
    in the grandiose cosmic infinity,
    Yet it stands out statuesque 
    for its enigmatic beauty

    The blissful verdant sea 
    with its pathless woods, 
    Is a society 
    where none intrudes

    Neptune stirred and wove ripples
    each of which had thousand daughters
    This earth is incomprehensibly beautiful, 
    an entity of magic and awe

    But the ill-doings of mankind
    bring a change
    and have led
    to a climatic uproar

    Water, wind, land -- anchors of life 
    have melted into global garbage cans
    For self sustenance may man realise,
    its fatal to interfere in creations' divine plan

  • japsjk 56w

    helps discover
    beautiful paths to
    real you

    creates power
    to handle supernova

  • japsjk 56w

    To delve into the abyss of time
    Bring out emotions sublime
    Place for all to pen their rhymes
    To nurture passions lifetime
    Thoughts it helps to channelise
    Mirakee.... the writer's paradise

  • japsjk 67w

    Harbours compassion
    Harmonises the imperfections
    Holistically developing mind whereby
    Haunting nightmares of pain flee

  • japsjk 81w

    If I were a Mermaid
    I would swim away from shore
    Away, far away from this land
    teeming with blisters sore
    I would dive to the depths
    Smooth and clear
    Sweeping away the cobwebs
    Of confusion and fear
    Life's furore too, unable to
    knock me askew
    As I imbibed the power to
    embrace it's myriad hues
    I would concoct love potions
    many fathoms deep
    To impregnate with passion
    a world so bleak
    If I were a Mermaid
    I would float on the turquoise sea
    Enamoured by this acquatic trance
    I would watch the moonbeams dance in glee

  • japsjk 81w

    Strove to
    Sever all the
    Strings holding her captive
    Statuesquely soaring above his restraints

  • japsjk 90w

    Angry arguments followed by abuses
    Being hurled at one another
    Cacophonous shouts
    Drowning the stifled sobs
    Edging sideways I looked on, helpless
    Frantically praying for help
    God! please please please do a miracle
    How can I see my mom being beaten up
    Insulted and disgraced
    Jostled and pushed
    Knocked around
    Like a rag doll
    Mom looked at me tear stained
    Not knowing what to do
    Or whom to turn to for help
    Paralyzed I watched on
    Quietude set in as she
    Reeled on to the floor
    Succumbing to fits of unconsciousness
    Traumatic moments
    Unnerving, irksome
    Violence; always an abhorred norm for me
    Wistfully I approached her
    Xmas bells resounded; death knell
    Yoddling contraltoes
    Zerking me with the magnanimity of the situation

  • japsjk 90w


    As the grey clouds burst
    Raining memories of myriad hues
    The petrichor emanating from soul
    Cocooned me in the fragrance of you