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  • jayants 13h

    Indian Education system is focussing on degrees to become a Doctor!!!

    Paar why no degree courses to become a hakeem Or vaidh

  • jayants 13h

    Has Anyone heard ki Maharaj yudh meiy horse se girr gaye abhi Titnis ka injection lagana padega

    Or maybe!!!

    Senapati ka tooth tuut gaya abhi Dentist unka Surgical tooth extraction karega & fir Implant lagayega!!!!!

    Or maybe

    Mantriji ka haat kaat gaya bhai stiches lagane padenge!!

    Yeh Angreezo ne Allopathy la. Ke sab barbaad kar dia- Veidh/hakeem sab k peet pe. Laat maar di

  • jayants 13h

    Sometimes I feel Raja-Maharaja ke time pe yeh Stiches, injections, surgeries hote nahi thee.....

    Toh jab yudh meiy zakhm aate honge toh stiches toh lagte nahi honge marhaam/laep hi lagte honge!!!

    Can today's doctor take a leaf out of their book & provide those pain free treatment instead. Of. Surgeries /stiches /injection etc!!!

  • jayants 13h

    Yeh Doctor log bhi aajeeb rehte!!!
    Physical Injury ke liye toh Injection/Stiches laga dete hai!!
    Emotional breakdown or heartbreak ke liye koi stiches/injections nahi!!!!

  • jayants 13h

    Anyone with phobia of Needles.....??

    Just an Honest acceptance let's see how many !!


  • jayants 13h

    What do you fear more....

    Injection post Injury???

  • jayants 13h

    What is more Scary

    Thing that we Fear or Fear of facing our Fear???

  • jayants 13h

    He Pleaded
    He Apologized
    He Cried
    He did almost whatever could have tried
    But all that fell into a deaf ear
    She decided not to shed even a tear
    Her decision was obvious
    She wanted to move on
    Present is what matters
    Past is all but a forgone
    Future is unpredictable not in our hands
    Thinking of the past is bit insane
    Finally he realized
    There is not much he can do
    Relationship once broken
    Can never stick with a glue
    Ultimately he decided post listening his inner voice.
    Bidding the world adieu is perhaps the only choice

  • jayants 3w

    My Dad went through all Ups & downs in life!!
    Several times Accident
    Had a High Diabetes!!
    Lost the vision of one eye!!
    Had Paralysis attack once !!
    Went through Anjoplasty & Bipass Surgery!!!
    Lost almost all Teeth!!

    Yet he always had a Smile on his face despite all pains!

    How sometimes I wonder??
    How could someone be so positive in life !!

    Maybe He just used to live in Present enjoy every single day!!!

    Even Diabetes didn't Stop hhim from eating sweets or Samosa, Kachori when he got a chance!!
    He used to Drive a Activa even when he could barely see from one of eye!

    He always used to say even to doctors & everyone -' Khao Piyo Ash karo ' kal kisne dekha hai!!

    He used to Gel up with people of all age group ( Oldies, Youngsters or Children) Or gender irrespective of rich or poor!!
    Anyone who ever met him once in life used to remember him forever!

    Now it's been 7 months he passed away suddenly due to heart attack early next morning despite watching IPL match last night & every single guy even now who he ever met in life gets surprised & hardly believe this news when they come to know about it & says he was so lively, so amiable & live the life to fullest & not a dull moment when he was around!!!!

    Life is Really too Short, it can abruptly end any day!!!

    If we wish to be Happy then we need to live in Present & stop bothering bit too much about Future.

    If we are too worried about Future Or maybe remorseful about mistakes in the Past, we can never Enjoy & Stay Happy in Present!!!

    We ought to understand life never always goes we plan it, it's that almighty ultimately who drives our life!!

    Something that is bound to happen in future will happen sometimes with notice, or maybe without notice whether we like it or not!!

    I'm still learning & struggling to adept to live life the way my dad lived over the years entire life, too easy say than done, it still gives me goosebumps when I recollect how bravely & positively my dad lived!!

    How I wish my dad were still around!!

    Parents are real wealth, earn money , fame, build a career but ensure we forever care for them till they are around!!

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    Miss You Dad!!


  • jayants 5w

    I'm getting impatient , restless & depressed of facing a fear.... What should I do guyz??