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  • jaykirish 1w

    The Terror

    A thunderous adumbration,
    Like a riot, within the vertex.

    Paralyzing bafflement -
    I try to cool,
    within the shivering outpour.

    Time is irritating,
    But a necessary wait.

    Inherent duplexity,
    Which I've come to accept before.

    O' but the clenching plague,
    Of the prolonged pain.


  • jaykirish 3w

    The Craft

    Over and done,
    with the uneven reservoir.

    Demented, frantic prescience.

    jocular and deferential.

    Yet lenient
    Towards the shallows.

    At a loss to forehear
    The howling wolf from within.

    Crux now at odds.


  • jaykirish 4w

    ' Should I? '

    Through the gateway.
    Heavy rain sidelines,
    Along the thrustful air current,
    That fails to diminish.

    " Should I? "

    I say, before entry,
    with barefeet at the ready.

    " Good luck. "
    was the only advice.

    Not even a toe out,
    When the cataclysm boom,
    Shook over the household.

    The vibration -
    Caused the dishes to shake,
    within the kitchen cupboards.

    " Nope! " I said.
    While fastening the bolt.

    Humble - to be alive.
    Laughter -
    Could be heard from behind.

    " I should've filmed that. "
    They mockingly implied.


  • jaykirish 10w

    The Halo Umbra

    Dawn - shines its rays.
    A rose - planted -
    in the shade, of the dense jungle.

    Head - like a celluloid projector,
    With a distorted lens.
    Unaltered reels - taken aback,
    By whatever it subjects.

    To the numberous viewings.
    And yet always in awe.

    Eyes adjust,
    to the glistening light.
    Reflecting - off the puddle of mud.

    Where the water lilies,
    slowly grow out.


  • jaykirish 13w

    The Helm

    The ship sailing the high waves,
    Flowing through the tides -
        Up and down

    Letting the current carry
    While on deck,
    Loosening the grip.

    Darkness from the storm,
    Frightens and angers the crew.

    Our dismay,
    Knowing full well,
    That the winds are in charge.

    We can only drift,
    While we spare for strength.

    Only to turn the helm,
    When there's something,
    That could be seen.


  • jaykirish 15w

    Mother's Day

    Unfortunate delays, obstacles
    Or unexpected confusion,
    Never shields off your confidence to stride forward.

    I thank and love you everyday
    for your strength, love
    and courage.
    For It inspires me,
    in every waking moment of my life.

    Love always, and forever,
    A Happy Mother's Day.


  • jaykirish 20w

    From The East, to The West

    Turned away,
    From the guards of the east.
    With no other choice,
    But to preside over the west.

    Winds of change rush the way.
    Alone but watched over.

    Embracing what is.
    While staying,
    on the well - trodden path.

    Unnecessary obstacles,
    Ignite the evil within.
    Despair and sorrow,
    Paint the pictures
    Of overly rigid expectations.

    It leaves nothing but heartbreak.

    Takes strength
    to keep your power.

    Observing and reflecting,
    Rather than just reacting.

    Close to the end,
    Of the dark time.
    Picking up the pieces,
    One by one.

    It's a slow, and heavy healing.


  • jaykirish 26w

    The Well

    Took the long way,
    to find the new way.
    After all this time
    So much, and yet, so little to say.

    Dodging human traffic.
    Avoiding collapses,
    Of once solid foundations.

    Twists and turns,
    Change and mystery.
    Expressions -
    Of bloom or misery.

    Hard to see
    but love is merry.
    While others prefer,
    To have their heads heavy.


  • jaykirish 26w

    For My Parents

    Natural and nurturing,
    Firmly rooted.
    Strong, resilent and unbreakable.

    Blossoming -

    Surface - may be loud.

    Through close examination,
    Love and humor
    is always there.

    Letting the wind carry you,
    With flow and ease.
    You two come a long way,
    At your own pace.

    Happy Anniversary
    And Valentine's Day!


  • jaykirish 28w


    Scratches the sofa.
    Begs to be let in, and fed.
    Then decides to sleep.