Let imagination and words give wings to your feet...

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  • jayrin 3w

    His eyes may be dull,
    But his soul aches to a melody
    Only he can sing.

    His smile may be faint,
    But his happiness lies where he left
    A heartbeat to lose its life.

    He may say he's a lion,
    But how loud is his roar?
    How frozen is his heart?
    How speachless is his audience
    Of a few too many cigarette buds?


  • jayrin 22w

    Baby Girl,
    You are not running from anyone or anything,
    You are running from yourself:
    From your thoughts,
    From your emotions,
    From the void you’ve created.

    It’s you who keeps yourself running
    From yourself,
    But for how long?
    How long will you run
    How far will you run
    When it starts and ends with
    You and you?

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    Baby Girl,

    You are not running from
    Anyone or anything.
    You are running

    From yourself…
    To yourself.


  • jayrin 32w

    Will You?

    Let the wind howl
    Your name
    In whispers of a fate left unclaimed.

    Let the stars sketch
    Your story
    In the galaxy of forgotten art.


  • jayrin 42w

    She was once a poem.
    Beautifully composed and
    Tuned to perfection.
    Not long before the verses
    Became lines,
    Lines became words,
    And words became sheer secrecy.
    The beauty of silence is one that engulfs
    The soul and embraces the emptiness.
    Hallowed out.
    Heavy hearted.
    Haunted till eternity frees thy from its grip.

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    She Was

    Once a poem.
    Beautifully composed and
    Tuned to perfection.


  • jayrin 45w

    If only I had the power to change myself. If only I had the power to change you. These ifs stay as ifs as if only those ifs exist.

    Existence… yes. What does it mean to exist? To exist… in one’s body? Mind? In the soul itself? Each takes on different forms. A different spirit. Each requires losing those you never thought you’d lose. Each requires love that is dipped in glitter. Oh, you’d think it’s gold from afar. This is what it means to exist?

    Existing in its most basic form is first cries at dawn and funerals at dusk. This is existence? Yes, my love. Existing is far more painful than the pain we inflict on ourselves. It is such that is inescapable and unbearable...

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    What Does It Mean
    To Exist?

    Ifs that stay as ifs
    As if only those ifs exist.


  • jayrin 45w

    Does it make sense to make it make sense?

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    The shades of your shadows
    Run out of every reason to follow you,
    To borrow a little sunshine
    To redesign
    The heap of happiness you built
    On guilt...


  • jayrin 46w

    If Only...

    If only finding you
    Wasn’t an option,
    I would have remained lost.

    If only loving you
    Wasn’t an option,
    I would have lived among the dead.

    If only losing you
    Wasn’t an option,
    I would have untied your wings,
    Knowing your eyes would find mine
    Amongst millions
    For your soul
    Has been forever locked
    In my heart’s cage.

    If only I could be
    Forever yours,

  • jayrin 46w

    “There is a flower that
    Blooms in the dark
    And you are
    One of those.
    So, you might as well bloom
    Because it’s gonna be dark
    For a while...”

  • jayrin 55w

    It’s often the hues at sunset that promise
    Unconditional love,
    Later fading into love with conditions.

    This is the reality of love, my dear. It enters your life as a masterpiece and leaves you in pieces. The beauty in the beast fools us to believe in permanence.

    Every emotion is temporary.
    Every promise is fabricated.
    Every story stitched now collects dust.

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    My Dear,

    This is the reality of love...
    It enters your life
    As a masterpiece
    And leaves you
    In pieces.
    The beauty in the beast fools us
    To believe in permanence.


  • jayrin 57w

    They Say

    “You Don't Know What You Have
    Until It's Gone”
    But I don’t want to lose you
    To know what I have...