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  • jeelpatel 16h


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    If you have to make a wish for someone from Miraquill who would be that person and what would you wish for ?

  • jeelpatel 1w

    Flowers and fruits

    Sun doesn't draw you to cities and shores
    So daisies of demise die, in harden'd lands
    Death lives long in other's honest graveyard
    When thou crave her for an unseen escape
    For, she demands fighters and not runners

    Smash pomegranates on thy white clothes
    That's how you bleed, vessel bursting pain
    But red of roses, never show red of danger
    Stains get stuck, so inner world of survival
    Pain goes unconsoled, sufferin' will shakes

    Poppies in cottage garden, hypnotize thou
    But false hope is dangerous than pessimism
    Mindfulness confines, in soft predicaments
    Thou fall harder in folds, and get lost in 'em
    No way to find thyself again, to bloom again

    Mangoes are high on massacre of her lovers
    So you don't praise, her sweet yet sour taste
    As world often underestimate selfless love
    Reason of diseas'd world, of mental trauma
    And loneliness you harbour, forced self love

    With every passing day, we ache little more
    Flowers of joy, fruits of juices all are poison'd
    Helping hand of nature, throws fury in reward
    Warmth of humanity fades, cold hearts beat
    It's true, life is a barren field frozen with snow


  • jeelpatel 2w

    Thank you love @writersnetwork ��

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    Trauma to treats

    Fish-shaped you, surrender into mid-ocean
    Unlike goddess, no holy purpose of devotion
    Rather breakdown, of girl of dust-and-dreads
    Thy scatter'd pieces, not conceived by shore
    For, you ain't neglected but negligence itself

    Orchestra of bombs, plays thy tortur'd brain
    Criminal-danced anxiety cuts peace-threads
    Warm hand to hold, shows cinnamonic skin
    Half-held grip, gifts you rashes of revelations
    And you sing on post traumatic trust issues

    Don't get aspens on chest, blueberries on lips
    As life pierces through thy protection bravely
    Conspiracy to find an escape, only an illusion
    Often reality reflects thy revers'd daydreams
    Human inside you, dies in world of challenges

    Situations are soap bubbles, time is traveller
    Day-dates repeat, but not a peculiar moment
    Fallen face will dare, to look unbiased mirror
    Hopeless havoc they see, and hit that harder
    Terribly you get lost, in arms of stuck survival

    Torches turn blind, in all light flooded corners
    Darkness is necessary, to value thin ray of sun
    Shadows still exist, they'll get back to thyself
    But to be living dead, can never be a solution
    For, what's human life if it doesn't change you


  • jeelpatel 2w

    What do poets do? We have often heard that they immortalise people in their verses.  What else? Does the 'I' in poems say anything about the poet? For them the 'I' too has hints of retrospection. Nothing's personal to them. Nothing left behind else of words and memories as one day they wear their wings and fly to another world, another day, for forever. We grope their words in black silences we find them soft we find them hard, to accept, the poet is no more. Mirage is the word for thirst, the never ending thirst of how we could know more about the heart of the poets. Remembrance is water, reminiscence is the desert. Death is just...

    In mirage, we are remembering two such poets who not only won people in their verses, they made incisions, they made imprints of their name with their kindness. It was a huge loss, a huge loss,  when they left us..


    @john solomon (The Haiku King Of Mirakee, And as in memories of @lovenotes_from_carolyn ) -

    -Jack Williams, known onsite as John Solomon, was a caring friend to all who knew him, as well as a loving son, brother, and uncle. 

    As a science minded poet, he came up with innovative concepts for his well rhymed pieces that were never before seen in the realm of poetry. 

    Jack was an altruistic humanitarian, who preferred to spend his time helping others, rather than in pursuit of material goods or monetary gain. 

    I had no idea when I met Jack onsite several years ago that he and I would become close friends and communicate daily; but aside from a mutual love for writing, we had a great many other things in common and we promoted positive thinking and we loved to laugh and joke around. 

    He also cared a great deal for my husband and kids and he always inquired about them and included them in his daily prayers. 

    Due to Jack's overall good health, I also had no idea that he would inexplicably make a sudden, shocking departure from this world, all too soon, while in the prime of his life. 

    That's exactly what happened though, and I still feel that loss regularly and miss him very much, but there is no doubt in my mind that Jack is happy and at peace, there amongst his beloved stars. 


    @kehta_hai_joker ( The Brother, Poet of Social Issues, And as in memories of @jaya__ )

    Jo really imbibed the name Joker in letter and spirit. He hid his pains behind that infectious humor of his. His words seemed to comfort the fellow writers who had troubles... He kept his posts hopeful and entertaining. 

    His words offered new perspectives and information and always he added to it his trademark comedy. His roasts became popular real quick and some sort of celebrity status was conferred on anyone who was roasted by him.

    He spread positivity and cheer whenever he spill ink over paper and truly he became that crack ass comedian he aspired to be. He made a family out of strangers on a writing app, which still sticks together and that itself is an ode to his great persona. 


    The Contest - And Rules

    We are announcing this yearly contest in memories of above two poets. Share your two flowers of love as we are asking submissions as-


    -Please post your submission before 30th of November.

    -Use hashtag #mirage_poetry_contest and tag any of us organisers.

    -The results to be announced on 5th of December.

    -There will be 10 winners who will get to read their submission in a special memorial event on 19th of Dec. (Details for which to be announced later)








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    Mirage : Poetry contest

    In memory of @john_solomon @kehta_hai_joker

  • jeelpatel 2w

    Colours of stories

    Lunch-box of strawberry jam sandwich
    Sticky pink, between two corse browns
    How passionately you chew blunt layers
    As sweet-slice of joy, tastes like struggle
    Patient journey, to get what you crave for

    You, a leopard in lonely forests of Africa
    A beast who born on ageless hunter feet
    Wildness in eyes, wait to satisfy cruelty
    Silence wraps woods, nobody calms you
    Tempted you, paint thyself by rageful red

    Rotten rivers, don't flow with war-waves
    Wished stones weigh down, dive deeper
    Greedy desires make water dense, dirty
    Holy, an old name to introduce pure blue
    Now it's flesh and mud, ashes and roses

    Yellow yeasts in wine, yell at thorny lips
    Imprint'd with blade-teeth, lick nightmare
    World didn't beat 'em, they lost own self
    An addiction they choose, for giving ups
    Persistence fades away, when pain is fed

    Sky becomes grey, when it's melancholic
    Crooked clouds, search for the breakout
    Heads underneath get struck, share pain
    How an unhealthy nature can heal human
    That's how world turns hopeless, helpless


  • jeelpatel 4w


    Thank you love @writersnetwork ��

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    Camel hump hill

    Men in maroon, climb camel hump hills
    Meniscus smile, smells like burnt orchids
    They count miles, on direction died days
    Bent neck of theirs, too heavy to look up
    All they're lost in crowds, against friction

    Some pebble-patterns, don't draw home
    Rather abandon you, at mid-dense-forest
    Thy lamps blast, out of flood of light rush
    Woods show, histories of broken shelters
    Termite of loneliness, invades thy survival

    Honeycomb, deprived of honey-fill'd-holes
    Bee-beaten jar, juggles to kiss pure brown
    Time comes, rewards won't reach to you
    Expectations to justify the sufferings sigh
    Mere empty hands hold persistence again

    At night, pillow presses your mouth harder
    Darkness becomes mirror, eyes get vision
    Anxious horses inside thy brain, run roughly
    Sleep isn't mercy, rather battle of brooding
    Peace is a daydream, of damaged dreamer

    As snake sheds his skin, life leaves phases
    Reasons of changes are unknown like future
    Still we go through all hues under same skin
    For, struggle doesn't demand thy surrender
    Human inside thou wins, until he fights back


  • jeelpatel 4w

    I am too blank to write anything. Struggling to write again.

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    Spicy sky splits, in thy mid-tongue-crack
    Sun melts down eyes, golden river flows
    Wilted wind flutters on thy gardenin' lips
    All you get blurred by, red smoke of riots
    For, some eve(s) are firey, not peace-born

    High holocaust boats, fly high in funfair
    Enjoyers turn into screamers, to and fro
    Butterflies in thrilled bellies, blow tornado
    Bolted top-notch heads, bite fun decision
    Rides of life, that's how they bring shades

    Some paths, covered with banana covers
    Thou slip more than thou walk through it
    Every fall, sings an omen for tough miles
    Even fitted iron rods in thy feet, rust away
    No hands to stabilize, your hobbled heels

    British bed, doesn't bloom deeper in sleep
    When body on it, too warm to burn it away
    Touch of royalty, mere dust in lonely desert
    Viewers praise the grace, but comfort cries
    A play of truth, too transperant to be seen

    Like thy childhood dreams, days change
    In clicks and blinks, castles collapse freely
    Aging abandoned areas, draw future maps
    World around thou, question thy mindfulness
    For, it's all a mirage born out of concrete fact


  • jeelpatel 6w

    (Un)-derstood mysteries

    There's war of water, and river of arrows
    Death-debuted grandparents, live inside
    Merged in sand grains, wrapped in corals
    Their heads of orthodoxy, do not afloat
    Is it wildness afterlife or silent revolution ?

    Eggs over-rob yellow, for brighter future
    They don't have goal, to the greater land
    All their greedy dream is about long life
    Dawn cracks on their selves, broken hope
    Every white ain't peace, few is blunt grave

    Keep an icecream cone head over heels
    That's thy desires, climb narrow to wide
    Let ice-ached grip, hold sweet blast tight
    Till when, transience will toss happy you
    An illusion melts down, thou fall flat face

    Pregnant polluted air, by chainsmokers
    It suffocates own self, still be transparent
    But there's cigarette papers on her breast
    Ashed lips of her, make cacophonous cry
    For, literate world still loves poor nature

    Life likes playing unscrambled anagrams
    No secret compartments, to give you hint
    Sun rises with question, sets unanswered
    Worrying about mysteries, world withers
    But never dive deep, for what exits simply


  • jeelpatel 6w


    Plastic comb, tangles sun-hitten browns
    When thou perceive delicate harsh dawn
    No cell gathers light, to fill thy black bulbs
    Whose blink barely see, yellow eye-floater
    Deepest roots of darkness, absorb thyself

    Craw-caged mouths, find parrots pathetic
    Opinions are air-atoms, rule over thy breath
    No shade they bring, to reveal real intention
    How long you'll over-breathe to get choked
    For, often prisoner builds prison by himself

    Frames rotate roughly, on thy stable walls
    The scratch'd plaster proves thy tolerance
    Smiling body inside, thrives quakes bravely
    No longer, it complaints of predicaments
    As few coconuts, get hard inside out slowly

    Every sausage doesn't born, with mug-mark
    To get fit into, mug adapts flat or deep they
    Making virtue out of void, demands struggle
    Chasing the opportunity, leaves life behind
    And, most of the days, life is short on thy lips

    Breakdown ain't merciful, to break us wholly
    It hosts feast on thy fleshes, every december
    Blows tornado, to your flame of persistence
    Beggar in you, even forgets to beg to survive
    Still, it keeps thou alive, to go through its pain


  • jeelpatel 7w

    @writersnetwork Thank you love ��

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    Self-created obstacles

    Rebel of karma drawn kites, in hurricane
    Not let anyone fly, if air pierces own edges
    Full-belly-laughs are puff of cactus clouds
    As, no color'd-paper flutters on sky-triumph
    Fear of failure, swerves growth on precipice

    Don't curse neem, once which was mango
    Its roots don't hide chameleon, to play trick
    Pressuris'd perspectives, burst into blames
    Chaos of yellow to green, inside your head
    For, change inside watches world differently

    Borrowed tailor's feet, can't create an artist
    If afraid they to trigger Achilles, persistently
    Tough threads don't dance, on sizzling silk
    Hesitancy will be evident, for an art is mirror
    For some shortcut takes more miles to reach

    Passion runs in thy veins, like burning buses
    Every day dies, and fuels raw bones into it
    It ain't like cruel backlash, against patriotism
    That you will lose, country of gold-kingdoms
    Strokes of lose and gain, throw you in woods

    Life ain't an obstacle, but obstacles make life
    Thorns in your dehydrated throat, thou feel
    You fall for devil inside you, and greet weeds
    Like antenna loses network, you lose thyself
    But don't forget, every human counts, you too