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  • jeitendra_sharma 80w

    A little doll

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    The Doll

    I found a doll
    little and peculiar
    one eye is hanging down with spring
    and another one is pushed inside, by brutal force
    the kid might have been mischievous
    I found it near the jungle
    maybe someone dropped it, intentionally!
    this worn-out old dirty doll; who would have loved it,

    there were dogs out there
    barking at the doll; maybe scared of it
    as its distorted face is scary, indeed
    what should I do? throw it, or wait till tomorrow morning
    I will donate it, but where?
    Yes! the church would be a nice place;

    help me! please!
    someone help me; I can't see anything
    it is a voice of little kid
    and I went near the door of my kitchen
    a young girl is standing there
    with a knife in her hand; she killed my pet cat
    and she turned towards me
    and to my horror; it was a nightmare!

    shit! I shouldn't have watched the horror series
    I need some drink,
    otherwise, I can't sleep
    hey! little kat, where are You?
    come to me!
    look, I brought something for You
    but the cat wasn't there,
    oh! these cats and their affairs
    she must be sneaking to next door lover
    I should sleep now
    tomorrow I am gonna get rid of that ugly doll;

    father! good morning
    look what I found on the jungle road
    a bizarre-looking doll
    dump it there
    maybe some poor soul will pick it up;

    hey! Mr J
    where is Your cat
    look, I have made a woollen outfit for her
    I don't know, she is missing from last night
    first I thought she must be wondering next door
    but now I am a little worried about her;

    look at there
    crows are hovering at something
    must be some dead animal
    Mr J!
    it's your cat
    look at her, who killed her mercilessly
    oh my god! people puked, looking at her
    her one eye is hanging out by spring
    and another is pushed inside by some brutal force;


  • jeitendra_sharma 80w

    I the last man,

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    I, the weary of man
    the last scoundrel of uncreativeness
    I see no beauty, seek nothingness
    I can make these beautiful flowers, but
    the scent is absent
    I can produce thousands of words
    but the meaning is absent;

    I, the last man
    who sees no beauty
    fall for, momentary, music
    music of no melodies
    a plane, simple monotonous string;

    I, the creation of unknowns
    find oneself alone
    and fear the darkness of inside
    more than the beasts of nightmares
    I, the coward creature
    who is a herd animal
    conform to the absurdity of others
    raise no voice against the immoral deeds;

    I, the last survivor of the animal spirit
    want to taste the blood
    and create monsters to hide my desires
    and punish them who demand inquiries
    in the name of an imaginary being;

    I, the claw of the beast
    scratch mankind from inside
    so, no one bleeds
    and all suffer and fear me;

    I, the popular voice of the herd
    demands all voices to similar to mine
    and cut off the tongue
    if someone speaks unscripted notes;

    I, the death of a higher man
    slumber inside ignorance
    thrive inside the unattended grave
    and bring out the skeleton
    from the realm of silence voices;


  • jeitendra_sharma 80w

    Whispers of silence;

    whispers, a few voices

    shadows, standing at a distance

    hear the nightmare

    about to happen

    the beast is unchained, within,

    hungry to swallow

    church bells have gone chaotic

    the cross in on fire

    no saviour, no humanity

    no Gods and no Devil

    whispering voices in the head;

    melodious opera at a distance

    a ritual before the feast

    crowd calling for blood

    a pit of darkness

    a few hands coming out of it

    crawling beast over the dead bodies

    fighting to eat it all;

    hear the fear

    the silence of cries

    the moans of death

    long nails and hollow bodies

    playing the instruments of madness

    and night is about to end

    first rays of light, the twilight

    all rituals are over

    the supper is ready and served

    popped up eyes of Young lovers

    and the raw flesh, death by suicide

    all dreams are sucked up by pit of death

    and it vomited another nightmare

    to thrive on weakness

    to colonies the bodies and feast over it

    before it dies, eats it from inside

    turn him into a madman

    a man who sees the reality

    a death of lies

    and the triumph of truth;



  • jeitendra_sharma 82w

    Explicit poem, inspired by the night ��

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    A blot, of existence;

    a dead town, the smell of death
    crawling insects inside the grave
    those beautiful eyes
    at a distance far from the window of my house
    I saw the darkness engulfing all my light;

    a wicked, mean, cruel smile
    an old unknown man;

    the beauty, I desired
    the death, I was waiting for
    liberation from this ill mind
    an escape into the lust, of her dark eyes

    I woke up from a dream
    look into the mirror
    saw a distorted face
    just like that old crooked man
    and I tried to look out of the window
    but there was no window;

    and it started, I felt it
    the uneasiness of my existence
    like no one could hear me
    all my worries looking at me
    no relief, no arms to soothe me
    and I felt the loneliness of the world, alone
    like everyone has left me
    for slowly-decaying
    and cheering at my death
    like my existence never mattered
    like I was a blot
    diarrhoea in their stomach;


  • jeitendra_sharma 82w

    Explicit poem, influenced by the blind ��

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    I saw those eyes
    beautiful, a depth of hell
    and graves of thousands of desire
    dead and alive
    dark and light
    the dichotomy of human life;

    we are abandoned here
    a constant fight within
    those creepy insects are eating us alive;

    look at my face
    half-eaten, rotting like a dead snake
    flies feasting over it
    a smell that would knock the strongest man alive;

    I am decaying with my thoughts
    had a desire to look into those eyes

    I found her grave near the dead river
    I dig her out, half-rotten body
    to look into her eyes
    I saw the reflection of me
    a face, crimson as raw meat
    what an illusion it is?
    did I kill her? I can't remember
    but why I am here?
    and the old man whispered!
    for the eyes, pluck it out!
    I dare not to turn, sweating like dead pig
    and the horror was waiting for me
    I turned and looked
    the old man had no eyes?
    he put a knife at me
    plucked both of my eyes
    while I was frozen in terror

    and I woke up, near grave
    darkness and pain within the eyes
    and I had the knife in my hands, a gift of my mom
    did I pluck out my eyes?
    I don't now?
    I took the knife near her face and pluck out those eyes
    and put it in mine
    washed my face in dead rivers blood
    and now I saw the dead man lying near me
    it is me? I don't now?
    and I was inside her body in the grave
    and that dead man arises!
    and buried me alive!
    I could hear the crawling of creepy worms
    ready to feast over my soul without touching her flesh;


  • jeitendra_sharma 82w

    sitting on the chest, pumping nightmare ;

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    falling land;

    You create a world
    parallel to existing one
    one plant lies to creates heavens
    the abyss, stares at nights
    darkness, it's light, the devil, out at nights

    and human falls
    beast prevails, living inside its darkness
    world shattered, meanings are lost, a panic of Nihilism
    cries, agony, violence existed there, before the birth of human
    an animal was there, still there, hiding in slumber
    in chains of repressive thoughts;

    in the night near the window,
    a creature crawls
    have You seen it? I have,
    lurking in Your dreams to come out
    sitting on the chest, pumping nightmare
    a thousand wolves howl;

    and Your world falls apart
    You lost the meaning, the foundations are shaken
    You wish nothing but death
    as an escape from this fallen land
    then comes the devil
    offers You a vision, to see the truth
    You see the beast locked inside the cage
    cage of morality, untruth, slander
    claws are rotting, the beast is dying
    and there is no hope, but You
    You see the meaning, find a purpose
    You offer yourselves to him
    a sacrifice to revitalize reign of true instinct
    and beast swallows You
    at last, you see the meaning in suffering
    and now there is no more suffering
    all illusion has gone
    now You are no more an individual
    but a part of the world
    the underworld;


  • jeitendra_sharma 82w


    a few songs to cherish melancholy
    bring the moon down
    to the surface of hearts
    a reflection of man, in darkness
    is nothing but the man himself;


  • jeitendra_sharma 82w

    the bus has been removed from Alaska;

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    I thought, one day, I will visit this place
    with all memories and thoughts
    to find the remains of McCandless
    not there, but within me;


  • jeitendra_sharma 82w

    the kiss, I never had;

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    the kiss, I never had;

    each day is slipping by
    every night, I was in Your arms
    like the time, our dreams are running by
    the day we will meet again
    I am gonna sit and sigh
    touch the hand I care the most
    little fingers would run through my hairs again;

    was it love at first sight?
    no, but I knew I could trust You without thinking twice
    You will never backstab me, even in the wildest dream
    You were the one, darling
    the one who was there when the world was falling apart
    I found missing soul within You
    like the sun I was burning in agony
    like the moon, You were there
    without a second thought about own existence
    a child in me found care within You;

    You never claimed anything but those stairs
    stairs were we sat down
    and said goodbye every time
    to never meet again;

    I remember the kiss, I never had before
    like You were searching for me
    and found me through it
    touched my soul
    and burnt my lips
    with the heat of Your unfulfilled desires
    like a kiss that waited for the right moment
    and finally when it happened, was nothing but magic;

    I saw
    You were going
    and I sat there
    thinking of You, to meet again
    to hold the moment one more time
    to fall in love again
    to make it all right again
    to hold You in my arms
    to buy You cranberry one more time
    to sit down and watch You eating pizza, one more time
    to live all this one more time
    love isn't anything special
    but it makes everything else special;


  • jeitendra_sharma 83w

    a world beyond the truth;

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    a world beyond the truth;

    a world beyond the truth;

    You see darkness
    beneath the light
    a pseudo-light
    that propagates in all direction
    look at from frog perspective
    I see the true light, masquerading as darkness
    as it doesn't reveal itself, to everyone
    the moment one fall from the grace of light
    form the normality of lives
    from the mundane of existence
    and when there is no survival instinct left
    when all human nature has died within
    where there is rebirth
    second birth of Dynosian
    then one sees the truth contracted light
    that is beyond the comprehension
    left alone, in the corners to die
    and then the seed is born
    to eliminate the false one;

    it isn't Just change of perspective
    You see light with closed eyes
    calls it a dream, different from reality
    the ideas there more lucid and real from here
    You adopt the solution
    which arises from there
    still, You call it an illusion
    a world beyond the real one;