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  • jeniayn 21h

    Alone together
    Living sacrifices
    Of sweet sorrow
    Calming chaos
    In this life
    Called civil war
    Aimless order
    True fiction
    Imitating the genuine
    False reality
    Trying to act natural
    Normal deviation
    Living in the past tomorrow
    Leaving the future behind
    In peaceful protest
    Fighting for love
    In silent war
    In this strange normal
    Of unknown familiar
    Stillness of life
    Reasoning illogically
    Completing missing pieces
    Apparently invisible
    Partially completed
    Clearly confused
    Looking for permanent change
    Almost exactly
    Like life before
    Waiting anxiously
    For a questionable answer
    Well-known secrets
    Are clearly invisible
    Our hidden path
    In the earthly stars
    Begging to bring back
    The richness of life
    In a real true story
    Away from the dark lights
    Of virtual reality
    Living a tragic comedy
    Of tough love
    And sad joy
    Hope lost
    Injured from holy wars
    Religious tolerance
    Escaped prisoners
    Homeless shelters
    And blinded visions
    Disaster relief
    Riot control
    Rising debt
    Mandatory options
    Travel halted
    Alone together
    Creating new traditions
    In this new age life
    Of blinded vision.

  • jeniayn 1d

    The first time I felt pain
    That one teardrop
    Caressing my face
    Into the darkened abyss
    The first time silence
    Brushed my lips
    The first piercing of sorrow
    To my griefing heart
    The first time
    Broke me apart.


  • jeniayn 2d

    Searching is wandering
    Roots define
    Traveling aimlessly
    Destination undefined.

    Yet, searching is no longer wandering
    When I look into yours eyes
    My destination is focused and defined
    Seeking, searching
    One way, one path, one symbol
    The key, the happiness to your heart.


  • jeniayn 3d

    We fear the loneliness
    The emptiness
    The seven sins
    The wars that wage on our souls
    Our own battles within.

    We fear a world that is different
    Than ever before
    We fear the seen and the unseen
    The violence, the viruses, the greed.

    We fear the loss of compassion
    The loss of humanitarian acts of kindness
    The loss of companionship
    The loss of love.

    We ponder and wonder
    If our own faith and prayers will be enough.

    We look for hope in the morning hour
    When the sun rises
    And in our darkest hour
    When the sunsets on our dreams.

    We are poets united to bring a more
    Beautiful vision to the world
    We connect with each other
    On a higher level
    Through emotions, words, love and wisdom.

    We bring back the compassion
    The humanitarian acts of kindness
    The companionship,
    The friendship,
    Faith and love.

    We are more than a pen
    Or a poem held within
    We are community
    That honours each other's
    Talents and visions
    With hope, faith and love.

    We wipe away tears
    And wash away fears.

    We together are an audience
    of hope to the world
    Visionary writers
    Unified together
    By love's expression in words.

    In a heartbroken world, we are an audience of love
    In a fearfful world, we are an audience of hope
    In the darkness, we are an audience of light.

    We are each other's inspiration
    Reading and writing
    Our visions into a more beautiful life.


  • jeniayn 4d

    How to Fold Laundry

    Warm sheets upon my skin
    Comforting serenity of the morning sun
    Opening the windows
    Clean crisp air
    Breathing in the lilacs
    Appreciating the breath of life.

    Laying my face against the pillowcase
    That held my prayers last night
    Pondering on the faith of heaven's dreams
    Folding laundry
    As I sing of life and love.

    Sweet melodies in the air
    Listening to the birds mimic my crescendo
    Folding clothes designed by the colours of the heaven.

    Folding in an art of a pattern
    One corner then another
    Reaching my arms wide
    To hug the laughter and love of life.

    Piling sheets high
    Looking to the sky
    As I daydream and fold
    To the art of life, laundry and poetry.


  • jeniayn 7w

    Friendship notes
    Paper airplanes flown
    Messages of love float
    Across the Ocean waves
    Childhood love of the world
    Innocent smiles

    Began to fade

    Enemy threats
    Planes shot down
    Messages of hate all around
    Across the Ocean waves
    Wars, battles to conquer the world
    Innocent smiles long gone

    I thought that love would last for ever: I was wrong.


  • jeniayn 9w

    your eyes drift afar
    would they reflect into mine?
    vision so divine

    lips that sing of love
    won't they whisper to my heart?
    songs soothing my soul

    day breaks in your arms
    will our love last forever?
    sunrise together


  • jeniayn 9w

    An avalanche of emotions
    A glacier of tears
    A broken heart frozen
    Isolated on a distant iceberg
    A chilly winter
    A cold beer
    and so cold.


  • jeniayn 9w


    She sat on the mountain side
    Stick and some dirt
    Scribbling songs in the hardened earth
    Flowers and rain
    Struggle and pain
    Things she had seen
    Over and over again
    Since the day she was created
    Since the day she was born

    But she knew an unseen world
    Existed beyond the sun

    A mysterious world
    Filled with the unrevealed
    A cosmos of love, hope,
    harmony and peace
    A place she dreamed to meet
    Hidden behind the sun

    So Emporess Poetress
    Brought our her paper and pen
    And began to lower the sun
    With her own imagination

    Until the colours of the day
    Began to blend into the earth
    And the sky gave way
    To the crescent moon

    She filled the darkness
    With love of the stars
    The undiscovered, the dreams afar

    Until her poetry began to reveal
    The beautiful mysteries hidden by the sun
    The miracles of life once unseen
    Now touched her heart
    With peace, hope and love


  • jeniayn 9w

    Longing for your love
    Ocean waves yearning the shore
    Lone moon shines afar
    Sunrays part the horizon
    Winds blow diverse directions