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  • jikimi 8w

    "YOU bought me??"

    "Yes" vicky replied


    "You were almost too senseless to remember the case"

    "Senseless? Where was I? And why on Earth did you bring me back, Vicky?"

    "Now, now, now. Don't be so impatient. I'll tell you everything. Lie down back, or the nurse will have me thrown out"

    "NO. Tell me everything. Did you try to kidnap me?"

    "Ha! And I would bring you here after kidnapping? No. I bought you back from the street. Just after you got out of here. I followed you. Fearing that it was too late in the night and you wouldn't get a rickshaw or a cab. I thought I could drop you to your home. No. Listen Vera. Don't be so judgemental. I don't care you believe me or not. But it's my duty to watch you to safety. So where was I – yeah i followed you after thinking a bit and got out of here. You were already up the corner and the main road. But you weren't walking when I found you. You were on the street ‐ lying senseless. Fainted. What made me more fearsome was a large black dog who was smelling you. It was trying to smell you. Up the nose, the hair, even your legs. If I hadn't reached, you could have been bitten. I shooed it away and took you in my arms. My first thought was your home. But a good care and treatment was what you needed. So I bought you here. On my arms."

    A dog? Tried to bit me? Suddenly everything seemed to have come focused on her. She remembered why she went out and why she fell down. It was the dog's cry and Vicky's words echoing inside of her. That made her pass out. Will this passing out again and again in simple things haunt her until she completely passed out to heaven?

    Though, it was a pity Vicky found her before the stray could do anything else to her, she couldn't master the strength to speak a thank you. Slowly turning around she nodded at him and lied down on the bed again. Vicky looked a trifle smiling, but then he also took a place in the left bed and sat down.

    The doors of the hospital wing crashed open. This time, two people came in first, accompanied by another serious figure. Aunt Julian, Madam Pumphrey and Principal sir. They saw her wide awake and at once aunt Julian ran towards her, face hidden in sorrow. She planted a large kiss to her forehead and an enormous lengthy hug. And sat down on the bed.

    "Oh, Vera. My child. Where have you been? You could have seriously done harm to yourself. Did you not once think about me, your aunt?" She pursued between sobs and hysterics, Dabbling her eyes with an enormous tissue.

    Vera hugged her and found there weren't words enough to describe her state.

    "Now, SERIOUSLY speaking, Vera. Where have you been last night?? Principal sir and madam Pumphrey phoned me to tell the only last think I wanted to hear about you, that you escaped without telling anyone and a stray black dog tried to bit you. And this-this boy found you lying on the street." Aunt Julian burst out, all sadness gone, replaced by immense anger.

    "I–I" Vera swirled it inside her head and decided to lie.

    "I–thought I was getting well and er I was missing you and thought you'd worry about me so I decided to go."

    "Oh, MY dear. You COULD have gone early this morning. You need not have worried AT all. Yes, I was scared but I was assured you'd be fine. Now look, what you could have gone through had the boy not found you." Sobbed Aunt Julian harder into her tissue.

    Vera quickly looked around at Vicky, scared he might tell the truth. But he looked as common as anything. And did not try to stir in the slightest.

    "I'm okay now. I think I'll go home" she said

    "Oh, no no no. Dear. Not quite now. You have been through a terrible ordeal." Spoke out principal sir and madam Pumphrey. "We almost thought you were going good, but the sudden passing out again yesterday has increased our doubts. I have phoned a special mentalist just now and he and his team would be up and here in the afternoon. I suggest you stay here till afternoon. All your classes are excused. You and Vicky both can go home after the afternoon."

    "Mentalist? But I AM NOT MENTAL!" Vera spoke, alarmed.

    "No, dear. We know. But for necessarily precaution, you'll have to give your brain a small test. Nothing more. " aunt Julian got up and looked at her with a frowning face. Surveying her like a motherly guardian.

    How do I make them understand now that what I need now is not a mentalist but someone personal who can listen to my pep talks for hours. Thought Vera

    The boring Monday morning passed, Aunt Julian stayed till 9 AM and then had to go because she had an urgent call from her friend telling she needed to visit the hospital, and wanted to take Julian as company. At 9:30 they had their breakfast and at 10 a boy and Mary visited them. The boy was Vicky's visitor and went straight to him without any backward glance. While Mary ran towards her.

    "HOW ARE YOU?" she asked, seating beside her. "Here, I bought you some cookies, help yourself" she said without looking at Vera. But then when she looked at her, she was a trifle bewildered. Vera was on the verge of tears. It seemed she finally got the person who would listen to her "pep talks" for "hours"

    "What happened, Vera? Are you okay? Oh my god" she screamed silently as Vera tried to sit up and completely broke down in Mary's shoulders.

    "Oh M-mary. I have a lot to tell you. Will you please listen to me? Believe whatever I tell you?" She sobbed, trying harder than ever to stop her teardrops.

    "Of-of course. Please, hold yourself, mate. Get a grip. I m here for the whole day, I took off."


    After about 10 mins, when finally she got a grip on herself and sat straight with Mary, she was ready to tell Mary everything. Starting from the point where Vicky first called her, told her his story from part to part, how she didn't believe him and decided to go, how the dog tried to bite him and how finally the same boy bought her back in **his** arms.

    Mary was too much shaken to speak anything at first. Then she gasped loudly and had to keep her hands in her mouth to stop the sound from coming. Eyes round round, she started asking her questions.

    "What if he was right?"
    "But how can someone believe that? Seriously?"
    "But why would he even make that all?"
    "I mean what was his point?"

    They discussed him for more than an hour when finally the group of mentalist arrived. She was really scared now. But they after checking her and Vicky with a long, nail length machine and weird pipes, told them that it was just due to tension and over burden. A long relief
    And bed rest for 10 days was prescribed for both of them.

    At around 1:30 they left for their homes, Vicky drove with the company of that boy and Vera with Mary. It was such a holistic relief to be back in her own bed after hours of pain and struggle. Mary was so used to her house now, she already went to the kitchen unwelcomed, and made both of them a very strong and hot cup of cappuccino. Vera didn't have the courage to put her stuff away so she lied on a cushion by the sofa and after taking a cuppa, and waving Mary goodbye, fell asleep at once.

    Here goes another one. We r nearly there. End is on it's way I guess...�� stay tuned for next one.

    @shadowofthoughts_ judge this one between 1-10 :)

    Thank you so much to those who clung onto this till here. Hope you will cling a little more until it ends. ;)

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  • jikimi 9w

    'I still don't think I can believe you' Vera persued.
    'Look at it technically, its hard' she exhausted.

    'I know, I know but'

    'There's only one thing I find as a solution to this problem is that you need rest, mister. You have had enough, enough of the vibratory sensations that affected your whole body, can't forget to include mind'.


    'VICKY, NO! SERIOUSLY, too much *means* too much. I don't think I can spend another night, whether be the first or last. We both have had enough . From the moment I saw you, I knew my hormones are flying with speed ×2x. And soon I found out there's something. But no-now it's enough. I wish u a speedy recovery, and I will just er-GO '

    she swung her bag over her shoulder, not removing her eyes from the ground, packed her things, walked over to the door, turned round and was just on the verge of telling something when the door slammed and she was gone.

    'I knew that' vicky spoke to nothingness
    'Well, you already did' spoke back his mind.

    How the night passed Vera didn't know. The stiff night and some indefinable feelings grew into a creepy feeling on her stomach. As expected, there were no any means of transport to transfer the pool of inexpressible mass she was carrying with her to her home. Somewhere, in a distance, she could hear a dog crying madly. The sound made things worse. To add to the misery, it was nearing. A hollow, unbearable , ear splitting cry. Vera pressed her hands in her ears. Sentences like "It's past life" and "we are connected" echoed somewhere, maybe in her heart. With each second passing, the crying increased almost turning her deaf. It was torturing her. She started to run, away from the sound. Echoing around her, vicky's words, the dog's stiff cries. It shrieked "whooooooo"

    "Vera, believe me" "whoo"
    "Just think if it's real" "whoo"
    "Vera, trust me" "whoo"

    She shouted "Noooo" and fell on the road before she had time to take her hands off her ears.

    "Pity the boy found her before that stray could bite her head off"
    "Yes, mrs. Pumphrey. He was just on point, but why did she try to er–*escape*?"
    "I don't know, I don't know. She's already very much disturbed in the head. Taken lot more on her plate than she can chew."
    "Bless her"
    "Jesus Christ. The reaction on her aunt's face. Bless
    Her indeed"

    Vera lay there, from the feeling she got, definitely she was lying somewhere. Felt something fluffy, something white, pillows, it was a bed. And also a sweet scent was drifting through her body, something smelled like flowers and honey. A perfume. SHE WAS IN A ROOM. BACK IN THE HOSPITAL WING AGAIN.

    the thought of being returned to the place she thought she was leaving made her open her eyes. Sun rays kissed her cheeks and slanted her lifeless feelings.

    A set of two different voices were coming from the entrance door. She sat bolt upright. Something stirred on the left of her. She turned and felt her jaw drop. VICKY was sitting on the left bed too much closer than she could have permitted. He had bandages on his hand and some pain pills on the table. Her mouth had gone try.

    She opened her mouth to speak but shut it halfway. Vicky knew and therefore answered her

    "You okay?" He asked
    –"how did I get here?" She questioned angrily
    "Don't interrupt me Vera"
    –"I will. Who bought me here? I thought I was out?"

    "I bought you, or you wouldn't have been on Earth now"

    @shadowofthoughts_ ����

    Who do you think bought her back and why?

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  • jikimi 10w

    She stood for a moment. Words had failed her. Finally, for the first time, it took her ages to answer something. But then–

    'WHAT UTTER NONSENSE!!? WHAT–HOW FISHY? HOW COMICAL, HOW MEAN?' she shrieked, not hesitating to keep her voice low.

    'See, vera. I know I know it's foolish to believe me, but for one second, one precise second, think if it's real? Just believe it's real! Even I wouldn't've believed, but think what if it is true?'

    she spoke with a trembled voice.


    'HOW can I?' And this time Vera was really crying. Great tears swarming her face, covered in a pool of salty teardrops.

    'I KNOW BUT–vicky began but she cut off

    'Okay, say I believe your story, pretend i believe all these. But HOW do you know I am the same girl of that dream? People usually don't remember previous lives,do they?' Questioned Vera.

    'I didn't get to that yet, but I will tell you and if god wants you'll believe me.'

    She thought it was best to listen rather than emphasize a stupid subject all night.

    'Go on'

    'You remember, about your father promising this marriage will not stop? He promised, didn't he? And that was probably a century ago. And spirits and powers and promises were valued at that period. A promise meant a life that time. If someone swore something, they were bound by the almighty to do it. Rejecting it meant rejecting the almighty's decisions. It was said that a curse roped that person who breaks his promise.'

    'Both our parents were hysterically broken down when they recovered us lying death bound in ashes on a fire swallowed chamber. They were broken down like hell. Even they tried to kill themselves, believing it was because of them we were gone. But no one was more hysterical than your dad. Endless attempts to recover him went in vain. He wouldn't let us go, bound by kinship, promise, almighty he was distressed. But what mattered him most was the m-marriage. He was a true devotee of love. And someone who was to be married just in a week, gone like tat. He had decided.'

    'That he would do whatever to bring us back, give us our love. Didn't care about his curse, your father, the king. But true love that dispersed. He meditated for a pack of 3 months to impress the god. But the almighty already knew everything. Looking at that innocent, terrible face, almighty recieved him just in 3 months. He asked your dad 'what do you wish, honorable king?' Your father just wished one thing 'my lord, o my king, I wish nothing more than the connection of two cute souls, two most loving souls. My lord, I wish nothing more than the reconnection between two of my bravest daughter and son.'

    'O' kindest king, no one can diminish the quill of the maker and no one can re awaken the death! Yet I feel the pain behind, you're bound by your faith and promise and my hands are roped against my wish. I cannot bring them even if I want to. I can not step over what the writer has written.'

    'O'almighty. You are the maker, you the ender. You can do whatever You wish to. Return those souls back and make my heart go light.'

    The God considered. For the first ever time, in the whole universe, it appeared he couldn't solve a matter. Thought and thought for the moment.

    Finally, came up with a simple solution. He spoke :

    'They'll meet. They'll reunite. Maybe not this birth, but a rebirth.'

    'A rebirth?'

    'Yes. Centuries away from today, when people will have forgotten them, bound by your promise and responsibility, they'll reunite in this same land. But ISLAMABAD won't be there. A new land, new customs and new transitions will place themselves. When not a single piece of this land will persist, two souls will reunite and bring you karmas back.'

    Vicky finished. Followed by an ear ringing silence.

    What Vera found was a headache more severe than the previous one. A silence so stiff, even a distant bird sitting in a tree top would be afraid of hooting and breaking it. But then–

    After long!��
    My exams ended yesterday! Now I won't upset u! I will post ��

    Am I going too traditional? And a bit too mythical?����

    @shadowofthoughts_ �� did u forget the story during the break?��

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  • jikimi 11w

    Vicky rubbed his teardrops, completely got up from his bed, went over to Vera, knelt down, put his hand in hers (she went completely tomato) and whispered 'its lovely to see those eyes again' licked his lips and staring at the lines on her hands went on.

    'THIS IS HARD. BUT I AM READY TO GO AT ANY HEIGHT YOU MAKE YOU UNDERSTAND. oh, I don't know where to start. Okay, um that dream you surely remember what was it? I saw that too coz–coz–coz I myself was the boy there with with u' he stumbled and trembled in words yet finally succeeded in telling.

    'I–don't get–

    'Let me explain–it's all about an accident, two deaths and rebirths Vera.' He spoke forcefully unable to believe what he said.


    'I am not going detailed. Vera that princess in that gown, in that pink petal gown was you! And that boy in that shadow was me! And those flames were the result of our death. It's all about past Vera, we died. But not because of our own karma, but for other's blame we died, and because we did nothing wrong, we got rebirth and landed here on this Earth again.' He took long, suffocation breaths, unable to control himself.

    What utter senseless, vera thought. How foolish, how fishy, I mean how?

    'You sure, Mr? Surely that fainting didnt get you too tight? Perhaps you can take some rest' she suggested though not harshly, but kindly in a sympathetic comprehension.

    'I want you to understand Vera. This is urgent. You can take your time but I want you to know the TRUTH. We both fainted because we couldn't bear the strong vibrations of scenes that's already happened. The dream wasn't a dream. It was a REALITY. An incomplete story of both of US. We were they and they were us!! That dream was the last stage of both of us and it was time now that we were given back the details and the responsibility.'

    Vera stared at him, too confused to speak.

    'let me-let me tell you the COMPLETE circle, I am not rotating 360° I am going 180 I know.'

    'This all starts with our past lives. Where you were princess Lia and I prince James. That was too a long time ago. Where survived myths and tales, where there was power. Where there were real heroes, and superpowers. There were genuine castles and queens and kings. It must have been 2 centuries ago. You were in that land called 'ISLAMABAD' and your father was the king and mother was the queen. And I was from 'AISLE LAND' one sea away from you. And my parents were kind and queen of 'AISLE LAND'. It all began like that. Everything was under control until me met.'

    'My father had to give up his land in battle and we had to fly away to your land where your father was the kindest to save us from hunger. He gave us a place at his enormous castle and found us jobs there. We were happy. Happy like never before. Those days were hilarious and the evenings glorious and the nights warmth! Until maturity touched our tongues and we tasted it. Until being grown up entered our brains and we started avoiding looking into each others eyes. Teenage and everything, still we were friends. Laughed and smiled and played. Jokes, lots of laughter , again jokes and again laughter.'

    'That was the time when we enjoyed nature. Sitting by the river, I played you flute. You plucked flowers and made a garland for me. I wore it to impress you. Both happy lives. Our parents feeding us. Until 18th. Until we entered 18th, our parents started discussing about careers and marriage. Everybody knew we were the perfect couple and more suited for each other. Until....until that great tragedy happened.'

    'Just 1 month into our wedding, and that astounding, most hysterical tragedy happened. That day was it, and we were both by the river, collecting flowers, for the ceremony. Both giggly, laughing, shouting throwing water sparks at each other when an invitation to your dad comes from AISLE LAND saying that if he marries his daughter to me than they will attack ISLAMABAD. Your father was tensed to the height but he understood our love even though my parents said that we will leave and save your land. But he didn't allow. He said this wedding will be hosted and we will marry for sure. He said even if we face war, this marriage won't be cancelled and he promised that statement, mind you.'

    ' your father wrote a letter to AISLE LAND describing that 'THIS MARRIAGE WON'T BE CANCELLED.' Just then, shocking us endlessly beyond our eyelids, the whole AISLE LAND attacked the next day. It was a forget-me-not war. A war alike a world war. Every house gone to pieces, every family left starved, every human being, every animal in hiding, no one was ready for this unwelcomed war. But the opposite team came up with full practise. Thousands of soldiers, cutting off people's head. Millions of horses, billions of weapon. And countless drops of blood. All purely horrible. While our side was getting ready to get them their return gift, you were there in your room. Gulping the truth with enormous difficulty. Having difficulty in breathing. Any second now, there might come the news that I had been chopped off, you were frightened beyond any fear.'

    'I and my family were getting ready to fly away to save you all from further lose. Our plan was that as soon as we reach some distant land, we will send them notice about our flying off and they will all leave you to peace. Yet your family was the most convincing. They didn't want this marriage cancelled. They forced us to stay. Already forty soldiers were sent abroad to fight. But I didn't want you harmed, never or I would have blamed myself for the rest of my breaths. We couldn't risk it so we all packed. I sacrificed my love for your life.'

    'The scene was all purely insane. Everyone in hurry, everyone running away, hiding in their houses, shouting for their children. And there were you–didn't want me to leave. Cried ur full head down. We both were in tears. Pain hiding behind.'

    'I am going too detailed. The last scene yes. That was it. Before we were to depart, when u were locked up in your room, trying to hid your tears. No one knew it was the last moment. All in hustle bustle someone accidentally let fire in your room form the outside, not knowing you were inside. You were shouting 'HELP, HELP.'

    'I heard that shrieking voice of yours. Fire was enclosing from everywhere. I ran forwards, unlocked your room, saw the fire, immediately ran to grab you and just managed to have a last hug and a warm kiss before the yellow breathing rasps swallowed us. It all happened in such a small figment of time, we just had time for–for a a h-h-h-hug.'

    Vicky broke for the first time, took longest breathes, and uncomfortably looked at her.


    After so long!!!�� I have exams going on guys so managed to post it lately, hope you don't mind ��.

    Well I swear, u will love this part, it HAS EVERYTHING!!!!!!��

    thanks for the read and remembering me��

    @shadowofthoughts_ finally!

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  • jikimi 12w

    She felt confused. A lot more confused than she felt earlier. How can he see what she saw? And most IMPORTANTLY how did he know what she saw?

    Vera turned towards him, all shyness forgotten in haste of clearing everything. For the second time their eyes matched with each other. It was a stare people can't forget soon. It was a stare that holds so much more. It was something lovely, something pink and blushing. A song echoed in her heart as they just bored into each others bright eyes, all weakness gone. Bodies straight and no more dreams. For reality of love shook them.

    Five minutes in staring, and they forgot that they were somewhere like in a hospital with no privacy at all. Vera quickly looked away and tried to hide cover up the mistake but the damage was done. Vicky however was still looking at her like always. This made her even more awkward. Still sitting, she tried to interrupt.

    'Er–er–I-er don't get it what you meant?' She began too awkwardly.
    Maybe her voice made him shake, that finally his eyes were closed, closed for a moment and open again. He scanned the bed like he had never seen bed sheets before and spoke somewhat reluctantly.

    'I meant whatever you saw in that dream was what I saw too'.
    –'but–how do you know what I saw? You heard me talking about that to someone?'
    'No, I just—know. That's it. And just wanted to inform you and hand the jigsaw over to you to solve.' He pursued.
    'I DON'T UNDERSTAND. WHAT IS THE JIGSAW HERE? WHAT YOU WANT ME TO SOLVE? LOOK, I HAVE HAD ENOUGH OF THIS HIDE AND SEEK GAME WITH YOU. NOW I WANT MY ANSWERS BACK!!' Vera couldn't believe what she spoke. But suddenly she felt that hot rush of anger coursing her that she blabbed more bravely than she felt.

    Looking at the expression on Vicky's face, it seemed like he would shout. But Vera won't stay behind, if it comes to shouting, she'll shout too. Yet something happened that Vera never thought was the right moment to happen. He smiled. SMILED?!! SERIOUSLY? yah, there he was crystal clear, sitting at the bed, that boyish expression and that dashing face as he smiled gently, it made Vera go back to her mouse self. She felt going red, deeper red. A bright shade of magenta.

    'I should've known. You're going to be angry and not accept what I tell you. He told me you won't accept.' He said more to himself than to her.

    'What? PLEASE, CLEAR IT.' she almost whispered in a loud voice.

    'I wanted to clear it the moment I found you, but I was afraid and I am still that you won't believe me and my truth. My bitter truth. But TRUTH. It was always difficult to live life without you. So I travelled here and found you at last. But if god doesn't gives you the courage, you won't believe me.' He said

    Vera was going berserk by now. The headache inside her was increasing and eating her like spikes.

    'Either you tell me what's the matter or lose me again.' She said calmly and cluelessly because nothing simply entered the solid walls of her brain.

    'VERA, IT'S SERIOUS. I WANT YOU TO UNDERSTAND. I WOULD BE REALLY BROKEN IF YOU DON'T. tears were rolling his cheeks and he climbed out of his bed. It really looked as though he **was** broken. No one ever in this college saw him in pieces before. Even Vera herself felt very unhappy looking at him.

    'See, I can understand. But if you won't tell anything, how will I? Vera began sympathetically yet awkwardly.


    Next part will be delicious. Guys my final exams r starting from 3rd. So maybe I won't be able to post regularly. But I won't leave completely either. I hope u understand the situation. :/


    How was this?@shadowofthoughts_ @wordsturnedscars

    Thanks for the read ❤

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  • jikimi 13w

    That afternoon, Vera felt like it was the longest ever surviving afternoon of her life. Because Vicky too had been transferred from his bed to Vera's left bed. And now both were sleeping side by side. First Vera thought it would have been more comfortable to have passed out again than sleeping with such hot pressures on her cheeks. But later the pressure decreased, cause none looked at each other more than required. Both were keen to get out of the way.

    Mary was sitting beside Vera all day long. Even after she told her to attend classes, Mary simply didn't want to leave her alone which made her very sympathetic. All the others were still in classes. During break they came to meet her and assured her that she was not alone. Also many asked her what was the dream but she didn't find the voice to answer back. Nonetheless Mary was her best friend, her soulmate and her better half. So she told her every small detail of the dream open mindedly. Mary considered it very very deeply, even more than Vera herself.

    'Hmmm' she had said 'Are you quite sure it was you?' I mean were you thinking about something like that before you drossed off?'

    'Nah why would I think something like that in a chemistry class?'

    'I don't know' she bit her lip 'it can be just a coincidental dream but why faint afterwards? Were you in some pressure and the dream and doubts made it worst?'

    'I was in pressure but not that much to get me pass out. I don't know but something seems like linked to the dream. It wasn't a dream, I am sure about that. But what it was I don't know.'

    At that moment, the doors burst open again and mr Williams entered in. He made his way straight to Vera and Vicky.

    'Good afternoon, dears. I hope you're feeling well now? I request you both to spend a night here tonight. Both your families will be informed alright. And yeah, one more important thing. My personal security with secrecy sensors checked the circumstances of the chemistry lab with double markings. And could not find any sort of odd vibrations around it. I daresay you both had a coincidental health issue, and therefore it would be better to stay here tonight. Good day to you'

    'Thank you professor'

    Vera already knew about no faults in the classroom. She knew that dream caused everything. But the only flaw was why did the boy fell off too? Well that wasn't her concern, he must have been ill. The headmaster had told her to stay overnight which she didn't favour much because it would frighten aunt Julian mostly. But as it was Mr Williams' wish she could not deny either. Thinking all these she lay there talking uncertainly to Mary.

    It was 20 past 3 when finally the bell rang and Mary was forced to leave Vera alone. She didn't want to, but it was Vera who made her go. It would having been very boring to spend a whole night in the hospital wing with no company accept for rows of beds and strong smells and sounds of reacting medicines.

    'I will be early tomorrow. As you're better now, you'll be released for sure. Just don't overthink and don't dwell on depths of just dreams okay?'

    After that, at around 4 Aunt Julian's call came for the 5th time. She asked whether she was getting well or not and if she should company her for the night. Vera said she was ok now and that she needn't come.

    Nevertheless, the point urging Vera was very odd. In all this time, Vicky didn't seem to have had any visitors, OR any calls. As he was the newest student and the most quietest, none of the classmates showed interest either. Though Vera felt a bit grave for this, she couldn't catch the courage to talk anything to him.

    At around 5, Mrs. Pumphrey bought them both trays of snacks. Mashed potatoes, fried bacon, chipolatas and specially mounts of chocolates for their strength.

    The clouds shrieked. Drops plopped outside the windows. Rain lashed the glasses so thick that it was impossible to watch the clouds outside. Vera lay there sideways in bed, hair sticking in the pillow. Both of them were sleeping opposite each other. And by the looks, both were wide awake. Just when the clock ticked 12 and a loud bird's screech echoed, Vera's eye dropped slightly and she was just going sleepy when something that has never happened before happened.

    'Vera?' A voice behind her spoke

    She turned round.

    Vicky was sitting in his bed. His eyes turned towards her. His whole body turned towards her. Vera gulped. In all these days, when he wouldn't simply look at her, in just some hours he spoke? A lump increased in her throat. Very strongly she tried to speak.


    'Er–I don't know how to start this but I just - er - wanted to tell you that the thing you saw in your dream was just the thing I saw too.' He said and it was the last thing someone weak and struggling would have wanted to hear.


    Well it was it. First both fainted and now both visioned same dreams. I guess you guessed the whole story by now ? @shadowofthoughts_ @wordsturnedscars ��

    I am trying to cover it up yet it's going on and on but maybe it will end soon now both had started on speaking terms.�� I hope you r not bored yet?��

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  • jikimi 13w

    "It can be due to variously other cases too"
    "Yah, like pressure and exam tensions?"
    "Maybe, but main fault I see is due to whatever she saw during that unexpected, unwarned sleep, n more than that i doubt whether that was a sleep"

    Some 2 or 3 people were whispering some distant land away. But Vera was not aware of anything, the peace she was getting there made her just sleep, sleep and sleep. It was like heaven after the newly borned tidal storm. She didn't even know where she was.
    Hang on. Did she realised she didn't know where she was? As though a fused bulb got exchanged and a glowing one replaced it, everything got unlocked in her mind, and she suddenly remembered every detail.
    In a sec, unknown tears rolled her cheeks, and she sat up bolt upright. As thought a hidden CCTV was attached somewhere, people started bustling in at her waking up.

    The first to come was a matron. She hurried over to her and Vera realized it was Mrs. Pumphrey, her college nurse, which meant she was in her college hospital wing. But exactly what had happened?

    "My child, are you okay? The headmaster had forbidden everyone to ask you questions and pressurize your mind." She said. "I bought you some pepper up soup, it'll help. Have it dear." She forced a large glass bowl into Vera's lap and put a spoon upon the mouth watering strong and spicy pepper soup. Vera didn't object. She started gulping down hot spoonfuls and chatted nothing nor listened. But after taking some spoonfuls she felt the hotness decrease instead of increasing. The memories of those dreams came back to her and a cascade of ice boxes dropped down her stomach.

    It had been her. Surely the face of the girl was hers. But where she was, she didn't know. Even the boy was reflected only in shadow. The face was invisible. Yet she sensed it to be someone known. Someone she had loved since ages but forgot not in purpose. It was dreadful, even though the scenarios in the dream were heavenly, nothing calm she felt. And more of that why did she faint afterwards? Why did she felt asleep? She was not at all drowsy till the moment. Something sort of odd was surely happening. Goosebumps started to tease her as she pushed the bowl of soup further. A memory somewhere in the back of mind was shrieking to be unlocked but the appropriate key wasn't easy to find.

    At that precise moment, the doors of the hospital wing swung open and the headmaster and professor Frank accompanied by Mary rushed in. The moment she saw Vera sitting, she flew fast towards her. "VERA!!!!!" oh Vera. Are you ALRIGHT?" She almost shrieked in relief, tears lolling her thin cheeks. 'Now, now ,miss Mary. I quite understand the bond of pure friendship but let her mind get a chill on, dear. She is been in pressure!' The headmaster, Mr. Williams announced, quiet shaken. 'It's okay professor' Vera spoke for the first time in hours, and was shocked in realising that her voice was such weak. It was barely heard even over such silence.

    'Well, Vera. I don't know what made you both pass out that badly, but we doubt about the chemistry room's circumstances. Therefore, I contacted my personal security today so that they can trace for any odd vibrations present there.' Mr. Williams announced.

    'Who both passed out, professor' vera asked, highly alarmed, while Mary handed her a glass of water from the bedside cabinet.

    'Why? That boy, Vicky? He just fell off his chair the moment you were taken here. 'I don't know, but no one else had something like this. It can be a coincidence, but the doctor couldn't find any damage anywhere near any one of your brains.'

    The name Vicky and 'fell out of his chair' made Vera almost pass out again .


    Did you noticed? Both fell out at the same time ��


    Thank you so much for the read ❤

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  • jikimi 14w

    Everyone had already taken their seats when they arrived in class. The last second bench was empty. They placed themselves there and took out their chemistry books. In all the hustle and bustle the teacher arrived. He silenced the class and took out his register. "Roll no 1" "roll no 2" "roll no 3" "roll no 4".........."roll no 21". It was Vera's turn, she said present and was just keeping her hand down when suddenly a knock in the classroom door echoed. Everyone looked around, but the door was looked. The teachers asked Sam to open it. And when he opened, Vera started sweating again. A boy was standing there, the same dashing boy every girl fell for in the morning. Only difference was, he was swinging a bag in one of his shoulders. And he had his goggles removed. His eyes were a deep shade of brown, just like Vera but that didn't make Vera satisfied. She tried her best to focus on her book and didn't want to look at him.

    Their was only one seat left now, exactly two benches
    Away from Vera, and the unfortunate girl was forced to allow the fortunate boy a place there. He just sat and took out his book. Something about the book told it was not opened even at least ones, no any labels, no any covers. Looked as though he didn't have any intention for studies at all. The teacher frowned at his peculiar behaviour that he didn't even apologise ones for being late. Mr. Frank, the teacher gave a false cough and asked "Mr. Vicky, I know you're the newest here and that these environments are totally new to you, but it had been very wise of you to arrive in time for your first ever class."

    "I am sorry sir" he said. For the first time everyone heard his voice. It appeared to be too much matured and was like of a boy of 20 s when he was just 18. "And it is not my first class here, no sir". He laughed humorlessly.

    "But, aren't you new here?" Professor Frank enquired, mystified. "Oh, yes and no both. But I don't wish to talk about it sir, I apologized for being late and now you have therefore no reason to keep the chat going " the boy spoke in such a final tone, it wasn't okay for anyone to start the topic again.

    Professor Frank was shaken by this. He was one of the eldest and most respected professors since ages. And no one dared talk to him in such an attitude before. But he didn't object, just looked a bit taken aback and started the lesson, carefully avoiding vicky's eyes.
    But Vicky was not at all concerned, his eyes were scanning the floors and ceilings as everyone was staring at him often. Mostly the girls were giggling-staring-giggling. This made Vera irritated, so she shut her eyes and in an instant everything the teacher was saying swept away from her mind.

    She was in a distant land. A swish of dust surrounded her and was taking her somewhere like a tornado. She felt dizzy, warm and coughed because of the polluted dust. The wind came to a halt and she felt herself landing, landing somewhere softly in a mound of dried grass. Opening her eyes, she saw something like a forest. Rubbing her eyes again, she was clear it was a forest. A beautiful forest, made of all flowers, begonias, bougainvilleas and ropes of leaves hunged here and there. Her dress was changed, she was now clad in a gown made of pink roses, and green twigs, her hair was tightened into a bun and half of them framed her face like fritts. In her hands, she had some 3 rings and she was smiling. Smiling, she strolled around the beautiful place. Observing trees and blossoms. The scene dissolved. Now she was in a palace, a palace made of marble. She was eagerly waiting for someone, seated in the throne. Again the scene dissolves, the castle is on fire. She is shouting HELP HELP!!!!! no one is there, and then out of nowhere the silhouette of a boy appears, there is a wall and both the girl and the boy's shadows are illuminating there. The girl is clutching the boy and boy is holding her in his arms and they're moving closer to each other. When suddenly flames erupt and they both shriek......


    Vera opened her eyelids, blurry shapes were focusing in and out of her eyes. People were there. They were whispering. Some very nervous and others nearly in tears. In all hustle a figure focused over her. She shocked and opened her full eyes. Professor Frank was peering over her, his nervous eyes and tensed face. When he saw her eyes open, he shouted for silence. "Are you okay dear, surely you're not?" He asked in a trembled voice.

    "I....I am alright"
    —no no no, u look all sweaty and weak, my dear. I should call the medical staff immediately "
    "NO SIR. it was just a bad nightmare I had. Er–due to lack of sleep.
    –lack of sleep? Why didn't u sleep?
    "Erm, erm, er–because of all studies er pressure sir.
    Vera made it all because she didn't want to confide anyone what she saw. It was only when she realised she was on the floor. she had fallen off her chair while she was sleeping! Before Frank could tell anything, she tried to sit. It was only when she knew that she was indeed very weak. It took enormous strength to sit up, while Mary, who was so white upto the face and couldn't speak anything, helped her. The whole class was peering and whispering nervously. And the professor was still looking at a chance to talk.

    "I am alright, she whispered with great strength, it was just a bad dream. There's – nothing to worry! She gasped and fainted again.


    This is long �� took me time to finish. So it's taking a new turn. I would tell you, it's a bit mythological, a lot Romantic and a bit sad too.
    Just thank you for showing love ♡♡

    Tell me about the dream.what do you think? Was it really a dream?��

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  • jikimi 14w

    Murmers echoed all around as the bell rang around the campus and a large babble broke between everyone.

    "Did you see him?:
    "Did you see his face?"
    "Such a handsome boy!!"
    "And he will be studying here!!"
    "In our year! Ahh, we will have same
    Jessica was whispering to everyone who would listen. But no one was much interested in other's stories, everyone had their own views and were ready to express. In all this confusion, and mystery, Vera left forgotten.

    She was sitting on a bench in the back garden. It was the only place where people didn't come enough. But the lonely place had some eternal beauty where you can enjoy your own time. She was seated far away from everyone, her mind wandering some distant land. Her first lecture was cancelled, so she had time. Exactly even she did not know what was going on inside her. What does it affect her if that boy studied there? At least it's a college everyone have right to place themselves in. But how to stop thinking about him? She didn't know him yet everytime a peculiar sensation came and her stomach lurched whenever she thought of him. What does it matters if he is in her class? They'll be sitting in the same class and she'll be sitting further away but, what if she couldn't control? She felt if she knew him from years and yet she knew she didn't.

    From far far away a voice in her brain called and she had to forcefully drag herself out of her thinking mania to see who it was. It was Mary. Observing the relief and the bossy attitude on her face, it looked like she had been searching Vera for long.

    "Ya, what happened? The lecture's cancelled, isn't it? Spoke Vera politely, somewhere her vocal chords were not supporting. "Oh, yes. It IS cancelled, but surely you didn't think you could tell your BEST friend before going out somewhere alone? Cause some people CARE!!" Bragged Mary in an angry tone. "Oh....so it's what you're angry about? Leave that" the lump in her throat told not to tell. "You can put that superior tone down in front of me. I know you better than anyone, even your aunt. So stop being an over actor and tell me WHAT HAS HAPPENED?" Mary scoffed, indeed if your own bestie doesn't tells you something, of course u would think it very superior of her.

    "Please, okay. You won't leave me?"
    –"of course not"
    "Then, come. Sit here. And I will tell you everything"

    Mary sat beside Vera and Vera began.
    "This guy. You saw him right? Everyone did. I know he is all rich and handsome and very dashing and his walking style and all. But that's not why I am becoming obsessive. I don't know what, but it's been a week since I saw him wherever I went. Like it's a hallucination. Sometimes in the city library, sometimes the cafe, the garden and even the vegetable market sometimes. But he is all alone whenever I see. He doesn't appear that rich in front of me. I caught him many times looking at me. But whenever I LOOK at him, he starts glancing here and there. Never talks. Peculiar person. But just watches. I don't think he is some big drug dealer but why would a good person look at you like a madman when u don't even know him? I don't know Mary, but things are not going well. I can just guess he was looking at me, he might not have. But suddenly if he even arrives at your college, how would you feel?

    "Hmm." Considered Mary. "First of all you don't know his perspective. He can be here at any business. And I warn you V, anything you do, you should be careful that, U don't know him yet. I have nothing much to tell. But I will represent my views. The very best thing to do is now forget everything. Focus in your aims and just let the boy go out of your mind. Ok? OK?" She smiled.
    "Perhaps you're right. I should just tip him off now".

    "By the way" she said in a naughty and romantic voice. I know what his name is (she nudged me in a shy style) its VICKY. VICKY LINDER. Ahmm ahmm. And we are having class together from now on. Ahmm. Surely that makes you go redddd " she roasted me so much, I felt as if an egg is to be put in my head, the temperature of my cheeks would turn it into an omelette.

    I tried to throw my school bag at her, but then she giggled and ran. I didn't want to miss the chance. So i ran too. And our hide and seek never completed as the bell rang again and we headed towards the classroom, both laughing like maniacs, and everything about VICKY, THE HANDSOME GUY went out of mind.


    Finally introduced the boy's name @rainshowers its VICKY. VICKY LINDER �� so the chemistry is : VERA ❤ VICKY.

    Did everyone liked his name?

    So the chief characters we have now are
    Vera Louis (girl)
    Vicky Linder(boy)
    Mary(best friend)
    Aunt Julian (Vera's aunt)

    Guys, tell me something. Am I going slow? Are you interested to learn more? Should I keep it going or drop? It's all upon you ��

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  • jikimi 14w

    As soon as Vera stepped inside her college campus, a group of pretty girls surrounded her. Indeed they made so much noise and prattled so long, it might have seen to an outsider as though they were meeting after years. There was Nimmi, tall and thin. And pink Jessica, the one who gets all red even in colder days. And little plumpy Kylie, kind and wiser than many. Vera who was all soaked and drowned in a pool of overthinking, was forced to forget it all in front of all their happy faces. She didn't want everyone to know about her tension mania and so kept silent as much as she could. They all grouped at the entrance as the bell was yet to be rang, and started talking about their projects each. Until then, suddenly Kylie who was at last gasped and gesticulated everyone towards the gates.

    A large Ferrari was entering through those metallic bars and even the metals on the gates looked tanned before the glimmering, shocking car. Everyone was in deep awe, who would be that person? Affording a Ferrari in their college? Who was THAT rich? All the girls gathered around together to watch more clearly, and even the boys who almost always ignored everything except their own businesses, started to wonder. It seemed like some President was entering the judiciary, and staff members, security and all the other ministers were bowing down in respect. The shocking red with mixed black, eye stealing car went round a circle through the boundaries and parked itself in the nearest area where the gang of boys stood.

    The first door opened, Vera was sweating now and half of the water in her clothes started to evaporate from the hotness of her face. The door opened and an uncle of about 47 climbed out. 'Probably the driver' murmered Jessica. Looking at his attire, Vera thought the main person inside must be standard too. The driver uncle took out a phone type thing from inside his pocket and clicked, after that he stood aside. Upon clicking, the second door automatically swung open, everyone gasped and started clutching each other as though every girl except Vera was suffering from severe stomach ache. But Vera stood still, because she couldn't move and believe what she saw. You wouldn't either, if u were in her shoes. From inside, a boy came out. Tall and thin like Vera. He was wearing a black leather jacket upto his neck, and stripped black Jeans. Just the kind of trend today's people fancy. His flyaways hair was up very high and he wore translucent goggles up to his eyes. One of his hands were inside his pocket and the other one was clutching a phone. This was the exact boy, Vera's incident happened with.

    He quickly glimpsed his smartphone and had a quick chat with the driver. All the boys were eyeing him with frowns and disgusts, as though coming in a ferrari to a place like a college was totally unacceptable. But the boy didn't look at anyone. His eyes were fixed on the ground and both his hands in his pocket. Indeed he was so much tall, all the other boys looked like dwarfs. Not taking his eyes off the ground he started walking. Even his pace was dashing, he didn't walk like others, but differently, as though in a ramp. Every girl of Vera's group (except her) was in a complete different state by now. They looked like anytime one might go and fetch the boy and marry him. The entrance was blocked by giggling, taking, and whispering girls. The boy still kept his eyes to the ground as he walked pass them. Everyone was in deep fantasies, dreaming about what not. Except Vera, just Vera. He climbed the steps and without a backward glance, went straight. Once out of earshot, the crowd echoed like a large music system that had its volume up full. They shouted like berserks and went mad at each other. Everyone just wanted to tell their own views about him, the handsome boy, as they had named.

    But Vera, poor Vera. You can imagine if suddenly one day you you meet someone, and the next day both of your eyes catch each others and you freeze and then the very next day he arrives in your college? She was whole dry now. Dried like a withered rose. Only that morning she sweared to forget everything and only that morning everything comes back. Without a word to anyone, even Mary, she left at a rush towards where the boy went. Hardly knowing where she was going and what was her point, she just wanted to follow him and get everything cleared. At last, at long last, she found him in the head master's cabin. She hid behind the door to seal herself from view and hear everything clearly. The so called handsome boy was seated in front of the headmaster, who was checking some files.

    'Yes, you have been signed here the day you called me and as you have every document and agreement signatured, you're now a student of PVC association of higher studies, in first semester, first year. You may start your classes this morning as soon as you can. We are honoured to accept such an intelligent pupil as you'.

    Vera's heart skipped a beat.


    Part 4 :) love is coming nearer. ��
    How's this? Direct me @rainshowers

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