Nothing is impossible, the word itself is "I'm possible".

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  • john_solomon 30w


    Nature is awed, by human awareness of her, and becomes the majesty we share ❤

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    Pine lighthouse inspires
    Mirror of admiration
    Twins reflect union


  • john_solomon 31w

    @soulfulstirrings thanks for the inspiration to revisit and revise this previous short piece on "peace". ❤

    And thanks to all of those posting brilliant one-liners or insightful quotes, it's good to remind that sometimes #lessismore .

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    Economics, Government, and Western medicine were all on stage having a heated debate over who had done more for Humanity...

    Peace just sat outside shedding tears.


  • john_solomon 31w



    Absentia ~ absent from...( usually applied in trials of law when the defendant is not present they are said to be "tried In absentia" )

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    Expectations Augmentation

    E xempt from successes, tried yet absenti A
    X ,y, or z dream scenarios, persist bidding adie U
    P ossibilities of growth tease, procrastinatin G
    E xcalibur swords of achievement, only glea M
    C rystallized in release, from uncertainties ston E
    T riumph stalks pace, with confidence of visio N
    A ccolades, self-esteem, embrace alignmen T
    T ribulations dissipate, petty fog of nostalgi A
    I ntuitively displacing, all inferiority mindse T
    O pportunities supplant, limitations alib I
    N otes of melodies, praise you as aficionad O
    S ymphony of self, accomplishments shee N


  • john_solomon 33w

    Enlist ~ (v) join the military.

    "Coup de gras" ~ French term defined as "the final death blow".

    @fromwitchpen just for you, much love to you and all of Mirakee ❤

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    Human on human crime is flaw, whether in times of War, or enforcement of law...

    Twist the script, compassion evolves, irony is bliss, when Peace enlists...

    the Coup de gras


  • john_solomon 33w

    #inspoetry @writersbay

    Inspired by Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata

    Synapse ~ (n) the junction between two neurons

    Image credited to rightful owner

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    Psyche embellishes placidity
    Collective synapse turns to ballroom
    All neurons join in elegant Waltz
    Gray matter glistens pearl
    Champagne notes gentlely moisten flow
    On a quest to soak in magnificence of opus
    Encore is discovery of a new awareness
    Of regions within the mind previously unsung


  • john_solomon 33w

    #haiku #slowly

    Shew ~ (n) establish the validity of something.

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    Haiku Petals

    Slowly spring bud mulls
    Slumber is death, then, smile blooms
    Her wings shew angel


  • john_solomon 33w

    #arspoetica #tricube

    @artemiswrites you may really like this.

    A new form introduced by Philip Larrea was brought to my attention by our very own @birajv , it is Tricube Poetry, rules are as follow:

    Each stanza must have three verses
    Each verse must have three syllables
    Three stanzas total

    Have fun all! ��✌

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    quench of hearts,

    food for flow,

    charms the soul,


  • john_solomon 33w

    Release perceptions of separation...

    Rural Relativity

    Bias lacks relevance to Nature herself
    Promenading Boulevard's, as breezing through lea
    Skyscraper and mountain, two nouns of the same
    Atmosphere blankets all, with tapestry of hue

    Beings ebb and flow, with fluid emotion
    Oceans caress shores, and typhoon manifest
    Babes hold fast, to comfort of mothers arms
    Infantile buds, cling to tree limbs maternal

    Nighttime Metropolis, dispersing iridescent algae
    Sunlight or streetlight, illumination is awe
    Humans in motion, lifeblood of cities
    Zephyr kissed pollen, lifeblood floral

    Condensed or expanded, is plurality context
    Mother makes no distinctions, ecosystem is
    Copyright John Solomon

    Image credited to rightful owner

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    / creative imagination has no tether to location /

  • john_solomon 34w

    Perhaps I should return bearing a gift for all to give to themselves whenever needed...

    Be kind to yourself for a moment, close eyes and turn your focus from the written word to the one who is reading

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    Hear me children of the page, when forces of examination, eclipse your sunrise due to compression of burden...

    Hear me all thoughts of rage, volatile emotions spliced digital, ravage a peaceful platforms very soul...

    The miracle of every newborn
    Is in the purity of awareness
    The clarity of blank canvas
    Before social conditioning snares us
    So clear your neural slate
    Yearn to your natural state
    Claim your rest
    Dwell the emptiness
    Abyss union within the pale shadow
    of your stillness.


  • john_solomon 41w

    #contemporary #wod

    The 21st century

    I recall the eve
    Of the new millennium
    I could barely contain my glee
    How fortunate was our generation

    Not many throughout history
    Have experienced this billow
    When the calendar achieves
    A crest of three zeros

    Then shortly thereafter
    The war drums were beating
    In the wake of a disaster
    Politicians were conspiring

    They sold us all on a lie
    So many willingly bought it
    Louder echoed the war cries
    After all, the intelligence was "solid"

    The spoils of this particular war
    Were not just about rebuilding contracts
    Our own citizens we now monitor
    They call it "The Patriot Act"

    Anytime my government declares
    This is for your own good, so adhere
    You've just been the victim of psychological warfare
    For nothing motivates like fear

    I recall the morning of the new millennium
    I recall how a surveillance state was born
    The calendar swears it's 2021
    But it's really just "1984"

    Copyright John Solomon

    Most of the rebuilding contracts for the country of Iraq after the war went to a company named Halliburton, it just happened to be a company that the vice president at the time, Dick Cheney, used to be the CEO of. I tried to explain some of these facts to a few people that always reply, "yes but he ( Saddam Hussein ) was a really bad guy Jack", they miss the entire point. Of course he was an awful murderous dictator, but the only weapons of mass destruction that were ever in Iraq at the time of the war were the ones that we brought with us to destroy a country. And now we have a camera everywhere all the time watching and recording our every move without a warrant in my country.

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    The 21st century

    // it's not the technology, it's how it's being used, it's not the chronology, it's the privacy we continue to lose //