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  • josephjoy 18w

    Your tears are often humiliated
    By the number of times
    You flipped the pages of the past
    Only to hurt yourself again

  • josephjoy 23w

    Tell me, how
    many times will
    you bury your
    soul in the soil of pain
    to let the plant of sadness bloom?
    @d_healer writer✍️

  • josephjoy 33w


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    I built my walls with the bricks of fear

    I heard the loud whispers telling me to leave

    Silence was my weapon for survival

    Yet, the shadows of the past appeared in silence

    The echoes are louder

    The scars are deeper

    But the stars are still calling

  • josephjoy 50w

    Abandoned house

    My imaginations visited the streets of the past

    She found scars staring into her eyes

    My walls of strength have become weak

    She found her butterflies of fears

    Painted on the walls of hopelessness

    Her windows of pains is rusted

    She misplaced the keys to the door of life

  • josephjoy 50w

    The bride of my dreams

    A bucket of difference

    Filled with flames of beauty

    A store of exceptionality

    Knitted with uniqueness

    She is storms the battlefield a warrior

    She wins the war in my heart

  • josephjoy 54w

    LoVe LeTtErS tO mInE


    My folder of screenshots is filled with happiness

    See the vibrant colors of your name

    Painted on the wall of my camera

    Listen to the constant visitors

    Greeting you with audible voices through the window of images

    This is the gallery of my heart,

    Hosting you forever.

  • josephjoy 56w

    Lines from the corridor of a lover

    I am the laughter
    That strolled into the street of your heart

    I am the author
    who did not write a book to get the right one

    I am the soldier
    Who won all wars without a gun

    I am the tablet
    The doctor's never prescribed

    I am the scissors
    Decorated to inaugurate the pages of your heart

  • josephjoy 56w


    Our land have turned barren
    The cloud no longer ushers in the rain
    Our tears have become the rain

    Our land have turned barren
    The trees have stopped dancing
    Even the wind is frighten

    Our voices are mute
    The sword at night
    Bullets during the day

    Our land have turned barren
    Yet, we harvest the fruit of hunger
    The blood of the innocent
    Flows through the veins of the land
    Crying for justice

    The sand of the land is angry
    It spits out venom,
    When will the people raise?

  • josephjoy 56w

    Spit the flames of accusations
    Pour them into words
    let her self esteem gallop like zig zag lines

    Her morality added to the Punctuation marks
    Of questions with no full stop

    She held the fragrance of constant fear
    Her courage gradually tiptoed out of their words

    She drowns in the blur images of words
    Painted on the walls of the society

    Her fingers crossed themselves
    Waiting for the day, this will come to an end

    @mirakeeworld @writersnetwork @poetryandpauses @writersthought

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  • josephjoy 62w

    I raise a toast to my emotions

    At the round table of love

    I engage the spirit of commitment

    Pour me a glass full of YES I WILL

    I'll gulp down every drop

    When the liquor is YOU

    Permit me to get DRUNK