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  • joycee_joy 96w


    Miss you all friends n my well wishers. I'm overwhelmed with all ur care and every comment!
    I know I took a long break and hope everyone doing great n sound.. Also hope everything is same herea nothing change .. Some of my ppl are missing tho I couldn't find them help me.

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    Today I was listening to Ed Sheeran's Perfect and it is so beautiful how he writes precisely how it feels when you find the perfect person. It is not loud music and flashlights. It is that warm feeling that familiarity brings, that lovely sensation that infatuation's hot red flush can never replace, that warmth in your favourite christmas sweater with your oldest teddy by your side, that calming of the heart that only your mother can second. There is this feeling of poverty in the absence of that person. I might have everything but I will cry on the streets if only I don't have you.

  • joycee_joy 160w

    Melancholy - a feeling of pensive sadness, typically with no obvious cause.

    I personally faced this(last week I was in this pensive condition) but holy Good the people around me help me to overcome this shit ..✨thank dem #cwrites
    @writersnetwork @mirakee

    And recently hit the 5k people army is such a big and beautiful souls I thanked you all from corner of my heart .. "For God is my record ,how greatly I long after u all in the bowels of Jesus Christ" ❤��

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    M E L A N C H O L Y

    She sulked in the bed, reluctant.. Coerece;
    Disinclined to face her facial expressions,image... or unable;
    That laconic days, hath taciturn forms making scurrilous in her baby face;

    She getoff of her Lazy bed in a altruism way, the dearth in her legs and hands(fingers)..dizzy;
    She remembered how she work her fingers to Bone.

    That summer Morn she hath fake face wit a helpless smile.
    She went to the room window, manifest the slow kinesology of vehicles seeing how the air flows in betwixt of the motorized vehicles well peremptory goes too.

    On the contrary she sense the Sun Vista, how the sunlight VARNISHES MAGNOLIA BRANCHES CRIMSON, here all the people are unaware of beauty, how being pompous (self importance) they're on the street.. on the horns of the dilemma; trying to be opulent person.

    She perceive the ZEPHYRS gentle blow, She perceive some whispers through the trees ,they warp fortuitously...she's curious as a caterpillar.
    She want to yet can't detect what inside her mind as She is "BLIND AS BAT".

    A vacuum cleaner whir and hum also shouting for her name startles from her thoughts.
    She looked at her Mom facet, her smile spread like red tint on ripening tomatoes;

    she looks so Peace and Low of difficulties that make any malignant person get lost of sadness,
    She get to her, hug her tight, and run to her ferret pet take her ferret close and whisper.. "having a melancholy is so Dangerous".

  • joycee_joy 162w

    The Voice in the Back of My daymm Head.��

    Daffodils - a bulbous European plant which typically bears bright yellow flowers with corona.

    Hello my Fellas!!! First of all Love you all take care.
    #cwrites #writersnetwork
    Song of the day - "7 rings" by Ariana Grande.. Queen�� ✨

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    *Writer’s Block*

    I make an apology for not
    either harvesting the garden
    of my words,
    for letting Weeds overtake
    the tenuous shading in thoughts
    and prose that were, forming
    behind the dafodils.


  • joycee_joy 166w

    Dedicated to my love, my kind of daughty, my baby girl JEEL

    Every single one's Life has been dreary. Hopeless. Disappointing. Painful. And on most days this my mind is stuck in a never-ending downward spiral of negativity
    do you ever look @ someone and think “i just want you to be happy always”
    That's called Love I think so.

    If interest Do tag that someone u love most.. And spread the love

    @arick_aj #cwrites #writersnetwork

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    When I love someone
    I do it so quietly

    I feel like
    She may never hear me

    the all desires I want to say
    wrapped up together

    Spend watching a busy pretty town
    With her.
    A little less conversation
    With her ..

    I want to chase her
    the streets always come alive.

    I just wanted to sit still there with her
    for years at a time.

    And I want to stare at her, and
    Like how can she be cute, confusing tho

    oh what happened with you baby
    You're so mysterious while I'm reading you

    some things make life okay, so worth it
    the genuine joy on someone's face, someone calling for your name.
    your purpose defined in how they call you, look at you, feel you.


  • joycee_joy 169w

    Sorry my ARMY MY PEOPLE I'm so so inactive these days.. Some health issue threathed me This kinda sick me that I'm not active here
    And I promise you guys now on I'll do good here
    ( this post dedicated to every single one of the person who miss me more than ever)
    I'll see all ur tags and tag me more in your lovely posts.

    Baby I'm hellyah sorry that we're so in distance that we can't talk and treat good. First of all I'm bad at health these days and so I'm unable to get used of phone.. Rest is best to that I think so but always remember I love you more than u know doesn't matter the distance between us��.. @jeelpatel
    And the surprise for you is I'm going to see you face to face like I'm coming to INDIA.��

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    I hate days like this that literally
    I can feel every single Mile Between
    you and me.


  • joycee_joy 172w

    He lifts one of his hands off of my back and pokes me on the nose with his index finger making me giggle.

    "you weren't complaining what I did fucking wrong five minutes ago". He points out.

    I shake my head and lay it back down onto his clammy skin. My fingers trace the heart tattoo near his shoulder and I notice the goosebumps raise on his skin.

    "That's because you're better at that stuff than you are at dating", I tease.

    "I won't argue there ". He chuckles and moves my hair from my face. One of my favorite things that he does is when he caresses my cheek, his finger tips are rough but they somehow feel like silk against my skin.
    #writersnetwork #cwrites #herfeelings_

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    *Her FeeLinGs*

    "Do you know how that feels to have someone loves you despite all the fucked up shit you do? "


  • joycee_joy 174w

    Don't say that it's like a air or something fellas!��

    Ik this is not a much topic to make it up now.. I just want to know what ur guys thoughts on this..
    But I'd love to know all ur true words on this maybe.
    And thiz here the comment box is always open to share your views on this tho.❤
    LoveLove�� #cwrites #writersnetwork

    Maybe... TEMPORARY ONE.. ��

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  • joycee_joy 181w

    It's not supposed to be like this.
    You're not supposed to hurt like this.
    All your life, all you've done should
    come back to you.
    All your life, you have helped uncountable souls find a home in your heart
    when you were shelterless yourself.
    You have taught wingless birds to fly
    just with their spirit.
    You have taught the palest star to shine
    like diamond.
    You have let people inside your heart without washing their feet
    and now they try to leave with their footprints on your soul
    and expect you to understand again.
    You, of all people, don't deserve this.
    You deserve kindness for all the kindness you gave out.
    Because what goes around, must come around.

    Song of the day - "YOUTH" by Shawn mendes
    #cwrites #mirakee #writersnetwork

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    "Karma and stuff"


  • joycee_joy 183w

    I hate rain but I started loving it! ����

    Anyway I woke up with seeing that we are army of 4k people today.. Hurray! I'm so much excited.
    This all happened becoz of all your love and Applause towards my writings.
    I thank every single person who there with me from the beginning to till now.
    I thank all from deepest corners of my heart����
    LoveLove ��❤

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    I woke up this morning to the sound of rain.
    I brought my favourite book and heard the pitter patter while reading.
    I looked at the rain- how it cleanses everything it touches, how it makes me happy to be alive and awake at this particular moment.
    I think of you then.
    Because that's how you are.
    You make pure every part of me you touch.

  • joycee_joy 185w

    SOULMATES?! Gross*** Don't start again so I feel that when someone raise this Word.

    There are so many people out there who don't believe in soulmates. Truth be told, I was one of them too. How can there be someone who just finishes your sentences? Who knows you like the back of their hand? Who knows how to deal with your moodswings?Who would love you for all your flaws and shortcomings? How?

    But then I found Him.
    He was me- at least, at the places that mattered. We found the same things lame, made the same stupid jokes, lazed around on the same days, loved the same movies, loved the adventures and video games, love to hit gym and explore the world, food.
    There are differences obviously- he sleeps more, I laugh more; he sings more, I dance more; he love Netflix, I love Books; he is a man of few words, I am Garrulous - But we like the same colour of the sky. And when we touch, I swear I've seen the sun sparkle.

    Today is the day I met him in a Ed sheeran concert of five years ago..Right from then I started to believe in Soulmate.. Arick love you so damn much.@arick_aj♥�� I'm keeping this bg pic coz arick I love your smile and teeth he he..
    *Pardon me reader if this whole giant posts makes you feels lagg or bored! I really didn't decide to write thisss much but these all goes this way. Anyway This is my second giant post though*.. ��
    #cwrites #soulmate_1

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    ***Hey you can read the caption though I think it's interesting***