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  • jpdiya 9w

    "Thank you for letting me go , cause i wouldn't have walked away,"

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    People comes, people leaves,
    But some never quits our heart,
    There they plant seed,
    It grows,
    It blooms.
    It plays along with our wind.
    And once
    It dies.
    Let go,
    Be grateful for having it in past.
    You can't make a dead plant alive
    By watering more.

  • jpdiya 9w

    I forgive you anyway, but what if you don't even feel sorry?

    Sometimes you look at me like I'm the only one, while calming the chaos inside. And then sometimes you treat me like I'm nothing more than a piece of abandoned love letter.


  • jpdiya 9w

    4 A.M.
    It's just getting hard to breathe,
    And after all these things happening,
    I wish I don't.


  • jpdiya 11w

    Just A Note To Self.

    Dear myself,
    Stop watering the dead plant
    Look at the sky full of stars instead.
    Some stars are also dead, but they still shine
    As they have travelled lightyears just to reach you.

    Isn't it wonderful?
    To live in a world,
    Where fairytales are just fictions
    But still a hope to many little souls.
    Where the wave bows to the land,
    And also breaks one's sandcastle.
    Isn't it amazing?
    How the human brain got no pain receptor,
    But it still can stimulate heartbreaks.
    And how the heart breaks everytime,
    But still beats in search of light.

    You love how the strokes of a paint brush
    Can bleed it's agony, yet beautiful.
    You love how the poems with blemish
    even not perfect, yet thoughtful.
    You are afraid of changes,
    But you can't resist being changed.
    You cut thread of the kites, and cry over them.
    You lie with smiley emoji while being sad.
    You try to expect less, still hope for best.
    You appreciate one's effort, even if you hate.

    Maybe you can't be the best,
    So what?
    You aren't the worst too.
    You try hard,
    You feel exhausted,
    You blame yourself more,
    But It's okay to take rest.
    It's okay not to be perfect.

    Yeah you failed to complete homeworks
    Whatever, atleast you made it to the half, lol.


  • jpdiya 12w

    Sadness is, when
    It's me, who expects.


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    I always put your happiness first.
    But somehow I was losing mine.


  • jpdiya 13w

    Not really out of thoughts, but yee really out of words
    to express the intertwined emotions : /

    ( already dead # unfinished_syllabus )

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    my heart
    longs for
    y o u r

    it breaks
    it mends,

    it just
    l o v e
    the way
    you hate


  • jpdiya 16w

    Tangled thoughts.


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    | Jigsaw puzzle

    We people are like the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle.
    Having same heads and holes but with different
    pictures on it. And when we try to solve, some get
    along easily and some don't, where some can't ensue
    the exact outcome even though they fit in shape.
    Thus we move around the pieces, hither and thither.
    We keep looking for another until we feel complete.
    It takes time. It's okay. Though one fix quickly, one
    has to hold it till end. While some tricks us, some are
    also tricked by us. Some feel guilt and some doesn't
    even care. We hate some and some are loved. It's
    okay again. 'Cause afterall none are same. Each
    piece got their own colour. All are painted unique. We
    can't blame anyone's existence. They are just needed
    to be put in the right place to see a bigger consequence.
    ~ it takes effort and courage.
    (Sometimes sacrifice too.)


  • jpdiya 18w

    #song #bonafide_

    (Sorry for too many repeating words, just wanted to portray how things like mistakes, weird questions, anxieties wanders round and round inside my head.)

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    The mirror maze
    My head

    I'm stuck,
    Stuck in this maze.
    Walls are reflecting
    My short-term existence.

    I'm always craving
    Craving for something more,
    Something new.
    Maybe conquering
    My own self?
    And then living a life
    Of someone else?
    Or maybe I'm just tired of
    What I have.

    My flaws are echoing
    Along my screams.
    And I'm wandering.
    Wandering alone.
    And it's getting darker.
    The stars?
    They're also losing
    Their spark.

    I know
    I'll never feel
    "Finally, this is the end!"
    It's hard to choose
    A single path,
    'Cause my dumb self
    Wants to see
    Where do
    Other ones wend,
    Or maybe because
    I trust none of them.

    On the other side of the mirror,
    Over here, please find me.
    Come here
    And show me the path.
    Don't give up on me yet
    I can try to do better.
    Even though they say
    I'm already enough,
    I know I am not.

    No matter
    How far I go,
    I, I end up here.
    I'm stuck.
    Stuck in this maze.

    ©jpdiya (an ENFP here)

  • jpdiya 19w

    Phew. #lanturne It's hard yet interesting.
    Glad that atleast looking like Japanese lantern. ��

    #wod #writersnetwork @miraquill @writersnetwork

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    Via poetry


  • jpdiya 21w

    "Already, it's the last page the calendar
    Streets glimmering with warm light
    Like stars in the night
    Somehow today it feels warm by your side
    Is it the chill or romance that make
    Your cheeks blush
    Hope it’s me"
    ~ Sweat Dream, TXT ��

    Merry Christmas ☃️��
    I hope this season will fill you with faith and joy

    Oh yeah thanks a lot for 500 followers. It means a lot to me. ����

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    For a
    Tree Made of
    My desire and Hope
    So I can hang my wishes
    And watch them falling down
    Miserably along the silence of snow