too deep, yet too shallow, sometimes a riddle, sometimes mellow, maybe life is simply a toasted marshmallow ��

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  • juby2507 42w

    Dedicated to my in-laws & every aunty

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    In my country, speaking about sex is frowned upon
    But the moment u r married, they blow their trumpets for "when r u going to have a baby?" as if babies r made without sex

  • juby2507 43w

    Badal do mujhe unke liye,
    Badal do mujhe apne liye,
    Badal do mere ehsaas,
    Badal do mera libàs,
    Badal do mujhe manane ke tàreeke,
    Bada do woh vaade,
    Jo ab hai feekhe.
    Badal do meri Kainaat,
    Badal do meri sachhi baat,
    Badal te raho mujhe apne liye,
    Per fir poochna nhi,
    "Kyun badal gaye ho khud ke liye?"

  • juby2507 43w

    पहले भी ऐसी रातें थी,
    अब भी पहली सी बात है।
    अंधेरों में लिपटे हुए,
    कोई अनसुने ख्वाब है।
    पहले भी वो तन्हाई थी,
    अब भी पहली सी बात है।
    तब सिर्फ पतंगे सा डरता था अंधेरे से,
    अब लपकता हूं जहान कोई रोशनी की सुराख है।
    पहले भी ऐसी रातें थी,
    अब भी पहली सी बात है।

  • juby2507 44w

    Ashes of a heart

    He sees it in my eyes
    but chooses to be aloof.

    He heard me scream through my lungs calling his name,
    yet, he turned away holding a cocktail.

    So i sat there, letting him go...
    each cell suciding to let him go,

    erasing his taste that lingers on my lips,
    erasing the way he would hold me to kiss,
    erasing his cologne from my veins..
    i sat there as if i was slain.

    Curses not on him for shattering my soul,
    curses not on me to still have a burning hole,
    but curses to the moment when our fate lost
    love on a path unknown...

  • juby2507 45w

    My bff's brother deserves a heartfelt comedy on his birthday

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    Lucifer's birthday

    So...once upon time there was skinny lad,
    Whose grades were not gold, but he wasn't sad.
    He found his happiness in every mischievous shit,
    And he indeed is the devil' s favourite gift!
    Though he often stumbled upon paths unknown,
    They were never on the map life had shown,
    Yet, he braved his way with unkept hair,
    It gave even Moses a scare!
    He won accolades in badminton,
    They said he could spin a cock with his thumb!
    He drove the heavens to their grave,
    And everyone ran to hell for a save.
    My dear Lucifer, u old hairy gorilla,
    Someday i will beat you with a godzilla!!
    But today I bless you happiness and shine,
    May your luck & wet dreams finally combine!!

  • juby2507 47w

    Wrote a poem for bff turning the 3-we won't say more #birthday #haiku #poem #funnypoems

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    "Here's to that girl that wants to shine,
    here's to that girl, even though far, I can call mine.
    From jumping ropes and skipping stones,
    To reading erotica, I know she quietly moans.
    Her honesty and naivety stuck around,
    Even though we are far our hearts make the same sound.
    Oh! how I miss our meetings in sly,
    Together, we would never really need a guy!
    Here's to that girl thats turning 3-we won't say more,
    Wishing her a long blissful life cuz without her it's such a bore
    O my Joe girl, I am happy u were born today
    Start using Olay to keep your wrinkles at bay!!!

  • juby2507 48w

    Why can't I upload a picture? Dislike the image search option

  • juby2507 49w

    As a kid, I was mocked by my classmates for not knowing the full form of "CD",
    As a teen, I was wasn't selected for debate because I lacked the "eloquence of speech",
    As a young adult, I was betrayed often in love and criticised for being overweight,
    As of today, I work in IT and have given trainings to more than 200+ folks in RBI and have a love marriage with a guy who knows my need before I know myself.
    I am writing this to you, so that u understand that one day you will grow up breaking the notions just remember to let go off the pain.
    Because often when you have achieved, you still doubts yourself because of what people thought about you years ago.

    #free #happy #achieve #letgo #ownYourself #youmatter

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    Because often when
    you have achieved,
    you still doubt
    yourself because of
    what people thought
    about you years ago.

  • juby2507 52w

    The world will ask you "how are you?"
    Only to expect "all good" from you
    No one will ask "are you ok?"

  • juby2507 52w

    It's only in India, where a woman can be easily mocked for her mental state by her husband,
    And everybody will laugh whole-heartedly!