leave hope for the darkness, so that light may prevail

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  • judas_ 8w

    The abstract entanglement
    Indefinite, overflowing,
    Overlapping, will not let me
    Leave it alone.
    Decaying memories,
    In unrest because of me,
    My intimate relationship
    With death, I atone.
    Eluded, the normality
    Disgusts and despises me
    Though I seek its companionship
    Because I'm all so alone.
    My mind, contemplating,
    Insists, reverberating
    In the sound of a silence
    Never my sins I'll condone.
    Leave me, inspire me,
    No use or practicality.
    These feelings inside of me,
    The words that come out of me,
    Wreck my worth and identity
    Bone to bone.


    #wod #end #rhyme @miraquill @writersnetwork

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    "Maybe you were right"
    "About what?"
    "That I care too much"

  • judas_ 8w


    Flittering on and off,
    It's hard staying awake.
    When you've lost too many,
    There's not much at stake.

    Victories become meaningless,
    And words are too much of weight.
    When you see your end,
    It's better to do nothing and wait.


  • judas_ 8w

    and when the pain finally settled,
    when all words have been said,
    you'll find my heart isn't so stone-cold,
    when it bleeds black and red.


  • judas_ 8w

    My Starlight

    You were the sun, the moon,
    The myriad of stars.
    And I wondered how you shone
    So warmly from afar.

    The stardust on your lips
    Make me infatuated for a kiss,
    A once in a lifetime I can't miss.

    But I'm afraid to taint your opalescent skin
    With my ebony black sin
    That weighs me down to this planet.

    The price to pay for being human,
    To have eyes to see you,
    A mouth to praise you,
    And a heart to love you fully.

    I'll be content with you
    In my sight.
    Wait for me soon, my love,
    My Starlight.


  • judas_ 8w

    so, I weep.

    Memories held me softly,
    And whispered of a kindness
    Like a fairytale, unto my soul.

    A small hope,
    That of a child's,
    That Iove could make me whole.

    Selected parts of myself,
    To be broken into bits.
    Weaving them into my words.

    Careful, to pen them delicately,
    So that they could be
    Worthy enough to be heard.

    My promises, they last not long.
    They burn in the essence
    Of life and time.

    There's strangers out there
    Who enjoy my show of
    A monochrome bleak with rhyme.

    There's not much warmth
    Life can give me.
    Ones that I get to keep.

    I dread the day when that love
    Won't be enough.
    So, I weep.


  • judas_ 8w

    @seulmi thank you for lifting my writer's block. your works are both inspirational and motivational.

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    Re-dos and Re-news

    Fatigued body and mind.
    With jagged breaths, I swallow.
    Abyssmal depths beckoning,
    There's only one path to follow.

    With cold feet, and colder hands,
    I leapt into the nothingness
    That I failed to understand
    Which led me into this mess,

    The fear was indescribable,
    But only fleeting, thankfully so.

    They say you reach greater heights,
    When you've hit your personal low.


  • judas_ 8w

    Silence is comfort to those that seek it.
    Music is comfort to those who are alone.


  • judas_ 8w

    Unlawful Glutton

    The devil will look at me in awe,
    As I embrace even the darkest of sins.
    I'm known not having a choice,
    I'm known deprived of simple things.

    There is no line between good or bad,
    Not when both are shoved down my throat.
    There's only a whisper to survive,
    Even though sometimes I wish I won't.

    Painstakingly, I swallowed it all up,
    Partly curious to who I'd turn out to be.
    And when I finally looked in a mirror,
    I saw the monster who ate me.


  • judas_ 8w

    No Longer Human

    These days are nauseatingly warm;
    You left me like the winter's end.
    No more chill and bites of frost,
    No more anger in the wind.

    A bittersweet goodbye I've left you,
    After our intimate years in the cold.
    You've gone and made sure I'm used
    To the pain till I grow old.

    You were what I looked forward to.
    But what now? I'm free.
    I'd be lying if I said that you
    Were nothing more than my misery.

    You made me sick, deranged.
    This isn't what normal people would do.
    Because I know you hurt me
    And I've fallen for you.

    Warmth isn't for me, it seems.
    Things like love or happiness,
    They're no longer what I yearn for.
    No longer what I need.

    I've rejected my salvation,
    And turned my back against the sun.
    Because of you, I've become someone
    No longer human.


  • judas_ 8w

    heart of glass

    Beating, softly, music to my ears.
    Greed, wanting, repressing my fears.
    Protective, trust me, no more tears.
    Holding, gently, careful not to alarm.
    A promise, a vow, never to harm.