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  • justjanet 21w


    I used to think
    that you and I
    were the perfect fit
    We loved the same things
    and saw eye to eye
    We could finish
    each other's sentences
    even if it came from a judge.
    Your Mum loved mine
    I called you my universe
    You had me at cloud nine
    But fate had her laugh
    And you and I
    were her favorite joke
    We fit so perfectly
    But just like a jigsaw puzzle
    One perfect fit
    Leads to another
    We were just
    each other's pieces
    in the bigger picture.

  • justjanet 34w

    Niggas be bluffing but do nothing at all.

  • justjanet 34w

    I got options......I just want you tho.

  • justjanet 37w

    That day you said
    I look pretty
    My heart
    sank with your words
    and my belly
    felt a warm twinge
    My legs felt wobbly
    And my brain
    took it's leave
    That day you said
    I look pretty
    I think I saw
    a cascade of light
    adorning your face
    And a silhouette of angels
    dancing with grace
    I could hear music
    in that quiet place.

    © neatavocadopeeler

  • justjanet 41w

    Am I a book to you?

    How does it feel like
    reading me?
    Seeing my thoughts,
    words and feelings.
    Licking your fingers
    before you turn my pages.
    Making me open up
    from where you last left me.
    Using me to learn
    how to love and live.

    How does it feel like
    putting me back on the shelf?
    After knowing me too well
    until there is nothing more to know.
    Cause now I have to start again
    the same old troubled story,
    with the one who
    picks me next.
    © shee

  • justjanet 43w

    You can't buy my heart with those sweet words to make me forget about the time you cursed my name....but baby..I can play along.

  • justjanet 44w

    I hurt myself
    I became my own rival
    I broke my bedroom mirror
    And I punched a wall
    I tore my mother's Bible
    and watched the pages fall
    I took out the chains
    to hang on a rope.

    I gave my lover my heart
    and the devil my soul
    A gift and a token
    The two took their role
    I tried to fight my way
    I tried to get them back
    But my heart was too broken
    and my soul was too dark.

  • justjanet 44w

    Everyone is watching me...but their eyes...are simply not yours.

  • justjanet 44w

    ...and then we became everything we said we wouldn't be.

  • justjanet 44w

    Everyone is watching me.....but their eyes...are simply not yours.