Co-founder: "Chai ki Tapri" can i sing u a song?

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  • justt_human 4d

    Wo khudse dagaah karta gaya!
    Khudko tabaah karta gaya

  • justt_human 2w

    Kya ishq hai ya hai kisi se koi gila shikwa...

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    ppl be like:

    Maybe she doesn't loves me anymore but it doesn't mean that I don't miss her anymore...

  • justt_human 4w

    And, suddenly it hurts

  • justt_human 4w

    Pain is like... remembering someone who is far away...

    Crying and feeling numb...

  • justt_human 4w

    Sometimes that darkness also gives a lot of relief..
    Makes me cry a little but... never gives false hope...

    Feels so bad...
    some people who were once your everything...

    you are nothing to them today

  • justt_human 5w

    Ye insaan bhi kitna baawla hota hai

    Jo kabhi uska tha hi nahi

    Uske liye rota hai, bilakhta hai, gidgidata hai...phir ek din soch soch me kahi door chala jata hai

  • justt_human 5w

    Bahot baatein karni hai tumse...
    Kabhi samaya nikal kar aana..baithkar baat karenge...

  • justt_human 6w

    it hurts when u need some attention to communicate your adoration, but you never get that attention and u end being lonely as you are.. feelings get intensified over time...and u end up being lonely

  • justt_human 6w

    It takes time to understand the fact that..

    "I have to clean the mess that I have created"

  • justt_human 7w

    #feather #wod #ceesreposts
    Throw me
    Leave me
    Bend me

    I will still be the same, isn't it?
    This reminds me of the song heather...

    I still remember the third of December, me in your sweater
    You said it looked better on me than it did you
    Only if you knew how much I liked you
    But I watch your eyes as she
    Walks by....

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    Lemme be that feather!

    I dip myself in ink of thoughts and give you a reason to sob on my verse...♥️