I write so you can experience the wonders of new worlds while escaping the mundane of ours.

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  • kamen1 2w

    Fairy King

    On this path I depart
    Apart of a grand start
    March down the road
    Oh Fairy King where did thy go?

    Searching far and wide
    Aside the trees groaning "why?"
    My how the forest has forgone
    Toned out its lush from far in time
    Oh Fairy King where did thy go?

    Your queen awaits in desperate need
    Indeed a nation lost without its King
    Ring the bells wretched scream
    Weary is the dearest of a bygone people
    The old oaks repeat their anguished pleas
    Oh Fairy King where did thy go?

    Reckoning around the fallen valley
    Lastly a forest downed from raged allies
    Do you not see of the abandonment?
    This brought on from an inherent greed!
    Years go by in a hope drawn to infamy
    Oh Fairy King where did thy go?

    Oh Fairy King can't you see?
    Oh Fairy King can't you hear?
    Oh Fairy King where did thy go?
    You left your queen in tears
    You left your people to confusion and fear
    Most of all your forest
    You swore to protect
    The wails of the trees pains the mortals
    They could not reframe
    Deforested is now the fate of the sacred sanctuary
    Left by you in a divided state
    Oh Fairy King
    Can't you see?
    Can't you hear?
    Where did thy go?
    Oh Fairy King
    There is no longer
    A place for us to call home.

  • kamen1 15w


    Allow me this place of solace
    Surrounded by my own warmth
    Curled beneath the blanketed sea

    Let me rest to my dreams
    Already defeated beyond my protective needs
    Can you not see?

    Sound out the noise around me
    Cover my hearing with honeyed treats
    I only want this for my ears
    Otherwise please let them cease

    Rocked sofly out of my reprieve
    I can sense the defenses breaking
    Scattered light begins to form
    If I shut my eyes will the war be history?

    Prostrared for the world to witness
    My shield on the other side of me
    Bearing eyes burn a gaze through my disguise
    A last ditch effort null and void

    I finally surrender myself to their victory
    Waking up to another day
    Wishing my blanket could save me
    Another morning of my defeat
    I get ready for school

  • kamen1 19w

    Sword in the Stone

    It just happened
    Took place by sheer happenstance
    With the sword removed

    Cracks begin to form at the stone's base
    A thunderous shake makes the crowd panic
    Cheers of thrill and jealousy are echoing

    Yet not enough to detract from its brilliance
    Cold steel shining brightly in the mid-day sun
    Entrancing me as I struggle to believe

    The historic moment happening
    A moment where in the future I will be history
    I can feel it coursing through me

    A plethora of possibilities
    Many fate driven notions pushed me this way
    To this very day

    Where the sword of everlasting reign
    Was said to be pulled by the boy with a clear soul
    That boy just happened to be me

    A soul not sullied by the sinful deeds of man
    Earned not by the doings of previous generations
    Bathed in white as pure as snow

    Now it's time for us to enact this change
    A new era has begun
    The golden age for my people starts here

  • kamen1 19w

    City Gate

    Looking up the rampart
    Its shadow cast a formidable presence

    Gaurds man their stations at the wooden gate
    Allowing for many and none to participate in the capital's prosperity

    The sound of horse's hooves pouncing the ground causes my pulse to race
    I gaze behind me

    Remembering the life of a country boy
    Growing up with only peace and quiet in sight

    Those days are long past as I am now on my own
    My first departure from my nurturing nest

    What dreams lie beyond the entrapping entrance?
    Next to no experience I can only wait

    Be patience and cunning as I make my way
    Into the throes of an unknown world
    Through this once unreachable city gate

  • kamen1 19w

    Work Load

    Meaningless novelties
    Provide the essence of living
    Daily necessities are precisely the reason
    Stress bound by the survival need
    That is why we are called human

    Give our attention to the screaming box
    Focused minds devouring the words as the clock ticks by
    Work and work until fatigue devours the hopes of freedom
    Time to ourselves become the fairytale of adulthood

    When it overstays its reason for existing
    Consuming our human being
    We cease to recuperate for the coming seasons
    Wrestling as the workload seamlessly increases
    Mind break from the lack of personal reason
    An existance consisting of serving only others

  • kamen1 20w

    Big Man

    The big man scares me
    Hovering over my daily schedule
    Bickering behind me during normal interactions
    Murmuring mumbles that keep my mind distracted
    Who knew he could become so scary
    I tried to avoid him
    Hiding him from the public eye
    Burying him under the many secrets I decided to hide
    Feeding him the dread and darkness flowing within me incessantly
    Trying to bottle up his reign until he eventually overtakes me
    The big man scares me
    Seemingly no way to cut him down
    Please leave me alone
    This wish becomes a mere leaflet of lost hope
    As I continue to feed him more
    The scary big man grows bigger
    Maybe one day I could defeat him
    Until that day he distracts and destroys my mental compass on a daily occurance
    The big man scares me


  • kamen1 24w


    Write something
    Forced into submission
    No more passion
    Only robotic notions to produce profit
    What has writing become?

  • kamen1 31w


    Venturing out from dawn till twilight,
    She laid sprawled against the tree roots.
    As they protruded beneath her large bosom,
    Her breath grew fragile, her movements delicate.
    Anchored only by the bitter fall air.
    The vivid imagery of a fading present becomes more apparent by the passing minutes.
    Who knew a chilly evening could hug the woman enough to produce a spring warmth?
    Minor muscle contractions let nature know she feels secure in its presence.
    Chirping birds collide with the cricketing of insects.
    Eventually taking over, producing the natural nighttime melody of a mother's lullaby.
    A woman outcasted by the whims of humanistic interactions.
    Finds comfort in solace of a home away from home.
    She sleeps.

  • kamen1 32w


    Knowing of a tunnel
    Dark and colorful to the natural world
    Thought abandoned by those outside
    Merely a norm of life for the inhabitants
    Completely avoided by strangers
    Devoid of human interaction due to the unruly rumors

    Urban legends manifest from deep within
    Spreading through the grape vine
    Gossip causes the subtle whisper to become a booiming voice
    The easily gullible dread of going near the abandoned place

    A myth becomes truth
    Creating a powerful entity from intangible imaginations
    An unsettling atmosphere amasses many ostensible tales
    From witnesses of questionable motives
    Believed with unwavering resolve
    Thus, births the foundation for the fear of the tunnel
    Founded by the trifling fear of humanity

  • kamen1 40w

    Upon a Star

    A shooting star zips far above my head
    Its radiant light only ignites for a mere second
    Fizzling out as if it never existed
    The whitish streak that followed the falling material has long since faded
    I watch with keen eyes
    Protecting the sincere wish I couldn't let out quick enough
    My mouth quivers as my brain processes its failure to allow for the simple words to exit my mouth in a timely fashion
    A brief irritation turns in to a sudden sadness
    One simple wish is all I wanted to speak
    Was it too much of a chore to allow for me to spout what my heart weeps
    One second is all I ever needed
    But when the time came it went by feeling like a millisecond
    I clench my fist and turn my gaze to the cold grass
    The area drenched in darkeness as the moon decided to abandon its purpose
    Minutes pass as the harboring of my failure begins to subside
    Wasting my time in self-pity will not enable my innermost wish to be heard
    So I turn my head up high in earnest
    Yearning and praying for the impossible to happen
    A star to streak across the wide expanse in the same place
    Hoping the night sky provides me another crashing star
    I stare in to the constantly changing cosmos
    My eyes begin to become hot and my body unstable
    I can't control these overwhelming emotions
    A quick blip in the night sky cast an awe-inspiring light
    Leaving behind a magnificent white essence
    I'm finally able to leave knowing my wish has been heard