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  • karannnn4 1w

    Not long ago i met someone who has changed my life in a better way. She lifted me up when I was going through the most rough time. The time when I had considered myself as a trivial but she had set some different opinions about me. No! She has never made me feel special or pampered me through sugar-coated words. But she would sit with me during my low and let me burst out like an volcano.
    She would listen to my inside fights or the goals I wanted to accomplish but somehow I couldn't able to. She knew the deepness of the scars on my skin. But whenever I asked her, what kind of relationship we've been sharing or who is she to me? She would start beaming and said "A friendly stranger" and I was never able to understand the meaning of these three words.
    For me she was a person who had helped me to find the real version of myself
    when I was lost in a crowd and tumbling consistently on the ground and then from somewhere one hand came along and pulled me out of the crowd. That one hand held me up and created a strong grip. That one hand taught me to stand out in a crowd without shaking. And then one day when I entered into the crowd again, and I did'nt feel like being shrugged off or lost. Instead i felt oriented and powerful and this miracle had happened just because of that one "friendly stranger". But where she is now?..... I don't know because I lost that hand in the same crowd where I had hold her for the first time. Years whirred by and still whenever my heart beats her name ; I repeat her three words only "A friendly stranger" .
    Karan Singh Bhadauria
    Instagram|@karannnn4 .

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    "A Friendly Stanger"

  • karannnn4 4w

    The happy faces were glowing brighter than the sun when they found one more plastic bottle out of the trash.

    They seemed less worried and more satisfied
    The amount of satisfaction on their faces was too damn high though their frames were not looking that healthy but still had a gleam in their eyes not less than any star.

    The dehyadted bodies were not looking tired at all and I was listening to their cheerful screams.
    I knew I couldn't afford that kind of satisfaction ever.
    The form of emotions on their faces were pure and limpid.

    The satisfaction they were carrying in their hearts had some extreme level.
    The level you couldn't ever dream to match.
    Even your latest iphone which you've been showing off to everyone couldn't make you that satisfied. You know why ?

    Because you want more and that more has no ending.
    But they are happy and maybe you're not. You know why?

    Because you like being a centre of attention.
    Because you have compared yourself to almost every that person who has something that you can't have.

    Damage started when the first time you had compared your shoes brand with all your Friends and told them how expensive you've bought them.

    You think you're flawless.
    And you love comparison but you've never compared yourself to that one kid who always roams with a naked feet.

    And See how can a one plastic bottle from a dust can save lives and all those materialistic things which you're so proud of couldn't save you. . .

    Karan Singh

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    "Happy Faces"

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  • karannnn4 4w

    Vo samaj na paaye mere altaazo ka taste.
    Vo kehte hai mai karta hu time waste.
    Lekin parwah nahi karta ab kisi ki baaton ki
    Kyuki sunta hu sirt apne jazbaaton ki
    Haath mei kagaz aur kalam liye mai ghum raha hu
    Insan ke ander chupa insan mai dhund raha hu
    Bas ab koshish hai unhe apne alfaaz samjaun
    Apne dil ki baat unke dil tak pahuchau
    Vo sochte hai mai kar raha hu time waste.
    Kyuki vo kabhi samaj na paaye mere altaazo ka taste :-)

  • karannnn4 5w

    Na jaagu mai ab kabhi, kaash ye raat thori lambi hojaye
    keh du aaj mai saari baat, kaash sunne ko tu raazi hojaye
    Ab khwaab saare bikhre hai, umeed to jaise dikhti nahi
    meri zindagi hai adhuri si, ye saasien fir bhi rukti nahi
    Samaj aaye to samjha dena, kabtak chalega ye natak saara?
    mai soya nahi hu bahut raaton se, mujhe chor diya sabne besahara...

  • karannnn4 6w

    Shehar mei andhera ab jaldi ho raha hai,
    Suna hai ek pakshi aaj bhi ro raha hai
    Ghar se door vo kahi bhatak raha hai,
    Vo bheed mei chupa aaj bhi darr raha hai
    Vo khamosh hai jaise saans hi nahi aati,
    Vo ro leta hai magar awaaz bhi nahi aati
    Vo roshni se koson door aur andhere ke bahut
    nazdeek hai,
    Vo muskura kar kehta hai "arre sab theek hai"

  • karannnn4 7w

    If you see me in public please don't be
    afraid to walk up to me and say, "Hi,
    we are friends on Instagram".

    Instead of staring at me like i stole
    your kidney. Let's also make real life
    connections not only on social media.

  • karannnn4 7w

    He threw the pair of shoes out of his window as he
    found them uncool and untrendy now
    "A five year old kid standing outside of his gate,
    immediately picked up both the shoe"
    "Now the untrendy and uncool shoes would provide
    warmth to his cold naked feet"

    - Karan

  • karannnn4 11w

    "Happy 18th birthday my princess, a message
    popped up into her phone"
    She replied back with all the heart emojis, but hearts
    would be less to tell you how much I love you - she
    typed again
    The long distance relationship between father and a
    daughter was surviving at its best.❤️

    - Dhananjay Singh
    - Instagram- @Karannnn4

  • karannnn4 11w

    Do you hate me? - I jolted with a voice in my head
    |I looked around and found no one.
    Then apparently I saw the reflection of you standing
    infront of my eyes and was wearing large white
    wings around your shoulders like an angel.
    But an angel who gives a curse.
    Meanwhile I remembered all your lies, the suffer I
    had been gone through, the hurt you had given me.
    By remomorizing all that i somehow grasped a
    courage and told you those three magical words.

    "I hate you"

    -Karan Singh Bhadauria
    -Instagram- @karannnn4

  • karannnn4 11w

    As she plugged in the earphones and inserted the ear buds into the ear canal, the melody started diffusing through the ears to all over her head.
    for a moment she felt relaxed but then again she started feeling depressed and kind of heaviness on her heart.
    She thought music would heal her as it was a best therapy for her since childhood, but this time music failed to rescue her from the darkness.
    The old 90's songs of mohammad rafi couldn't help her anymore, she got more despondent and blank.
    The sadness was at its peak, she wanted to cry but she couldn't.
    Sometimes crying helps you to outlet the pain, but some sadness won't produce tears and it's worse than crying.

    In the midst of her thoughts, her eyes caught the lower wooden drawer in her room, she opened it promptly and took out the diary as if the white clean pages were ready to get witness a new story on them.
    She grasped a courage and pen down her first thoughts on the paper in bold letters

    That day a new writer was born and through her vision and words she started healing people.
    That day she threw the earphones and took a pen instead.
    Neither in music nor in some great t.v series, she found her peace in her personal diary where billion of words were buried inside it.
    But nobody would ever know because it's personal. .

    Karan Singh
    Instagram : @karannnn4

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    "She was Depressed"
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