Fairy Poetess with angel Eyes�� (Englican)

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  • kashaf_gill 35w

    My faults

    What was my fault?
    My fault was being so real in a fake world
    My fault was being so innocent around scoundrels
    My fault was being so honest when every one was lying
    My fault was being an optimist when darkness was on its peak
    Alas, my fault was being so genuine in a self obsessed world

  • kashaf_gill 35w

    If life is full of scams then how the death would be real

  • kashaf_gill 36w

    Lets defeat the undying Chaos by an everlasting Smile✨

  • kashaf_gill 38w

    Dear diary
    You are my permanent best friend
    You are the only one
    Who never gets bore from me
    You are the one
    Who was always been there when nobody else was
    You are the one
    Who supports me in my bad day
    You are the one
    Who reminds me of my golden memories
    You are the one
    Who knows me very well
    You are the one
    To whom I used to tell
    All the events in detail
    Dear diary ,
    Thanks for being my beloved
    Dear diary,
    I love you so much

  • kashaf_gill 38w

    A time surely comes when heartache relieves
    It eventually dries out all the tears of inside and outside
    Nothing can make you sad
    But gloom becomes an infinite part of your personality
    A time surely comes when expectations are unable to kill you
    You know why?
    Cause you become strong enough to kill all your desires by yourself
    Your eyes don't want to dream anymore
    You accept that there's no way to escape
    And then.... You will be satisfied by accepting this immortal dissatisfaction

  • kashaf_gill 39w

    کاش سرکار مدینے میں بلا لیں مجھ کو
    اپنے دربار کا خادم وہ بنا لیں مجھ کو
    زندگی سے ملے ہر غم کو بھول جاؤں میں گر
    گمبد خضرا کے ساے میں سلا لیں مجھ کو
    مجھے اس دنیا میں آنے کا سبب مل جائے
    اپنے قدموں کی اگر خاک بنا لیں مجھ کو
    کاش سرکار مدینے میں بلا لیں مجھ کو❤️
    بقلم کشف گل

  • kashaf_gill 40w

    کبھی کبھی جو مجهے یاد تیری آتی ہے
    میں سوچتی ہوں کہ کیا کچھ ملا تھا جیون میں
    مجهے پھولوں کی مہک پھر سے یاد آتی ہے
    مجھے آتے ہیں یاد رنگ و بو فضاؤں کے
    کبھی کبھی جو مجھے یاد تیری آتی ہے
    میرے ویران دل میں شمع جلنے لگتی ہے
    مجھے ہر ایک غم میں لپٹی ہر اک شام کے بعد
    تیری جفایں بہت یاد آنے لگتی ہیں
    از قلم کشف گل

  • kashaf_gill 40w

    I just want to escape to a place where nobody can find me

  • kashaf_gill 40w

    I wish to be happy as much as I look in the pictures

  • kashaf_gill 40w

    I am Sorry

    I am sorry for being apart
    I am sorry to live so far
    I am sorry to love so hard
    I am sorry for making you sad
    I am sorry for being so bad
    I am sorry to leave your side
    I am sorry for being alive...