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  • kashish__gupta 9w

    Let's go to hell

  • kashish__gupta 9w


    .DEATH is best solution of all the problems.

  • kashish__gupta 13w


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    I'm happy with mine special day
    I make joy even anyone pay attention or not
    I don't study but spend full day with my passion
    I recollect my memories,my old photographs...
    I look at mirror nd compare myself 'how changed I'm' ,,I don't know why but I'm happily crazy with my day even my family, friends or anyone cares or angry on me...
    But I'm happy with mine special day.....
    This day is my new year with life, with new happiness nd with new chapter of my age...
    Now day's I'm totally changed how, when, why I don't know but still changed ..
    Thoughts of my day changed my life ,
    Feelings of my day changed my soul!!
    I used to shout happily that my day is about to come but now I am completely silent like where is my day ....but hey! my inner Voice remind me all the time!!
    My soul smiles at me.... My crazy mind doesn't show but gives me energy makes me happy
    I like to cut cake alonely i don't care what the size of the cake is...
    i clap for myself, i bless myself with lots of blesses nd sleep tightly with full of enjoyment in dark room with dark night....
    but yes!! A little girl is happy with her day

  • kashish__gupta 14w

    Kuch alg ho jindagi me ye nhi chahti me
    Sab alg ho jaye jindagi se bs yhi chahti hu

  • kashish__gupta 14w

    Sometimes its right

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    What u feels that makes u better

  • kashish__gupta 15w

    Hey darling

    Why u read Ur not mine ....

  • kashish__gupta 15w

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY YUSUF ������������ @penchi
    This is not poem but I don't know what I wrote ����
    Some lines I have noticed in you --
    A Pagal Who is Full of shyness more than A girl��
    Never talk First but always waiting for whom he loved
    No one can carry his heart (too much big yrr��)
    Never show himself A hero but actually he is hero of his future heroin ��������
    But really u r awesome more then my schl friends��
    Congrats dear I hope this day is full of cake, memories, and fun.
    I love you more than words can say. Thanks for being the world's best friend��
    Happiest birthday yusuf may God bless u nd I'm too always bless uh ����

    ��"Don't worry about lighting all the candles on your cake—I've already let the fire department know!" ��Hey i have found it on google so just wrote here too ����

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    A lil stupid frnd

    A guy who's sensitive by heart
    But strong by mind
    Who loves everyone
    But doesn't get the same
    Who is more crazy than me
    But actually not
    Who is cute by face
    Nd sweet by heart ❤
    Who is doesn't like to hurt someone
    But mistakenly he do
    Who wanna always be happy
    But sometimes he can't
    Who is master of his own accord
    That's why I wanna beat u

    Nd Who is same as me
    But in different way
    ©kashish__gupta @penchi

  • kashish__gupta 17w

    Or btao
    Nhi btana to mt btao

  • kashish__gupta 17w

    चारों तरफ शोर है मै ही क्यों शांत हूँ?
    कल खुश था आज मै ही क्यों उदास हूँ?
    चुप रहा नही जाता था फ़िर मै ही क्यो चुपचाप हूँ?
    कहता था कोई ना सही तो भगवान मेरे साथ है पर आज मै ही क्यो एकांत हूँ ?

  • kashish__gupta 17w

    नीली शाम...
    ...गुलाबी आसमान
    और फ़िर दिल को आराम...