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  • kashyapraj3010 9w

    Young Lady, Not Bride!!!
    - By Raj Kashyap

    At 9:11 pm, I saw my
    Insecurities airing,
    around the heaven.

    Sooty eyes, feathery garb,
    An Innocent mind w/,
    Bluish red turban, all
    Ready to whisper a tale.

    Class Vth, Term 1
    is now my last lesson,
    teaching young lady,
    not brides, telling all lies.

    They asked my paa,
    For shear dowries,
    Just like some poor,
    Fools asking for cowries.

    Mehndi rinsed hands,
    Tears filling eye glands,
    Child marriage isn’t a pride,
    Still I dressed as a bride.

    I’m not a liability nor,
    an extra mouth to feed,
    so why would I pay
    a price for one’s greed.

    Listen!!!! Daddy,
    I too wanna Study,
    I too wanna fly,
    & touch that blue sky.

    I still remember,
    How I made my doll
    Dressed like a bride, now
    It all seemed so bright!!

    How can I trust one,
    Who is unknown to me?
    This is mine, infancy,
    Please, let me play!

    Dark clouds of Misfortune,
    Roared louder giving,
    Daily nightmares, May be !!!
    This was written in my destiny.

    But, I need a voice,
    To notify my pain,
    To complain about,
    Leash of my aims.

    It’s time for me to fly,
    from one cage to another.
    I’ll only pray to god that
    don’t make me a girl again.

    - By Raj Kashyap

    #Childmarriage #WritersNetwork #Miraquee #Sad #Society #Reality

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    Young Lady, Not Bridge !!!


  • kashyapraj3010 9w

    Pretty in Pink…
    - By Raj Kashyap

    Flowers are the
    Music of the ground,
    From Earth’s lips,
    Spoken w/o sounds.

    Souls waving in fields,
    Singing melodies of zeal,
    Blossoms, a perfect heal.

    Once there’s a seed,
    Grown with weeds,
    Sunshine is her bestie,
    Rainfall as new esti.

    Manure as new dress,
    Co2, a lucky bless,
    Thrips locking progress,
    Temp, a shitty mess.

    Pollination is her love,
    P, N2 & K as their gov,
    Tissues dancing in the clubs,
    Stem & roots as de hubs.

    Butterflies all around,
    Piling nectar in pounds,
    Flowers wearing gown,
    Like a funny clown.

    Rose symbolizing love,
    Carnations wishing luck,
    Gerberas depicting purity,
    Cyclamen teaching sincerity.

    Tulips giving royal vibes,
    Lotus giving revives.
    Lilies honoring the death,
    Orchids giving strength.

    Iris giving enlightment,
    Lavenders, a sign of devotion.
    Guzmania depicting passion,
    Jasmines pretty like women.

    Daisies resembling youth,
    Mimosa Pudica telling the truth,
    Narcissus giving happiness,
    Ivy making friendship.

    Lilacs standing confidence,
    Sunflower, icing residence,
    Flowers are the rainbow,
    That adds color to grey earth.

    - By Raj Kashyap

    #Miraquill #Poemonflowers #blossoms #writersnetwork #poetrycommunity

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    Pretty in Pink


  • kashyapraj3010 10w

    Thanks To Poetry!!!
    - By Raj Kashyap…

    Sitting in a corner,
    With hopes shattered,
    My heaven covered,
    With colored medicines.

    Difficult to breath,
    Body tinge with ulcers,
    My Dimples lost,
    Future almost frost.

    Pulse rate touching sky,
    Seeing reports I do cry,
    But still I wanna fly.

    Gas attack, Gas attacks!
    Giving nightmares,
    Hair fall, dark circles,
    Still haunting me.

    Jaundice painting eyes,
    Best wishes telling lies,
    Serotonin flooding my veins,
    Mood swings finding gains.

    Doctors, my new bestie,
    Mush as my health zesty,
    My passion swept in vomits,
    Pain!! arrived as comets.

    Inc. SGPT warning liver,
    Dim view making me shiver,
    Negativity clings too tight,
    Now the time is to fight.

    Then arrives a sunshine,
    Discovered, A term “Poetry”,
    Butterflies blooming again,
    Dopamine flooding veins.

    Dreams painting my eyes,
    Dimples telling no more lies.
    Self-confidence, my new bestie,
    Poetries as my new zesty.

    Past is about learning,
    While writing this,
    I’m in tears & emotions,
    Thanks poetry for
    Giving me a second life.

    You may treat me
    In the very dirt,
    But still like dust,
    I’ll Rise again.

    With Love-:
    Raj Kashyap…

    #miraquee #writersnetwork #ulcers #anxiety #pain #sorrow

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    Thanks To Poetry !!!


  • kashyapraj3010 11w

    Save or Pay!!!
    - By Raj Kashyap…

    Dear mars, we are coming,
    As our mother earth,
    Will survive climate change,
    But sadly we won’t!!!

    Acid rain, burning desires,
    Lightning rising bushfires,
    Random sunny maze,
    A glacier falls to our amaze.

    Cows producing methane,
    Plastic rotting to produce ethane,
    Floods changing entire game.

    Our earth is caging,
    Global warming raging,
    Radiation killing bird’s womb,
    Can’t we humans now relax!!!

    Burn relations, but not fuels,
    Oil, coal, gas are only jewels,
    Ozone depletion to skin cancer,
    Cfc’s ban is the only answer.

    Lava melting hopes &
    Destruction during eruption,
    Too many trees chopping down,
    Soil erosion winning crown.

    Earthquake shaking grounds,
    Tsunami tearing million pounds,
    Humans be ready to battle,
    Nature – Nurture Yourself!!!

    Greed isn’t hard to explain,
    But it will left an immense pain.
    Drought making lives sink,
    Only tears will left to drink.

    Factory waste killing aquatic life,
    Sadly, none of them survive,
    Evaporation disturbing rain cycle,
    Please reuse, reduce & recycle.

    Noise pollution singing melodies,
    Rising breeding tragedies,
    Overpopulation giving a threat,
    No resources available to fed.

    Hopes stormed, future shattered,
    Humanity is what murdered,
    Earth provide enough to satisfy,
    One’s need but not one’s greed.

    Climate change isn’t a hoax,
    Climate change isn’t a joke,
    To improve is to change; to
    Be perfect is to change often.

    - By Raj Kashyap…

    #Writersnetwork #climatechange #globalwarming #glaciers #saveorpay

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    Save or Pay !!!


  • kashyapraj3010 11w

    Women – An Inspiration!!!
    - By Raj Kashyap…

    W – Wonderful Wife
    O – Outstanding Friend
    M – Marvelous Daughter
    E – Adorable Sister
    N – Nurturing Mother

    A day without women,
    Is a blue sky without sun,
    A flower without scent,

    A rainbow without color.
    A world without the love,
    A body without its soul.

    Rice with red chili,
    is now our daily meal,
    & only tears to drink,
    Blisters as new friends.

    Our field as our graves,
    Dirt water flooding us,
    Stem borer as enemies,
    Killing tons of sugarcane.

    Debt tearing our pockets,
    Noose ready to cuddle us,
    Misfortune knocking doors,
    Only blood to irrigate crops.

    Soil erosion corroding
    My vision & dreams,
    Rain as our last hope,
    Education almost lost.

    Wish burying with seeds,
    Mind filling with greed,
    They in darkness grope,
    Find life hard to cope.

    A women is the full circle,
    Within her is the power,
    To create, Nurture and
    Mostly Transform things.

    Then appears a ray of hope,
    Learned a technique called,
    As rain water harvesting.

    Cane again waving in field,
    My life again making yield,
    Happiness as my new bestie,
    Healthy meal as my Jesty.

    If you will teach a man,
    You teach an individual,
    But if you teach a women,
    You will teach a family.

    - By Raj Kashyap…

    #Womensday #writersnetwork #womensday2022

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    Women - An Inspiration ✨


  • kashyapraj3010 12w

    माँ - एक अनोखा एहसास!!!
    - राज कश्यप

    माँ, मेरी खूबसूरत माँ
    क्यों सुन्ते ही मन
    को शांति मिली ना |

    घुटनों से रेंगते- रेंगते,
    फिर उंगली पकड़ कर,
    तुमने मुझे चलना सिखाया |

    काला टीका दूध मलाई,
    माँ तू तो ममता का फूल है,
    प्यार करना तेरा उसूल है |

    माँ, तेरी ममता की छाँव में,
    मैं आज भी खुद को सुरक्षित
    एवं सुकृत महसूस करता हूं |

    कोयल सी तेरी बोली,
    तेरे बिना हर चिज़ कोरी,
    माँ इस संसार में सबसे,
    मधुर है तेरी लोरी |

    तुम ही मेरी पहली मित्र हो,
    तुम ही मेरी पहली टीचर भी,
    और जब मैं रोया करता था,
    तुम ही मुझे चुप कराती थीं |

    जब मैं स्कूल में अव्वल आता था,
    तब तुम्हीं मुझे पुचकारती थीं,
    और मेरी हर शरारत पर,
    मेरा कान खींच कर मारती थीं |

    लफ्जों पे उसके कभी बद्दुआ
    नहीं होती, माँ एक तू ही तो है
    जो कभी ख़फ़ा नहीं होती |

    माँ एक तू ही तो है जो कभी,
    अपने काम से छुट्टी नहीं लेती,
    “तेरा मेरा” करते करते “हमारा”,
    कहना ये सीख सिखलाती है |

    खाना वो पहले हमें खिलाती,
    बाद में वह खुद है खाती,
    हमारी खुशी में खुश होती,
    हमारे दुःख में आंसू बहाती |

    अंधियारी रातों में अक्सर मुझको,
    थपकी देकर कभी मुझे सुलाती,
    हमारे जीवन की कल्पना हो तुम,
    ईश्वर की सबसे अच्छी रचना हो तुम |

    तेरी दुआओं से रोशन दुनिया मेरी,
    तेरे कदमों तले है जन्नत मेरी,
    मुझे इसके सिवा और क्या चाहिए,
    मेरी माँ मुझे बस तेरी दुआ चाहिए |

    आज भी मुझे वो दिन याद हैं,
    जब बुखार में मुझे देखकर,
    तू खाली पेट खूब रोया करती थी |

    जब नींद आती थी पढ़ते पढ़ते,
    तो माँ चाय बना दी करती थी,
    हे माँ तू कितनी भोली है रे,
    माँ को नाराज करना हे,
    पागल इंसान तेरी भूल है |

    माँ तुम हर किसी की जगह,
    ले सकती हो लेकिन शायद
    तुम्हारी जगह कोई नहीं ले सकता |

    - राज कश्यप

    #Writersnetwork #motherlylove #miraquill #mom #mother

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  • kashyapraj3010 12w

    Only the dead has,
    Seen the end of war.
    If we don’t end the war,
    The war will end us!!

    Hiding under de table,
    Eyes filled w/ saline water,
    My Dreams getting frost,
    Heart beats almost lost.

    Death raiding the valley,
    Sirens nearing de entire city,
    Faith lost from humanity,

    Then, flew a gust of blood,
    Similar to that of the rust,
    Greed ringing the heaven,
    Hopes lost in the filth dust.

    Fireworks liting up the sky,
    Many died quietly in de beds,
    War doesn’t determine who,
    Is right – only who is left.

    The hue is then painted red,
    Corpse ambling shoeless in hot,
    Sun, having only tears to gulf,
    & only raw gunpowder to eat.

    I can hear missiles whispering,
    Troops sauntering a cake walk,
    Jets singing melody of adversity,
    Eyes ready to witness a nightmare.

    Home, My home sweet home!!!
    Is no more sweeter, but dolefully a,
    Graveyard, in which cadavers &
    Memories of loved ones is buried.

    Birds, chirping without wings,
    Queens to live without kings,
    Pain surrounds the entire ring,
    War making the dead sing.

    Dreams killed, hopes blasted,
    My future getting orphaned,
    War can’t bring a long lasting,
    Peace, but a long lasting death.

    Adrenaline bursting nerves,
    Instead of loving people and,
    Using money, sadly human,
    Often love money & use people.

    Sound of bullets haunting me,
    The greatest thing de almighty,
    Life could gift you is, “life itself”!!!
    Sadly, de table too has left me,

    - By Raj Kashyap…

    #Russia #Ukraine #War #Writersnetwork #Saynotowar

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    Hopes Under Siege!!!


  • kashyapraj3010 14w

    Hey Diary!!!
    - By Raj Kashyap…

    We all have them,
    From a sweet memory,
    To some nightmares.

    But the best thing about,
    Secrets is that we have to hide,
    Them from ourselves too.

    From your secret tattoo,
    To the name of your crush,
    A diary knows everything!!

    I cried, I laughed with you,
    You filled my bestie’s shoe,
    I know that I’m an introvert,
    But don’t forget a human too.

    At times, I’m honest & knave,
    Please be with me in my grave,
    I confessed everything to you,
    You’re itself the cure and flu.

    You aren’t a bundle of page,
    But the key of my life cage,
    You isn’t a rant of my bad day,
    But a hero of this entire play.

    We used to go on coffee dates,
    A day, we became best of mates,
    I love the colorful soul of yours,
    I’m blessed by love you pour!!!

    Do you read my daily letters,
    In which I paint my feeling matter,
    The time I spent sleepless nights,
    When anxiety reached new heights.

    Remember when my fasting pulse.
    Sadly, failed to accelerate love.
    The day, when I find a trust bizarre,
    And got hit by an invisible scar.

    My love, passion, every emotion,
    You knew my scars & depression,
    Leaving my bitter past behind,
    We will move towards win line.

    I will return yet again next night,
    Surely with an interesting tale.
    Be loyal to who will open you,
    You reveal me, the chaos grew.

    Yours loving…
    - Raj Kashyap
    17 Feb

    #Writersnetwork #diary #feelings #emotions #diarymylove #miraquill #life

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    Hey Diary !!!


  • kashyapraj3010 14w

    A blind person is like an,
    Ocean of a raw vision,
    The deep you dive into it,
    The more you’ll discover.

    I loved the colors of Aurora,
    Almost an addict of skiing,
    Devour multi-color Candies,
    Black was my fav color.

    I loved to play cat’s cradle,
    Reading was my passion,
    & Painting was my fav part.

    Black clouds of misfortune,
    Roared louder, killing the nerve,
    Of my hopeless eyes by calamity.
    Glaucoma blindfolded me.

    I bumped into things often,
    Almost knocking myself down,
    Hurting me and all left alone,
    Frightened, frustrated & confused.

    Sitting with my hopes dulled,
    Heartbroken & watery eyes,
    All I can see is my dark future,
    But my life is not a checklist.

    Chirping birds is a sunup alarm,
    Rays of hope as a better dawn,
    Tiny flowers as my new bestie,
    Workout as my health zesty.

    Braille dots as a new teacher,
    Cooking as my new feature.
    I can still paint by my fancy,
    My will power as my fiancée.

    Fishing is now my new hobby,
    Going to shopping still sloppy,
    Dancing making my soul spun,
    Audio books are still a better fun.

    They bind me by a walking stick,
    As a soul making my motion slick,
    I wear glasses to look more dashing,
    Self-Confidence is my new wings.

    The keys of piano singing melodies,
    Soft music is my daily remedies,
    In a world full of 10 million colors,
    Merrily, Black is my favorite color.

    “There’s only one person in the,
    Entire world that can defeat
    You & that person are YOU!!!”

    - By Raj Kashyap…

    #Writersnetwork #blind #poetry #miraquill #novision

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    A World With No Colors!!!


  • kashyapraj3010 15w

    It all started with a text…
    - By Raj Kashyap

    The clouds wept when,
    My heart sang a song,
    Of sorrow.

    Sitting in a corner with,
    Hopes shattered, head down,
    Eyes filled with memories,
    Heart beat almost lost.

    My past suffused with dust,
    Dimples almost flew with a gust,
    Then a ray of love came, claiming
    That there is someone for everyone.

    My inbox which is almost,
    Dead, now gets its soul back.
    Dust of my past began to dazzle,
    My dreams forming a fairy castle.

    Butterflies again start boeing,
    My time ahead seems glowing,
    Hey! printed with a deep jest,
    It all started with a random text.

    Moon light became more bluish,
    The candle wax liquefy slowly,
    Night sky aglow with bright city
    Lights, a perfect scene of serene.

    Sometimes a random message,
    Is the best thing could ever
    Happen to you, signifying that,
    One still cares for you!!!!

    I sense emotions matching,
    Oxytocin flooding my soul,
    Butterflies in my stomach,
    Love making my brain lit up!!

    I can hear the clock’s ticking,
    The blanket getting extra cozy,
    Termites gnawing my room’s door,
    And the chat getting too rosy.

    Dark circles splurge our eyes,
    Mobile battery almost gonna die,
    Love emoji surrounds entire heaven,
    We both have a long lasting fun.

    Those rough scars of my face,
    And that extra fat on my belly,
    Suddenly, stopped tormenting me,
    B/c, it’s now the emotions that matter.

    Now arrives a heat warming dawn,
    Cuckoo singing melodies of love,
    Intuitions making me blushed again,
    I think that I’m in love again.

    - By Raj Kashyap…

    #Promiseday #Valentineday #writersnetwork #11feb
    #Love #Truelove

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    It All Started With A Text !!!