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  • keatsazla 4w

    The Lovers.

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    The Lovers
    by Keats Azla

    I watch the sunrise
    and the sunset, whenever
    I think of you; the moment
    I opened my eyes and when it closes.

    The way my heart quickens
    and breaks, out of the blue,
    I know, for sure, it was you.
    Manifold of unanswered questions

    Pervaded our blurry, poignant
    passionate love, if only our mirroring
    hearts replace our stone-cold egos,
    maybe, this time, it would've been different.

    I am merely surrendering
    to whomever, someone divine,
    orchestrating our hindrance-prone,
    much sought after, long-awaited reunion

    We, our higher selves,
    both have been yearning,
    in every lifetimes we shared,
    only divine timing would tell.


  • keatsazla 4w

    The Art Of Letting Go.

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    The Art of Letting Go

    by Keats Azla

    There was a girl
    young and jovial,
    she wears a white dress
    with mini daisies on it

    A wounded little bird
    caught her attention,
    she takes it and
    bring it to her home

    She tries to heal it on her own,
    since her parents isnt always around,
    but what does she know?
    she's just a young girl

    One night, she sees
    the little bird looking through
    a window, its eyes glistening,
    longing for freedom

    It deeply breaks her heart,
    'How did I become so selfish?' she thinks,
    and so she let the little bird go,
    a part of her died.


  • keatsazla 5w

    Planting Seeds
    by Keats Azla

    A nostalgic, crisp air
    filled my nose,
    as I breathe in the new,
    lustrous, dawning day of autumn.

    Letters, scribbles,
    scattered no more;
    my head also; my hand, nursing
    a mug of chamomile tea,

    Instead of my fountain pen
    and its ubiquitous reeling,
    unsettling thoughts,
    that empowers it.

    I took a pleasant sip
    of my warm beverage in my grasp,
    It pleasingly calms and washes
    all those long, overdue,

    Residues of my past,
    which left a bitter, stubborn
    taste in my mouth.
    Alas, my luck in love

    Isn't as fruitful as
    my grandma's apple tree,
    perhaps, I should plant my own
    and water it, devotedly.


  • keatsazla 5w

    Olive Branch.

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    Olive Branch
    by Keats Azla

    Would you extend yours?
    if there are no longer leaves
    on the tree if it is already
    daubed with snow

    Would you extend yours?
    if the branches are already
    weak and brittle, close to withering
    an inch away of snapping

    Would you extend yours?
    to someone in need, or
    to someone who really needs it
    who is, you.


  • keatsazla 14w

    by Keats Azla

    A verdant spring approaches,
    teeming with life and opportunities
    within reach,
    A girl named daisy, emerges

    Full of energy and hope, as she
    tends to her own succulent garden,
    brimming with life and greenery,
    The sun and the wind admire the very view.

    A blooming throng of daisies
    craftedly adorns the bed of greens,
    a beautiful sight indeed just, like her.
    as she hums sweetly,

    A familiar chirping sound
    surprises her, genuine happiness
    fills her heart, as the once-wounded
    little bird comes back.

    cont. of 'the art of letting go'


  • keatsazla 15w

    Wrong Timing

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    Wrong Timing
    by Keats Azla

    Hopelessly praying for
    something or someone,
    to make their lives better, but
    when it’s already in front of them

    They get overwhelmed, triggered
    by the things that has remained unhealed
    about themselves, so they take
    what they pray for, for granted


  • keatsazla 16w

    Star-less Sky No More

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    Star-less Sky No More

    by Keats Azla

    I sat here, looking at the star-less sky,
    called my life.
    With its never ending chagrin,
    which has become too familiar

    For me to get out of. I thought
    I finally saw my first shooting star,
    I guess, I am imagining things again,
    Unknowingly, breaking my heart once more

    I might be idle at the moment,
    from all that waiting and chasing
    which has left me with nothing,
    but once things for sure

    I will reach for my own star,
    instead of waiting
    for that shooting star,
    that has kept my hopes up.


  • keatsazla 18w

    An Echo and A Bass

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    An Echo And A Bass

    by Keats Azla

    An echo escaped
    from a hollow space,
    it gradually vanishes,
    you forgot it was there

    I'm like an echo and
    a bass, the electric bass kind,
    the invisible instrument, that
    fades in the background

    Who would notice me?
    a kind of sound, that is
    fleeting and forgettable.
    Out of all the finest tunes

    Who would choose me?
    as their cup of tea, when
    I'm no longer in my element,
    once, my tune is off-key.

    Amidst all these beautiful,
    rich cacophonies of sounds,
    there is my sound, it isn't as loud,
    only the right people will hear.


  • keatsazla 20w

    From Anxious to Fearless

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    From Anxious To Fearless

    by Keats Azla

    Waking up several hours earlier,
    before going to the outside world,
    to gather up courage or
    ponder for a reason not to go

    Overthinking, racing thoughts
    has left me upset and
    ponderous, I could feel
    my spirits evanescing

    Done and worn-out,
    not with people but
    with myself, I felt the sudden
    urge to sort my life out

    I did some changes and failed,
    lesson learned-- that it all starts
    with myself, changing how I think
    and the rest will follow

    Just like, when I started
    facing my shadow, founding
    out it was all an illusion
    to keep me stuck

    I un-stuck myself by
    loving the real me, the good
    and the bad, the great
    and the weird.


  • keatsazla 21w

    I'm like a puzzle...they haven't figure me out, even myself.