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    Not even sky is the limit


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    Not Even Sky is the Limit

    In this article I would like to share a story which I have read somewhere, the story of our inner fears, our insecurities, our dreams etc. There is so much motivation around us .. we just need to learn from them. Some of you must be thinking that you don’t need motivation as you are not feeling low, but this is not about ur lows or highs, it’s about the constants in your life that keep you going.
    A group of people were travelling with their camels and they had to stop at some place as it was getting darker now. Soon they found some tents and decided to take halt there till next morning. The man started tying the camels with ropes and realised that he is short of one rope to tie the last camel. The exhausted man looked here and there for some rope but couldn’t find one.

    Then he went to a nearby saint, who was watching his struggle and asked for help. The saint smiled at him and said just go near the last camel and pretend of tying the rope to the camel just like you did to other camels. The man got bewildered and asked but there is no rope and that’s the main problem. The saint replied “You know that there is no rope but the camel doesn’t know this. Just act of tying it with an imaginary rope.” The man with no other option went near the camel and did exactly the same. To his surprise the camel sat down like the other camels. The next morning, they were all ready to leave, he untied all the camels and they all stood up but the last camel didn’t stand. He rushed to the saint and asked what had he done to his camel as it’s not moving now. The saint politely asked the man, “Have you untied the camel from the rope that you tied yesterday?” The man got confused again and looked the saint and said that there is no such rope. The saint said “Dear, you know this and I know this that there is no such rope but the camel doesn’t know this. The camel still believes that it is tied up with the rope. You need to free it up first.” The unconvinced man came back to the camel and acted of untying it from the imaginary rope and to his surprise the camel stood up immediately.

    So just like the camel, we are all surrounded by some or the other imaginary fears, uncertainties, which act as ropes and tries to hold us back from achieving the success that we dream of. We all need to break those shackles which restrict us from attaining new heights.

    This story had a great impact on me as a person. It helped me gain confidence and the inner strength to keep myself going in every difficult phase of my life. Whenever I’m unsure, I introspect that whether or not there exist any imaginary rope that I can free myself from.

    Hope this helps you also to get motivated and instils some self-confidence in you too. Just remember if you are sure of yourself then not even sky is the limit.

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    Some of us have the right approach to come out from the saddening or depressing phase before its too late but still some get stuck there for long. And it’s all so normal that this happens with everyone. Though some people are good at presenting the best parts of their lives so well (especially on social media) that they conceal the worst part from others, in some cases from themselves as well. This makes us all wonder that the other person is so happy and joyous with the kind of life he has, which is not true, always.

    As a child, I’d always wished to have a super-power to swiftly swap my life with someone who is laughing all the time with just a snap of a finger (one of those silly thoughts of child). But with time, I’ve realised that good and bad are just the phases of life. Swapping my life won’t solve the purpose.

    The downs of our lives are only there to make us stronger and more confident than what we were before. We can complain that roses have thorns or rejoice that thorns have roses, choice is completely ours. As far as my experiences are concerned, I have seen that these choices that we take, the viewpoint that we have, the constant thoughts that keep on going in our minds, somehow defines us as a person. Our personality is variable, its based on the thoughts we have in our mind all the time. So, its very important to take charge of those thoughts well in advance. Our minds are so powerful and subconsciously we all are stronger than what we expect from ourselves.

    The only important step is to train your subconscious mind by constantly feeding positive and motivating information. If you are able to do that in your gleeful time then in your downhearted time the subconscious mind will take the charge of your conscious mind and won’t let you fail anyway. Trust me, sometimes redirection of thoughts is the only aspect needed.

    The levels of stress are changing from one generation to another, so does the levels of mental abilities. Our minds work the best when we aren’t stressed. Staying positive and calm can help our mind to grow. The state of our mind can only help in defining our journey because in the end we have to reach the destination no matter how difficult the path had been. The size of our success is measured by strength of our desire , size of our dream and how we handle the disappointment along the way.

    If these points make any sense to you then you should start working on it and soon you will be ready to download a new version of yourself. And the inextinguishable spark within you will help you in the transformation.⁂⁂

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    Inextinguishable Spark

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