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  • kefi_kat 10h

    Guardian Moonlight

    A lighthouse in the night sky
    Lays a gloaming trail to wander & ponder
    When I'm lost under the starry celestial
    In search of a deeper meaning
    To find my own light.

  • kefi_kat 11h

    ~ Ethereal Beauty ~

    An ethereal beauty
    Waltzed with her swan-like grace
    Under the effulgent snow-white moonlight
    In the theatre of venetus celestial midnight
    To the rhythm of the mellifluous silver waves
    She painted the empyrean with her balletic poise
    Shimmering stars gleamed in awe to her quixotic sight
    As they watched her twirl & leap in duende delight
    Effloresce chimerically into an ethereal belle rosé,
    An amaranthine aralinn of life.

    > Ethereal - Delicate, not of this world
    > Effulgent - shining radiantly/brilliantly
    > Venetus - Deep blue sea color
    > Mellifluous- sweet musical/smoothly flowing like honey
    > Empyrean- pertaining to the sky
    > Quixotic-extravagantly chivalrous/romantic
    > Duende-Mysterious power of art to deeply move one's heart/breathtaking
    > Effloresce- burst into bloom/blossom
    > Chimerical- fanciful/unrealistic
    > Amaranthine - eternally beautiful/everlasting
    > Aralinn - beautiful breath of life

    #nightlight #wod #pod #miraquill #writersnetwork #ceesreposts #readwriteunite

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    Ethereal Beauty


  • kefi_kat 1d

    ~ Life of a Child ~
    Meaning :
    Madeleine- somethings that triggers memories or nostalgia.

    [whipped up my thoughts after reading all the lovely posts of the prompt today :) ]

    Thank you for the like @writersnetwork❣️✨
    #child #wod #pod #miraquill #writersnetwork

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    Life of a Child

    Being a child
    Is about living in
    An Imaginary wonderland
    A playground of cheers
    Full of dreams
    Made up stories
    Acting scenarios
    And coloring canvases of true feelings
    True artist of life
    A madeleine ecstasy to all of us.

  • kefi_kat 1d

    ~Enchanted Ecstasy~

    Glittering Garden scintillates on an empyrean night
    Moonlight halo enkindles the mystical serene sanctuary
    Diamond raindrops sings on gloaming silver streams
    Quiet irenic canopies of luscious woodland willows
    Bristling silken meadow of soulful euphoric inscape
    Golden fireflies vivify petals of whithered wishes
    An elysian cwtch of enchanted ecstasy eudomania
    > Scintillate- sparkle like stars
    >Empyrean-pertaining to sky/celestial
    >Enkindles- gleams
    >Gloaming- twilight/dusk
    >Irenic- promote peace/reconciliation
    >Inscape- unique essence/nature of a person/place
    >Vivify - give strength, vitality
    >Elysian- creative/inspired
    >Cwtch-hug that feels like safe haven
    >Eudomania- Contentment

    [random attempt on kwansaba; I don't know why I always struggle with poetry structures ����‍♀️]

    #kwansaba #wod #pod #miraquill #writersnetwork #ceesreposts #readwriteunite

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    Enchanted Ecstasy

  • kefi_kat 3d

    ~Whispers of my shadow~

    Meet me at midnight
    In the forest of my daunting dreams
    Ferly brus of wind inumbrates from within
    As I divigate towards the depths of
    Sable brumous willows
    My frail heart alews
    Into the deep silent hollows
    My aching soul phases to nullity
    Wrapped around the
    Whispers of my shadow.
    Ferly- strange/terror
    Brus- noise/sound of the wind/stream
    Inumbrate - casting shadow
    Divigate- stray/wander about
    Brumous- wintery, foggy, sunless
    Alew - cry in despair
    Phase - scatter/disperse
    Nullity - nonexistence/numbness

    {Shadows are the mirror of our soul}

    #mirror #wod #pod #miraquill #writersnetwork #ceesreposts #readwriteunite

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    Whispers of my shadow

    {Shadows are the mirror of our soul}

  • kefi_kat 4d

    ~Strange Dreams~
    > Selcouth-strange yet marvellous
    > Sillage- a trail of scent in the air
    > Chimerical- fanciful
    > Scintillating- twinkle/sparkle as the stars

    #strange #wod #pod #miraquill #writersnetwork #ceesreposts

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    Strange Dreams

    A soul's journey through a selcouth sillage
    of chimerical scintillating abstract lucid realms.

  • kefi_kat 5d

    > Saudade- nostalgic longing to be near again to some -one/-thing that is distant
    > Obdurate- tender feelings
    > Hiraeth- homesickness for a home to which one can't return to
    > Stravage - wander aimlessly
    > Selcouth - strange yet marvellous
    > Sillage - trail of scent that lingers in the air

    #nostalgia #wod #pod #miraquill #writersnetwork

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    How do I describe this late night saudade?
    Prickled by fragments of nostalgic obdurate
    Twinge of hiraeth in the void of apatheia
    Wistful yearning to stravage into the abyss of romanticized sepia
    Bittersweet essence of selcouth sillage
    Whispered wishes to relive the unredeemable realms of memories
    A misty daze of eternal autumn melancholy .

  • kefi_kat 1w

    One Liner: Poetry is...
    Shoshin - the practice of seeing life with wonder
    #wod #pod #miraquill #writersnetwork

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    is a

  • kefi_kat 1w

    ~A Euphoric Aubade~

    A euphoric aubade
    On a white summer dreamy haze
    Frolic spirit floats on cloud nine
    A sip of love & soft sunshine
    Brews oenomel warmth in the spring of life
    Dandelion fluff & butterflies
    Dance away with the merry wind
    Reminiscent rustles of little moments pass by
    As fuzz of emotions tickles
    Contentment & tranquility from within.
    - Aubade - a song sung at dawn
    - Frolic - cheerful/enthusiastic/mischievous
    - Oenomel - something combining strength with sweetness

    #joy #wod #pod #miraquill #writersnetwork

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    A Euphoric Aubade


  • kefi_kat 1w


    A voyage
    To meet yourself
    At the edge of the horizon
    & become one with nature.