simple girl recently discovering her poetic side

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  • kehansa 33w

    Right in the moment.....

    The moment I sank in to the river of torment
    Started to feel the darkness devour my insides
    Grasping for breath
    Looking for the lady in red

    Oh this cat and mouse game
    I am tired of chasing
    Chasing my own thoughts
    Trying to keep up with my own pace

    It's fast and fast
    I am trying to survive
    They say it's the most safest
    At the “eye” of the storm
    Where is this damn eye

    You were supposed to hold my hand
    All through this
    You were supposed to be here
    Now I am standing amidst a storm

  • kehansa 33w

    How crazy is life....

    How crazy is life
    That the person who got close to you from nowhere
    becomes this inevitable part of your life
    That sleeping without hearing that voice
    Makes your heart fall in to the ground
    And making eyes wide open
    Longing to see that face and dying to hear that voice

    How crazy is life
    That when you realize that you can love a complete stranger out of nowhere more than anything that you have ever loved before
    And that stranger becomes a part of the crazy ride you are on
    That you are no longer scared to tell that you are in love
    Because in the deep valleys of heart you know,
    What you both have is for a long long time and there is no possible ending any sooner
    You will spend years together.....

    How strange life is
    How strange is love
    Knows no bounds
    Limitless efforts with zero expectations
    This cave you are in has all you need....

  • kehansa 35w

    The verge of the damned soul

    Pieces of my heart
    Shattered in vast
    Heavy my soul
    Refusing it's mold

    Sensless thoughts
    Rushing my mind
    Looking to devour
    The flavours of night

    Legs are hurting
    From all the running behind
    Damn the already damned soul
    So it would crush and will fall in to a hole

    Verge of ending
    The allmigty supposed to help
    Looks like he or she is busy with other
    While my soul is cornered
    Waiting for the vigilinate
    Oh will him be my night in shining armour
    Why am I so stupid to find love in a crisis
    Got to stop looking for better
    It's making me hard to breathe
    Suffocate my existence....

  • kehansa 36w

    I am not used to getting half of life
    I want you and whole you to be in love with me
    I want all of you to be present with me
    That's my only demand in love
    All of you or none of you......

  • kehansa 36w

    Been some time

    Been some time since I lifted the pen up
    Been some time since I looked into my self
    Been some time I got in touch with myself
    Been some time I was able to have a say in my life

    Have I been stupid? .... Yes
    Have I been sensless?... Yes
    Have I been too attached?... Yes
    Have I been in love?..... Yes
    Have I been lied to?.... Yes

    I was drifted away by the wind
    To an island of nowhere
    Stranded alone
    Left alone in a cocoon

    Yet slowly getting up
    To be back on my feet.....


  • kehansa 36w

    I’d follow you out of the dark
    I tried it my way
    But I keep falling apart
    I’ll follow you
    with all of my heart

  • kehansa 40w

    ටිකෙන් ටික
    බිදෙන් බිද
    අපි ආවද මේ තරම්

  • kehansa 40w

    Dear su

    Today we celebrate 60days of being together....
    That is 1440 hours spending together ❤️
    Having said that... I just wanna say I am thankful for every second I spend with you....
    Every minute you I feel like I am spending my whole life with you....
    Every day these two months have been nothing but happy and blessed.... Any girl will be lucky to have you in their lives... Thank you for choosing me.... I know I am not perfect I am far from being perfect... Far from being amazing but you make me feel like it everyday.... That's what I love about you.... You don't try to change me.... You don't try to make me something I am not... Which is why I fall in love with you everyday...
    Best thing about my day is you and all I want to do is end my day looking at you....

    You taught me what love is and how someone can love you and how someone can love another person.
    There are times that I am scared....i am shit scared of loosing you.... That's why I am worried about you getting sick because at this point I can't imagine a life with out you
    My favourite person.....
    You know there are things that I can say that I like about you
    And there are all those intangible/untouchable feelings....
    The flowery feeling I get everytime I see you
    The feeling of longing to see you after a long day
    I that waiting for you to come home and text me...
    Even missing you
    I cherish them with all my heart...
    Love used to scare me. Commitment used to scare me. And when I think about it now I think it still does to a point. But when I think about you and when I know that no matter what I can count on you to hold my hand and guide me that scary uncertainty goes away....

    Future is uncertain.... If everything works out we may have rest of our lives together... We may have lots of fights to fight... Face many challenges. Face many hurdles. But that's what will make our relationship stronger.....

    I know I am emotional sometimes
    Stupid too maybe.... I may talk nonsense. I may bore you to death... I may be too much to handle. I may not be able to give everything you expect. And I am sorry for that. But I can promise you one thing baby..... At this stage, no girl in this world would love you the way I do. I will promise to continue.

    Happy two months baby
    Here's to many more months and years.❤️

    Always with buckets of love

  • kehansa 44w

    හිනයට මග බලන්

    ආදරය කියන දේට ලොකු පලපුරුද්දක් තාමත් නැ මට.....
    හිත නැවතිලා තියෙනවා තැනක එ උනාට
    ලොකේම දැනගන්න ආසයි එ ගැන
    එ උනාට මන් හරි සතුටින් ලොකෙන්ම එක හංගගේන...
    ජිවිතෙ අලුත් පිටුවක් හරි ලස්සනට කියවන්න පටන් අරන් මම
    මුලු හිතම හරි හදිස්සියෙන්
    අලුත් පරිච්ඡේදය කියවන්න තදියමෙන්
    හිත ඉල්ලන්නෙම අර හීනය හැබැවටම
    මෙ වචන අස්සෙ මම මගබලන්

  • kehansa 44w

    One month ago my life took a 360 turn
    I couldn't decide was it for the better or for the worse
    But I knew that “this” this never can be bad
    A random Wednesday could bring this much happiness
    One month ago all I knew was how to be happy for myself
    This taught me how to be happy for someone else
    How to be there for someone
    How to protect someone
    People told me not to go through with it
    So many stories so many accusations
    So many liesss
    So many things not to do or say or even think
    But it is always a risk isn't it
    It comes down to the fact that is your heart ready to take it
    And I am happy I took it one month ago