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  • kenosis 54w

    It is raining outside.
    I have her letters in my hand.

    ' we don't talk anymore' played on my phone.
    It is among some songs that always dread to listen to, I cannot ever skip, and can't even remove from the list.

    He picture fell from from the cards I made on her birthday.
    Her smile reminded me of the days we spent and I stopped, to pen down the numbness I carried.

    And here it, as she met me her and now she is no more here ( or with me), I came to Mirakee, scribbling some raw emotions.
    Just to keep this part of me, part of 'us' alive up here.


    Mr Kenny Christian.



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    I healed the scars you left me with.
    Never numbed the pain, neither hid any tears.
    Slowly, unknowingly, I healed myself.

    I healed the heart you left wrecked.
    Not in someone else's empty arms,
    or with any unreal temporary fixes.

    I chose the hard way.
    I left myself hanging on the fine line separating serenity and insanity.

    I plucked you out of my skin,
    one piece at a time.

    With every piece removed,
    I bled out the memories you left buried beneath my skin.

    My eyes cried each night,
    shedding away your image.
    I no longer know your face.

    Your voice kept echoing for long.
    And then your sound was stymied by my own screeches.
    But now, my ears have learnt to play deaf to all of them.

    It got easier with time,
    You said while leaving.
    And yes may be it is true.

    You never knew the amount of strength it took,
    for me to just look ahead of the dead memories piled up in front my eyes.

    And it is okay I guess,
    soon I will bury the dead,
    so that I could live, waiting for them to resurrect again.
    Starting the cycle for me, again.


  • kenosis 54w

    I searched for the reasons,
    Reasons of you being like this.
    And I found none, but some unanswered questions and many dreadful explanations.

    Happy Father's Day ( to the father who never was there for his son)

    Mr Kenny Christian


    #fathersday #kencyon #mentalhealth #proudofmypain

    @writersnetwork @mirakee

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    Father's Day

    May 2016. After almost 10 years, I was in front of him.
    Last time I saw him was at my mother's funeral in 2005.
    With numerous unanswered questions in mind I stood there,
    still and numb.
    In amusement he murmured,
    " Boy, who are you? what is your name?"

    Right then and there, something died within me,
    but I could not figure out what.
    " It is Kenny, your son.", I said and left.

    Later I realised, it was the death of the son who was forgotten
    by his own father 

    I really wish this wasn't true. Happy Father's Day.


  • kenosis 54w

    Time ��

    #kencyon #mentalhealth

    Your gesture is much appreciated @writersnetwork
    I am always grateful to be a part of this community. ♥️��

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  • kenosis 57w

    Isn't it ironic?
    During the our worst time, we find the best of us.

    Hope you never lose hope in yourself.

    Peace ✌️

    Kenny Christian

    #randomrants #kencyon
    @writersnetwork @mirakee

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  • kenosis 59w

    Memento Mori.
    ( remember you must die.)

    The fact that every mortal has unknown fear of death, of fate.
    The mere knowledge of our nothingness makes the present worth cherishing.

    Death is destined, and still dreaded the most.
    It must be accepted as closure, an end to our story.
    Immortality might make life implacable.


    #stoicism #kencyon #randomrants
    @writersnetwork @mirakee

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  • kenosis 59w

    We blame.
    We blame the government, the leaders, and all the people responsible for medical system's collapse.

    But, most of us don't act.

    Out of fear, out of distress,
    we have shelled ourselves.
    We don't want to get our hands dirty.

    We might catch the virus.
    But we might save a soul.
    Not only from death,
    but from losing his/her belief in humanity.

    Let's try to help at least one person in these hard times.
    Don't hold back.

    Yes, the system has fallen,
    leaders have led us astray,
    Don't let the humanity fail too.


    Cheers guys.
    Hope you're all good and gay.

    This is what I saw and felt while being a medical personal.
    That people ain't stepping up to help.
    Don't get me wrong some do.
    But most do.

    This is the time the generations will remember.
    Make sure you leave your mark with some compassion.
    Remember no help is small.

    If anyone is Covid positive,
    Drive them to the hospital.
    Feed them good food.
    Buy groceries or meds for them.
    May be help with their kids or pets.
    Provide them books, movies.
    May be hold them up mentally and don't let them break.

    Do small things, do what you can.
    Don't be afraid, just be careful.

    Mr Kenny Christian.

    #covid19 #opinion #medico #writersofinstagram #kencyon

    @writersnetwork @mirakee

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  • kenosis 59w

    Don't beat yourself down,
    with the pressure of the world around.
    You gotta keep up the fight.
    You'll find your dawn at the end of this night.


    Mr Kenny Christian.

    #motivation #kencyon #randomrants

    @writersnetwork @mirakee

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  • kenosis 60w


    During this Mental Health Awareness Month.
    I will try to put my heart out up here.

    The Covid-19 had hit me thrice.
    And till now in total, I was quarantined for 63 days.
    With recent break up and severe anxiety attacks,
    with some much uncertainty,
    I've felt things I cannot spell
    ( but that's exactly I'm trying to do).

    Anyways, the gloom is far gone,
    and here I'm trying to pull myself out of the abyss.

    There's more to come.

    Just in case someone feel the same.
    Don't hesitate to share your thoughts with me.
    I'll be all ears.
    DM on @_kenosis_

    #mentalhealth #breakthestigma #kencyon #randomrants

    @writersnetwork @mirakee

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  • kenosis 60w

    Hi, guys.
    Trying to get myself back together.
    After losing the love of my life, this place seemed like a hell for me, but as she is no more here (at least that's what I know).
    I hope I can just get back and continue my poetic journey.

    After having everything changed here on mirakee, it seems kinda odd.
    Though I appreciate all the change.
    As we all know, change is the only constant.

    #randomrants #kencyon (gonna keep the hashtag alive)

    @writersnetwork Thank you for the warm welcome and the repost.

    Planning to stay this time. And put my heart back where it belonged. ♥️

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    I searched for the reason,
    for you, to left me stranded and undone.

    In every moment we passed together,
    in each words you wrote for me,
    and in every picture of us I see.

    In all the tears we cried,
    and those silly jokes we shared.

    In every late night Netflix show,
    and all the orders placed to and fro on zomato.

    In each kilometer of the distance between us.
    In your dreams, my ambitions.

    In my faith in God.
    And your belief in science.

    In my hopeless future plans
    And your love for the family.

    In your insecurities.
    and all my nightmares.

    I searched for the reason,
    for you to left me stranded and undone.
    and I found nothing but love.

    How cliché it sounds that,
    The love was our beginning and the same love ended our story.


  • kenosis 60w


    I have ran for all this time.
    From the past, towards the future.
    Living life between the strides.
    Trying to catch every fleeting moment.
    And I failed.
    Realising that the life is all about letting go of past,
    without any expectation from the future.