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  • kensieluvscoffee 32w

    Home To Me.

    Your name itself means home,
    home a place of belonging, and
    where one can be at ease alone.
    Home a place of refuge, as
    if I wandered and wandered lost
    before only to be found in your
    embrace of indulge.

    There's no other place I'd
    rather be, than in the home
    of what you've become
    to me.

  • kensieluvscoffee 32w

    Your Name Itself.

    Your name itself is like a song,
    it has lyrics of meanings, and
    is itself a home where I belong.
    In your eyes it's like I can do no

    I've seen many things,
    but still the look in your
    eyes makes me want to sing:
    a sound to signify all the joy
    you bring.

  • kensieluvscoffee 32w


    You may not be able to be the first
    of something, but that doesn't mean
    you'll won't be able to be the last
    in anything.

  • kensieluvscoffee 32w

    Flowery land.

    I murmur ever so slight,
    as I stand in a meadow filled
    with flowers, and the moon
    shone bright.

    So alone in a field of roses,
    I wonder and wonder on who
    these thoughts impulses.

    My feelings ever so bland,
    so alone yet so troubled
    in a flowery land. My thoughts
    weren't grand.

  • kensieluvscoffee 32w

    I Arise.

    As the Phoenix rises again,
    from the lowered pits of fury,
    and trails of error it then begins.

    It longs to defend those that
    use to depend on it till the end,
    because it rises with a cause
    it has to mend.

  • kensieluvscoffee 32w

    Burned for You.

    I sacrifice myself for you, as if I were a lit candle there only for your warmth, and slowly melted before your very eyes.

    I have in and in to you as if you were an absolute sin. The exterior of mine melted and melted away as if I were made to selflessly provide whatever it is you need. I fulfilled your absolute greed.

    While I gave all I could provide, in return I was given nothing but snide. The last thing I remembered was the look in your eyes, as I melted into my demise and your pleasure you didn't try to hide .

    Turned into wax as if I wasn't on your side.

  • kensieluvscoffee 32w

    The most beautiful words I ever heard in my life, I swear this piece makes me rethink what love is and is of my most favorite works of all time.

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    Cyrano words.

  • kensieluvscoffee 32w

    H. A. E

    My love for you stemmed from grounds so lowly, as if I were a tree with my emotions tied to my roots and very surely those feelings grew slowly.

    I stood firmly in the land as a tree would against the wills of you, as if your charms were breeze pushing against the twigs that were resistance of mine, and yet still with time I succumbed as if I didn't have a clue.

    My feelings for you grew, as if they were my emotions tied onto deep roots and going on for many days. As if I were a tree with my branches stretched toward the sky that's blue, my branches longing and longing for whatever was to come from feelings so new.

    It was then and only then that I knew as a tree's life spans forever more and more that so will my love for you.

    My devotion for you will be intact, so even as time moves on and whether we stay or go our own ways I make a pact: These rooted emotions of mine shall be within my stems till the ends of time, and through better or worse I swear if it comes to to saving your life if it ever were on the line... That I'd give away my own life that I once considered only mine.


  • kensieluvscoffee 95w

    Try Me.

    Not willing to be treated like a free
    trial, because I don't live freely.
    I'm a commitment that comes
    with a risk, but what I guarantee is
    I don't go about life in brisk.

    I'm a limited edition that I am sure,
    because none has somebody in the
    likes of me in case you must be

  • kensieluvscoffee 95w

    Savin' Lives.

    So, now we've reached the age
    where selflessness is now
    considered staying
    indoors. What a time to
    be alive.

    Now it'll be pointless for people
    to tell a gamer that they've have
    done nothing but stayed inside,
    because after all they did
    help save lives.