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  • khan_tanzeela 28w

    Ta'luk : Relationship, dafn: to bury, wafaat-e-ishq: death of Love, Ashq: Tears, Kafan: Shroud.

    #shayiri #urdupoetry #shair @miraquill @writersnetwork

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    Tum ne kaha tha mujh se ta'luk nahi rakhna,
    Hum ne to teri yaadon ko b dafn kar lia.

    Ek aansu na girra wafaat-e-ishq pe apni,
    Ashqon ko maine dil ka apne kafan kr lia.


    You asked me not to keep any link with you,
    So, I even buried your memories.

    At the death ceremony of our love,I didn't even let a single tear to escape,
    I created a shroud for my heart using those tears.

  • khan_tanzeela 28w

    I am..


    I am the midnight of forgotten memories,
    I am the neglected painting that no one sees.
    I am the flower that forgot to bloom,
    I am the joy, surrounded with the Gloom.
    I am the journey, with no landing place,
    I am an impression that is easy to efface.

  • khan_tanzeela 28w

    Just a 3 a.m. thought


    I am so done with the conflict between my Mind and Heart.

    My heart says, it is right time to find a life partner and get settled in life. My mind answers, no I don't need someone to get settled in life, I can do it alone.

    Again my heart says, I need someone to protect me unconditionally because I will be his to protect. My mind replies, No one in this world does anything for free or unconditionally. Everything comes with a price and I have already gone through hell and no one was there for me. No one cared to save me from hell not even the people I sacrificed my life for.

    Then the heart says I should not live in my past and let go things that happened in the past. I should move on in life. I should welcome someone who could share my pain and lower my burden.
    To this my mind replies that past is the lesson for me and I have trusted many people in the past and what was the outcome? Am I really ready trust someone again? The answer is NO. I am not ready to trust people and I don't think I will ever trust anyone except myself and my Creator.

    Well, in order to put an end to this battle, I left everything in the hands of Allah (God), coz I really don't know what I should do and I have Tawakkul (belief) that He will do whatever is best for me.

  • khan_tanzeela 29w


    She stood silently
    Sinking'n striking sight.
    She started singing.
    Staining sick silence,
    Subsuming sorrows,
    Swallowing sad screams,
    Solidifying shattered self,
    She shared sweet struggling smiles.

  • khan_tanzeela 38w

    I will not give up


    All I see is darkness,
    All I feel is Pain.
    My life is but winter,
    Surrounded by the fog.

    There is no warmth of the sun,
    And no one to protect me.
    I'm aimlessly sailing,
    Looking for a port of call.

    Yet I'm not ready to give up,
    And I'm not ready to fail.
    I know I'll get through this,
    So, I will fight till the end.

  • khan_tanzeela 42w



    I'm but a dying ship, sailing in an unsettled Ocean of my ambivalent emotions, trying to reach the shore...

  • khan_tanzeela 43w

    "New Me"


    You left me forlorn,
    And my heat torn.
    My body seems battered,
    For my soul was shattered.
    Left at the back of beyond,
    I felt like I was Pawned.
    You exposed me to the endless pain,
    My life was but a tangled skein.
    I pulled myself amain from the hurt,
    Wiped my tears and dust off the dirt.
    My Soul utterly imbued with you,
    Yet, somehow I managed to live.

  • khan_tanzeela 45w

    Chinar: a tree. It is an integral part of Kashmiri Culture.
    #introduction #wod
    @writersnetwork @miraquill
    Thank-you for the like and repost @writersnetwork
    Thank-you for #EC. This really made my day♥️♥️♥️..

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    Who am I?


    Who am I?
    a broken glass, smashed to smithereens.
    a withered flower, lost its grace.
    an autumn leaf, shed from a Chinar.
    a bird that has lost its wings.
    a child who believes in fairy tales.
    a kind heart that forgives more often.
    a stupid who easily believe others.
    a dreamer whose dreams are shattered.
    a night, waiting for the dawn.

  • khan_tanzeela 45w

    Swathed: wrapped in several layers of fabric.
    Glossophobia: fear of public speaking
    Dermatobia: a genus of botflies ( parasite) that lay eggs in human skin and could be harmful
    @miraquill @writersnetwork

    Here I am again with another poem. This is not just a poem for me, this is a piece of me that I wanted to share here.

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    Glossophobic Me...

    My soul is swathed in rejection
    That pertains to my dejection.
    No matter how hard I tried to fit in,
    People avoided me like a grave sin.
    I've been rejected for my features, colour and weight,
    I've been told, I am as ugly as a slate
    They rejected me for the things beyond my control,
    I was just a disappointment for them in the whole.
    Nobody cared for my fragile heart
    They overlooked the skills that I've got.
    They were just focussed to point out my flaws,
    Thus I started to hide who I really was.
    Since childhood I've been facing this all,
    I was so unwanted, that is all I recall.
    I can't explain how badly I am affected,
    I am still afraid of getting rejected.
    I still can't speak in public fluently,
    Afraid of judgements made by thee.
    I hope someday I could tame my Glossophobia,
    Because it is turning baleful like the dermatobia.

  • khan_tanzeela 46w

    #imagery #organic_imagery #wod @writersnetwork @miraquill

    Thank-you @writersnetwork for like.


    She wakes up everyday feeling broken,
    Her eyes narrate the tales, left unspoken.

    She looks so lost, face devoid of any emotion
    She seems like drowning in an unsettled ocean.

    One morning she wakeup with zeal in her eyes,
    They were shining like the clear blue skies

    Leaving behind her broken self and tormented soul,
    She looks so determined to achieve her goal.

    She seems to have fought her demons all night,
    To stand up for herself with all her might

    Like someone struggling to survive,yet never surrender
    She overcome everything that tried to bent her.

    She is no more broken, lost or weak
    She feels no more hesitant to speak

    Here, she has finally realised her worth
    She looks dynamic, her eyes full of mirth.

    She is now boundless, unrestricted by norms
    She is not afraid to face the deadly storms.

    This is not the end, but the beginning of her story,
    This is her remarkable journey from Lost to Liberty.

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    From Lost to Liberty

    This is not the end, but the beginning of her story,
    This is her remarkable journey from Lost to Liberty.