amity lost during the voyage

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  • khanjaseera 5d

    There comes a stage in your life
    when you need someone to tread away
    from the anxious trait of enimity
    But belive me!
    Not only people but your own mind
    will stop affirming you in such a patheticity.

  • khanjaseera 4w

    And the Unicorn is dying
    while dyeing the veils
    people drape their identity with

  • khanjaseera 5w

    Like the moon finding solace in the conflict of night sky
    She tried to calm her soul in the raised chaos of world:°
    While the stars added life to inadequacy of moon☆
    The aura of bliss diminished lament from her soul

  • khanjaseera 7w

    @lovenotes_from_carolyn thankyou mam for helping me out...much obliged

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    Ì wanted to see the zillionth star charming with light
    But the shade of night made it red , darkened with fright
    It got shattered, It got withered
    And No more it stayed a star twinkling with light
    Oh My! The earth never expected thyy to fall off from the sky
    But it did come as a sigh of hope falling in the lap of thee☆♡

  • khanjaseera 10w

    This world will forget
    All the laurels she bought into light
    But will glorify all the anxious trufts
    She tried to distract herself from//:)

  • khanjaseera 13w

    Behind every star, is a story
    A story of parallaxing conflict
    The Conflict of emotions and pain
    Pain due to hallucinating crowd
    Crowd caused by cosmic waves
    Waves that voilated rules of orbits
    Orbits, meant to trace path of love
    Love that carries an innate touch
    The touch from heaven and heavens.

  • khanjaseera 14w

    It fills the air with tranquil
    When you in a subtle way
    Listen the rythmic melody
    That li'l rain drops play
    and embraces its healing touch
    Which rejuvenates the olderly cracks
    Of a desert longing for an elixir.

  • khanjaseera 14w

    In the amid coast of darkened night,
    She bid an adieu to the fearful fright
    For the aura of forest endorsed her tight
    Made her prestigious, a girl showering light
    //It aint that difficult to end the awful plight
    The resilience in you is enough to be all right //

  • khanjaseera 14w

    @writersnetwork thankyou��

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    One day, In the midst of darkened night
    A star shall fall☆
    The star of empathy that will heal
    the broken verses of my poems
    with an elated touch thereby
    illuminating it's dead metaphor
    with the light of hope...

  • khanjaseera 15w

    As the lamp of night started flickering its light
    The cracks in wall yelled the shrieks of agony
    Beholding the plight from a far,her cry in misery sounded low
    As the air of pathos rendered her helpless in dark corner of room
    She surpassed so many fights and never escaped in the shroud of falsity
    But today frightened with fear, she ain't able to comprehend this nasty gale
    For there is a hurricane between her mind and soul
    The neurons are provoking isolation but heart is afraid of detention
    She was never afraid of losing world though clock back ticked so many times
    But fears of losing herself as her rejuvenated soul started diffusing in turmoil of enimity...