I'm a science worm �� with an atheistic mindset, who loves to write, create and compose.

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  • khembork 11w

    I Am Love

    The rain of questions in my existence is really troublesome,
    Still I want to prove once, but they might not be able to grab it.
    I'm not some random pickup choice,
    I'm rooted with culture, moral values, attachment, emotion, memories, hopes and positive frequency.
    I live till they die and ever after.
    I know I'm not the rainbow but surely I am vibrant.
    They might call me I am kind of ambiguity,
    But I am truly an important plot of the story.
    They might call me that I am just equivalent to a fable,
    But I am the voice of the pages of life.
    They might call me fictitious,
    But I know I am the veracity.
    They wants to define me with thousands of words sometimes with millions and billions and trillions,
    But the truth is that I can never be defined.
    Yet I want wisper to them, that I exist from the beginning of this universe and remain till its parishes.
    My name is Love,
    i do exist and I am the evergreen truth.

  • khembork 20w

    Graveyard of Dreams

    I'm in search of lucid dreams
    but gone days and distressed moments jolts me.
    Merely i scream,
    deluged by tears, no hope of recovery.
    I'm trying to allude myself, about the surge of stream
    but illusional hopes are cluttered in the glee.
    Intensely i breathe,
    all I can recall is the waspish memory.
    I've tasted soreness, in every folio of life.
    In chaos, i seek redressal
    of my distraught soul.
    I've vested in the winless safari,
    I know i'll lose but it's my own strife.
    In quietude, i seek morose melodies
    in my exhaust sole.
    All these thoughts are suicidal cliff, it feels like I'm in a dark room without gleams.
    I'm in absolute stiff,
    failed and tired, resting in the graveyard of dreams.


  • khembork 23w

    Emily (Her)

    Her eyes drives the oceanic blue,
    when she smiles, it expresses the blooms of spring.
    as if, she's the composition of symphony,
    Her hairs are so earthly,
    the flexion of her physique, tunes on to some notes,
    as if, she's the waves of the blues.
    Her presence feels like breathly,
    when she talks, it feels so appealing,
    as if, she's composed of greens.
    Her moves reveals the stir,
    When she walks, it feels so joyous,
    as if, she's the colours of the crescent.


  • khembork 23w

    #thoughts #septolet #vague @miraquill @mirakeeworld @writersnetwork

    ( A type of poetry of 7 lines with 14 words)

    In his mind,
    Some deep thoughts

    Between her mirage
    and figment.

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    Between mirage and figment, I'm in illusion, the depth of poetry still struggles to define you, there are some profound thoughts, as if, the mighty ocean's deepness, brings your reminiscences to life.

    मृगतृष्णा और कल्पना के बीच, मैं भ्रम में हूं, कविता की गहराई अभी भी आपको परिभाषित करने के लिए संघर्ष कर रही है, कुछ गहरे विचार हैं, जैसे, विशाल महासागर की गहराई, आपकी यादों को जीवंत कर देती है।

  • khembork 26w


    I was shuttling to the edge of the steep slopes,
    All of a sudden, i was in the middle of nowhere.
    Dreams were swept by the ocean of irksome time.
    Cadence of fiasco asphyxiated me,
    Inspirations were muddled and paused for a while,
    Deep inside, i'm scuffling with circumstances.
    I know, some remnants of dreams are still alive
    But the hardship of unconfident stickability will drown me.
    So in search of the livening ambrosia,
    I'm walking miles in the mirage.


  • khembork 27w

    Notes of Sorrow

    She is broken down in to pieces,
    An arrow pierced all her emotions.
    Her smile speaks everything but she know how to hide the pain of the lashes.
    Her tears which indeed makes some profound notes of grief when splashes.
    Words are insufficient to express,
    It's like she lost herself in an unknown address.
    Depressed and suffocated, suffering and chained in a cyclical time loop.
    She has been deserted but struggling for a glimpse of light with a modish hope.


  • khembork 65w

    Ripple of Tears

    Life's pages are twisted and stumbled in the grievance.
    Everything is chaotic even in silence.
    In the battle of life,
    discomfiture only thrive.
    Blurry pictures scatters the rain of endless pain,
    It pierces the heart,
    All goes black, all goes blurred.
    Speech freezes,
    Moments ceases,
    Squall reaves all the memories.
    Ripple of tears flows beyond boundaries.


  • khembork 70w

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  • khembork 73w


    Tumar ikhya thoka proti tu khyone janusa bimorxota korhiyai aanise,
    Hridjontror jontronadhwoniye muk tuxarabrito koribo dhorise,
    Moi ostomito hobo dhorisu xei ontordahi xagorot,
    Kobita, xur, gaan xokolu mouno, moi bhitori bhitori bhangi porisu ai bedonar proloyot.
    Moi dhire dhire monostuti heruai mlan hobo dhorisu,
    Asolote moi swopnodrosta kintu aaji janusa sinno hoi porisu,
    Moi bhagorisu, o moi bhagori porisu.
    Smritir oxanti, nirox sondo aaru xeta rage hoitu mur jiyai thokar hepahu muharise.
    Hejar sinyor marisu, moi tumi obihone xunyo buli
    kintu ki palu? mathu byapok klex, tumi janu thomokisa? Xomoy janu thomokise?
    Prem porox, rupito protisruti, monosto xokolu bemejali.
    Xokolubur misa, Xokolu mathu khel, Xokolu mathu dhemali.
    Moi bhagorisu, o moi bhagori porisu.


  • khembork 78w

    I Wish