I am the unsolved puzzle which is yet to be solved.....i am that mystery which is visibly noticible to some but unknown to many....��

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  • khushi_07 1w

    Ruthi hui khamoshiyo
    Se behtar hai,
    Bolti hui shikayaten

  • khushi_07 6w

    Every person has an untold story.

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    Think before judging!
    As you know only that much which I allowed you to know .

  • khushi_07 10w

    It's reality ��
    #relatable #broken #fearful

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    It's difficult to live with many unsaid talks which you want to share;
    But you can't because of a fear.
    No matter how strong you make your mind to share all the stuff; but at last you, yourself also know after writing that things in a message, you will again clear.
    At same moment when you are trying to share things, you choose to remain quiet;
    You wait that may be the person whom you want to share things will automatically judge you and ask to share things like a miracle will appear.
    But as usual conversation ends with bye in reply of bye;
    And again when you are all alone at night that unsaid things again tries to make you feel their presence as in your life they are always ready to hurt and interfere.
    And the chance of sharing that unsaid thingsq, you know, is day by day becoming rare.

  • khushi_07 11w

    Yourself creating mess and then regretting doesn't make sense ��, but it's okay.... #mannkibaatein

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    I chose to live with few people and it was my decision;
    And that was my best decision, I think, in my vision.
    But who knew that time,that i myself will worsen my all condition;
    And that best decision, which were favouring me will turn into an opposition;
    People with whom I was feeling like a heaven, myself noticed that my presence is bothering them, in addition.
    And talking to them is also left as of no use because always we were on an argument and our talks were at collision;
    And now there is no possibility that me and them can be together in future so there is also no fun to envision.
    it was my choice and my mistake so i don't blame anyone but definitely I try not to ruin anyone's life because of me at last in addition.

  • khushi_07 17w

    Having a heavy mind can trouble you in life... The untold story of yours can increase the trauma and anxiety, it's better to share things with the one who you trust..... Instead of living in a stressful condition.
    #thoughts #nyctophile #untold #storyofheart #mirakee

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    Being happy and enjoying in life suddenly finding myself surrounded by clouds of loneliness,
    There are many things I still wanted to confess -
    May be i am right or I'm wrong while giving opinion ;
    But from where did those dark clouds of loneliness come?Why're they always ready to come and hide the rays of happiness in my life? It's a mystery and i want to know their origin,
    Mind is frozen, heart is dying, I think I don't have even a little bit of self love and affection ;
    And I know all I am going through is not common,
    And worst thing is I can't even express the feeling of all which I am going through-
    As it cannot be defined and has no definition.......

  • khushi_07 18w

    I don't know why nowadays I am trying to escape from every tough situation ����
    #newpost #alonebetter #broken #blackhearted

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    I don't know from where I got this change,
    From being the one who faces everything to being the one, who in every tough situation tries to escape ;
    The quality is lost of trying to get everything into the shape,
    How did a strong girl allow all this happen to her?
    On this question my mind and heart is always going on a debate,
    All from which I go through, that is my inscape ;
    At last I rest my case and accept that yes all whatever is happening to me is my fault and i take the blame......

  • khushi_07 19w

    Don't give you are special because God made you and he doesn't make mistakes
    #chance #restart #positivevibes #newbegining #rayofhope #newchapter #lovelife #miraquill

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    Questions that my mind to my heart from long time wanted to ask;
    Why don't you stop thinking about the people who didn't know your value and instead of giving them, give yourself a chance?
    Why don't you think that God Favors you? That's why he removed from fake people's face that goodness mask.
    You should thank him as he safeguards you from all those fake people in advance ;
    Why don't you think he believes in you and he removed all that people who are not good for you as he wanted you to get better and your kindness should enhance,
    Why don't you think that whatever he is doing for you is special because person like you are less,
    And that's why he did all this to make you fearless......

  • khushi_07 19w

    Every start has an end..... But sometimes it's better to restart again.....��
    #broken #blackhearted #restart #miraquill #lifethoughts #update #depressed #tired

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    I thought of updating my version as now old version is too weak to handle anything anymore,
    It's not strong enough to deal with any virus of negativities, thoughts, failure, as for it, it seems to be like a tough war ;
    The folder with memories of some unworthy people filled all the space of mine mind's storage,
    But my brain warned me it has no advantage ;
    So with courage I took decision of deleting it, but an unknown error occurred.......and it adviced me instead of this "Please Restart Your Life",
    As every start has an end, so it's time to close this chapter of your life and begin with new start, this decision is best and for now is right ;
    And my Brain notified me you too have your own dreams and because of some unimportant ones you can't ruin it, you have to fight.......
    So now I am going to end all things and going to restart and one day with my own hand my success story, surely I will write.......

  • khushi_07 20w

    In today's world we use to lost ourself always because of the crowd of this negative world. #alonebetter #rivalry #alone #broken #blackhearted

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    In this crowd of world, somewhere I got lost and now I'm left as an empty dummy,
    Somewhere between the old me and the new me, I lost the actual me ;
    Feeling like a soul who is still in a cage instead of being free,
    In the world of cruelty, I think people like me somewhere still search for mercy ;
    Leaving aside all the negativities of world we all with our own self have a rivalry,
    Thousands of thoughts wandering like a storm inside but still showing, "I am happy.".....
    In this crowd of world, somewhere I got lost and now I'm left as an empty dummy,
    Somewhere between the old me and new me,I lost the actual me......

  • khushi_07 21w

    Some of hopes of living my life ��
    #hope #thoughts #living #liveyourlife #positivethoughts

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    Hope of living

    My hope of living is hoping everything will be alright,
    Everything will be cool and calm whatever is going on with my mind and heart,i.e, a big fight ;
    Hoping that one day i will be with someone who will be my need in dark, i.e, a candlelight,
    Someone who will stand for ensuring me, my safety at end of my life's slide ;
    Hope of reaching that point of my life when my parents can say, "she is my pride",
    My hope of living is hoping everything will be alright......