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  • kin_jo 3d

    Following are the two haikus , two small flowers in remembrance of my friend John and brother joker.

    A stagnant, years old social issue

    Old age home : Ageing

    Ageing a crime, crestfallen caducity , weak bones , abandoned by own children leads to life behind pasture less walls....away from home. Awaiting a call, a touch, just living merely in memories until sight falls short of time.


    Finding , haunting for their own mistake, tracing palm lines over and over again to locate their moon and Sun. Never finding the real meaning of love in their dictionary from day one . Yet they build a frolic shrine on thorny bed calling it a home , an orphanage

    Edit: Thank you so much @writersnetwork . This specific piece somehow means a lot to me . Love you team ❤️

    #haiku #mirage_poetry_contest @writersnetwork

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    Plicated and wrinkled

    A deserted place
    Same feather inched together
    Shrouds awaiting hope

    Labelled shrine

    Empty shell, no name
    Abandoned by blood in veins
    Wingless,graveyard ground


  • kin_jo 1w

    To listen to that laugh
    The one barely anyone can see
    To spread cheery atitude
    Which keeps hopes of many alive
    To fill every possible post with the sweetest scent
    No matter how long it would take
    To making friends, to attachments
    Sanam, I don't know how to describe you in words

    More mysterious, delicate, and elusive.
    A feeling of love you developed and cultivated in readers heart. Using same alphabets you gave meaning to new words. Imbibed faith in humanity which many of us just tried to scribble.
    Happy Birthday kindest soul @fromwitchpen

    #weafamily #end
    A Collab with my closest @the_speccy_outsider

    And first like by our fav elisabetkiss

    Thanks @captain_blant for helping me out

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    The girl on the O̶t̶h̶e̶r̶ same side

    Simultaneously, she's on both sides-
    The girl walking down street my
    Apartment, giving flying kisses, and
    The girl in green attire, her beautiful
    Little eyes- her gaze like air knowing
    No borders.
    A mountain terrain and soil made of different vignette
    Thoughts so onerous although disparate
    A simple reflection of sunrays,
    Through the false spotted haze


  • kin_jo 1w

    Transitional feelings

    Smitten by the shades, i stand silently shun
    Watching dewy drops on leaves glisten
    Exhilarated by the bossoms, I listen
    Whispering winds welcoming the transition
    Witnessing dreamy syzygy under the almighty sun

  • kin_jo 2w

    What do poets do? We have often heard that they immortalise people in their verses. What else? Does the 'I' in poems say anything about the poet? For them the 'I' too has hints of retrospection. Nothing's personal to them. Nothing left behind else of words and memories as one day they wear their wings and fly to another world, another day, for forever. We grope their words in black silences we find them soft we find them hard, to accept, the poet is no more. Mirage is the word for thirst, the never ending thirst of how we could know more about the heart of the poets. Remembrance is water, reminiscence is the desert. Death is just...

    In mirage, we are remembering two such poets who not only won people in their verses, they made incisions, they made imprints of their name with their kindness. It was a huge loss, a huge loss, when they left us..


    @john_solomon solomon (The Haiku King Of Mirakee, And as in memories of @lovenotes_from_carolyn ) -

    -Jack Williams, known onsite as John Solomon, was a caring friend to all who knew him, as well as a loving son, brother, and uncle.
    As a science minded poet, he came up with innovative concepts for his well rhymed pieces that were never before seen in the realm of poetry.
    Jack was an altruistic humanitarian, who preferred to spend his time helping others, rather than in pursuit of material goods or monetary gain.
    I had no idea when I met Jack onsite several years ago that he and I would become close friends and communicate daily; but aside from a mutual love for writing, we had a great many other things in common and we promoted positive thinking and we loved to laugh and joke around.
    He also cared a great deal for my husband and kids and he always inquired about them and included them in his daily prayers.
    Due to Jack's overall good health, I also had no idea that he would inexplicably make a sudden, shocking departure from this world, all too soon, while in the prime of his life.
    That's exactly what happened though, and I still feel that loss regularly and miss him very much, but there is no doubt in my mind that Jack is happy and at peace, there amongst his beloved stars.


    @kehta_hai_joker ( The Brother, Poet of Social Issues, And as in memories of @jaya___ )

    Jo really imbibed the name Joker in letter and spirit. He hid his pains behind that infectious humor of his. His words seemed to comfort the fellow writers who had troubles... He kept his posts hopeful and entertaining.

    His words offered new perspectives and information and always he added to it his trademark comedy. His roasts became popular real quick and some sort of celebrity status was conferred on anyone who was roasted by him.

    He spread positivity and cheer whenever he spill ink over paper and truly he became that crack ass comedian he aspired to be. He made a family out of strangers on a writing app, which still sticks together and that itself is an ode to his great persona.


    The Contest - And Rules

    We are announcing this yearly contest in memories of above two poets. Share your two flowers of love as we are asking submissions as-


    -Please post your submission before 30th of November.
    -Use hashtag #mirage_poetry_contest and tag any of us organisers.
    -The results to be announced on 5th of December.
    -There will be 10 winners who will get to read their submission in a special memorial event on 19th of Dec. (Details for which to be announced later)



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    Mirage - Poetry contest

    In memory of our friend @john_solomon and bro @kehta_hai_joker

  • kin_jo 2w

    Became friends in quickest of time.
    You amazing human...a very Happy Birthday ��


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    Happy Birthday captain

    An Insurgent cadence Pinned against time
    So lithe, so pure ,Voice of inspiration
    Brimming with luminesce, With non judgmental
    And fervour insight
    Singeing sedately throwing a revolutionary fight
    Weaving words With wonderous placidity

    And a fanfare

    Until your reach the sunlight

    An impressive stature and a comforting zone,
    A poet and a kin to all.


  • kin_jo 3w

    Apologies for not reading you all past couple days
    Be back soon. love to all ^

    #unnoticed #wod #pod @writersnetwork #ceesreposts #silence

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    Poised panacea

    A comforting silence
    Golden and mollyfying
    Unnoticed shredded tears
    A past of tomorrow


  • kin_jo 4w

    Happy halloween ��

    A Collab with my close ones . THANK YOU❤️

    check out other parts on

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    Your dead ringer, your Baby Doll

    Laying beside you , right next to you
    In a satin White dress you once ripped off me
    Blood, stained over my thigh
    Driping through my neck
    Unweaved tangled knots
    Hair falling over my face
    Nails broken and bruised

    Do you still feel my naked warmth?
    Do you still feel my breath?
    The one you snatched bit by bit
    Drowning me in the pleasure of death
    Look what you have forced me to do,
    I crave for you, like you did for my flesh

    Your baby doll is here to make you remember
    The night once you craved !

    Baby Doll!!!

  • kin_jo 6w

    Memory fades to this day brother @kehta_hai_joker

    Words of his spread hope so big
    Words so jovial and band-aid banter, His style of comic
    An effulgent ray amongst the world so dark
    With a heart so tender, a rare gleaming spark
    An invigorating breeze chasing away the gloom
    Spreading smiles and giggles in magic woods tune
    A brother, a friend, a kind of light
    Tho, A gleaming star in the blue moon delight

    A year back he found a new place
    to roast, grow and reside
    Teaching us lessons of unborn tomorrow
    in the silent night


    Words of his spread hope so big
    A mine of happiness yielding more the more you dig
    A bright sunshine in a world so sad
    Infectious humor turning everything good from bad
    A brother, friend, poet, comedian
    Living by ideology of carpe diem
    Full of vigor making life memorable
    Weaving his own endearing fable
    Always in our memories and our thoughts
    All his battles he bravely fought
    A guiding light to love our lives
    His hopeful vivacious spirit surely never dies!!//



    Words of his, spread hope so big
    Like the fragrance of those old books
    He held wisdom, courage and knowledge
    Whilst hugging humour, love and positivity

    Just like his Pen-name
    He put smiles on everyone's faces
    Whether with the roasts, banter or jokes
    He made Mirakee a home for many

    He welcomed the new budding writers
    Revered and admired the old ones
    Through his quill he wrote masterpieces
    Addressing the societal taboos and issues

    He was a staunch film lover
    Often replied with legendary dialogues
    Even dedicated a post to his favorite film
    But never 'Acted' and adhered to 'Realness' in reality

    And such was our dear brother,
    Who only believed in going forward
    For the show must go on
    Yehi Kehta hai Joker


    We love you ��


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    Joker, the name he chose for himself . Only thing he know was to spread smile and laughter, to celebrate the carnival of life. With his quick wit and humour in no time he touched hearts.
    His quill sharp and aware , steered topics on reality.

    A quill that scripted and roasted brought instant cheer and happiness. A well read persona with brilliant command on language , a football enthusiastic and a jovial person who chose humour by his side even in the burning ember state.

    My brother joker with correct aptitude and attitude slept witnessing time a year back leaving behind tonnes of laughter, memories and smiles.


  • kin_jo 7w

    Ferret out loneliness web alchemy
    Justify it with steadfast struggle
    Layer it with rusty syllables and chasmic silence
    Ultimate deliverance of poetic prophecy


  • kin_jo 7w


    A shore abhorred me, denying my touch,
    telling me , 'you lack pain'

    I opened my heart and let my sauntered syllables drip crimson.
    My soundless cries quenched his heart and embraced me tight ,

    drowning me deep in its sorrowed waves