blade falls, silence descends

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  • kinishinai 19w

    #two #wod #miraquill #writersnetwork

    Even the blackest of the rose blooms under the darkest cloak of destiny

    Ty for the like @writersnetwork #3

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    And love,
    We were thieves stealing
    each fragment of the moonlight
    when the world was blaming
    it for the blemishes.


  • kinishinai 19w

    Clueless whether anyone would stumble on this¿

    #wod #writersnetwork #ceesreposts #newmir

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    Look me in my eyes, tell me where I've been
    Was it a perfect paradise? or a rotten despair?

    /Some things just tend to be short lived. You can stretch their existence to an extent but at last they're ephemeral. They'll always be the beheaded matchstick among a crowd of lightened ones. You can call them out as if they were the cynosure but they'd hide as long as they're not disposed off. They're humans, yet they find themselves closer to death rather than having the will to just live./


  • kinishinai 20w

    Year end rants! (Peeps, your read matters!)

    #writersnetwork #wod #miraquill #newmir #ceesreposts

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    The angler has this day sorted. Two buckets, was enough to last him for a fortnight. His stoop was heavy yet this victory gave him the strength to walk on. Two more turnings then he'll finally be home, his wife would be draped in a red saree as she would be rushing to open the door the sound of her anklet would hymn with the cuckoo singing their harmony, the kids would start running in happiness chanting the phrase Daddy's home. The neighborhood would swarm around him the second he'd open the bag of joy.

    Short stayed happiness, his conscience knocked him and all of a sudden salts started emerging from his window. There's still a mile left for the house. It takes something else for a house to become home, he had lost it all. Why was he smiling when he knew the fishes were better off in the sea. Why was there a smirk on his face when there was his own shadow to mock him off. Was he doing the same to the aquatic beings that had happened with him half a decade ago? Why was he still pursuing the art of fishing?

    //Honey,today's catch might be hefty, I've made you a quick dinner. Relinquish yourself. I'll be back in bed, we'll make love and all your stress let it drown into me//

    He rushed to the same spot he had enjoyed catching the sea beings. He lowered his bucket and let the beings go. As they swam and giggled, one could see the same scene yet again. He would do this on repeat. Catch them and set them free.

    //I love you darling! Even if you die one day, I'll still keep loving you the same~ he whispered to their unborn twins. I love you too~ her last words before she submerged in the same water the fishes go each day//


  • kinishinai 20w

    #ceesreposts #writersnetwork #newmir (eh.. I'm still using this newbie tag ¿) #tried

    (I'd love criticism, if by any way you all would be grateful enough to point, I'd be blessed enough)

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    I've a piece missing I remember years ago, I was a dim bulb emanating some of my love particles radiating from my filament.
    The particles became unpolarized and I saw your beats were distributed as small energy packets in the chambers of my acoustic guitar.

    But my light could never be linearly polarized for you're an asymptote whose existence doesn't exist.

    /Just like spin up and spin down particles never meet, she was just an imagination left in parallel space./


  • kinishinai 20w

    She, the french and everything else

    A quixotic start
    Neon dreams
    Pulchritudinous Cockaigne
    Two souls intertwined
    In the red string of
    Warmth and Life.

    /O! Cruel Mistress
    Resting abreast his bosom
    He fell in love again
    With someone who loves
    Him like she did/

    Her lips quivered
    Words flew
    Their margin met
    A french to remember

    For when time stops
    Would the sky shyly speak
    "There were lovers
    Amidst the land of bloody dreams"


  • kinishinai 20w

    /With all these people around,
    These eyes seek for you
    One last time if you'd hold on to
    I'd do anything for you/

    #newmir #writersnetwork

    (Idk, if I still be falling into the newbie phase)

    Ps. (this "newbie" phase has its own cons)

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    And you were all I had, all I'll ever be

    Did you ever know you were my hero?
    / My heart kept bleeding with sore tapes of painful yesterday. I couldn't escape the 'time heals' phase it would always turn back to endless tears and deepening scars. People started calling me names, I tried, tried to understand that this might pass too. But this time, it didn't move. It did for everyone else. There weren't lonely people in crowded rooms. They were happy. Happy calling me mad. But they don’t understand, how could I ever stop talking about you when you were everything I've ever had. /
    Did they ever know you'd come to me one day?

    /We started together, right? You were always the lighthouse to my mundane, the perfect chords of my deflated heart and the smile that I wore. You picked me up when I was chanting 'Giving up is easy'. I've never had the chance of changing that invisible stab into everlasting joy. Never, until your shadow stood pace to pace with mine. My dying soul got the back of your lively essence and life started being joyful once again. For the never-smiling me, you gave your utmost love in hopes for a tomorrow where our hands would be clasped under the shade exchanging vows to never part until death. Even the nights, I’ve never wanted to forget, you’d melt it with the warm of your embrace. /
    I was never afraid. I had you.

    /How much I wish to feel that warmth on my cheeks. It’s been too long. Please come back now. Don’t let this be the end. I’ll fix, I’ll stitch your pains as you did mine, I’ll sing you the most harmonious symphony, I’ll do everything I can and much more than it. Was it so tough to hold on just a bit longer? Was there something you didn’t let me see but endured all along until you gave up to the infinity? Just for the last time let me heal you, please. Darling, it’s getting late, you’d get cold. Come back home for one last time. /
    If only I’d have known, I’d not have let you leave.

    / The stars have aligned this night too. I joined 15 of them and they formed you. Right through the northern star , I saw you. You didn’t look a day older. The reflection of you in my eyes was still vivid. This night too, I’d sit meditating on your memories. Memories that’d stay, stay as long as this mortal frame dissolves into you forever. /
    You were all I had.


  • kinishinai 21w

    #newmir #writersnetwork #survive #hopeless

    /for we're homesick
    for a home
    which'd never exist
    and never was/

    (it was supposed to be my first post but, yeah ��)

    Edit: ty @writersnetwork for the read (ps. Repost's a click away ��)

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    Words before I pass by, emotions before this mortal frame ends

    There's this infatuation of mine towards lies which has now made me vulnerable to pretend more. My heart hustled several beats at once as I wrote this. I could feel the rumble deep inside my bosom, the chains of fate ruling their way through to hold me a little longer. (Little did they know I've made my way) The ambivalence of powerful emotions surged their way through me while I was down to decide my final destiny.

    You'd never know that I was once ebullient and bubbly. Being raised by people who'd absolutely give me anything I've always been more than satisfied. Fate smiled at me and I knew for sure I'd be writing mellifluous tales of my life. They say, time welcomes the admirer of present, I was never one of them. Somewhere I'd still wished till the last red trickle down my wrist to go back to the days when I was falling in love (with myself). I've never had the same life ever again. With each day seeing itself end, I was halted to pessimistic remorse, deepening silence and to a more handsome lonliness.

    I broke my nib a thousand times writing all the truthful truths here. Oh! How used I was to pretending that "life is beautiful as hell". They also say, people who give up are the ones who'd suffered the worst thorns. They'd even say *us* weak. The conscience of a suicidal hum-an is as orphic as life itself. You'd never know their personalities swapping themselves up so often that they eventually forget who they ever were. They're hiraeth for a home that never will be, and anxious to know what lies beyond it. I wish I'd write more but the darkness seems to engulf me in with each passing seconds. I've wanted to.....................................

    /blade falls, descending silence/