A soul feels what it feels.

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  • kmt_poetry 16w


    I fell in love with a country boy, he shattered my heart and it was the sweetest pain Ive ever felt.

  • kmt_poetry 16w

    And she wrapped her sparkling soul
    Around my heart.
    With time to spare.
    Her soul was soft
    And warm
    A bright light amid
    Terrible darkness
    The darkest of the Universe.

    Her eyes.
    Oh her colorful eyes!
    Twinkled on every occassion
    Sadness didnt deter those beautiful
    Green irises.
    How they Sparkled.

  • kmt_poetry 36w

    My vices keep calling my name.
    But I dont want to be filled with shame again.

  • kmt_poetry 37w

    I think a part of Love is finding the most compatable of vices and melding them together to make memories.

  • kmt_poetry 45w

    Im a soul
    Stuck in a human body
    Limited to earthly beliefs
    Where time creeps

    Spirit inside me
    I ride the life
    Guided to me
    With a soul
    That has experienced
    Much more
    Than the fateless bore
    Of human limitation.

  • kmt_poetry 46w

    I'd love to adhere to the standards of society
    But my mind wont rest
    Til my soul is not a lie to me

  • kmt_poetry 49w

    The ones who take the pain in silence are the ones you should be afraid of.

  • kmt_poetry 49w

    Happy, healthy, and melting into you.


  • kmt_poetry 49w


    Rebuild after rebuild. I will always stand tall after a fall. Ive come to know that all that is on the other side of pain is strength. You just have to push through. You do that enough times you begin to rely upon that strength. Look forward to it. Know that it will always be there.
    Some people are terrified to fall and rebuild. They think its just better to keep going, even though they are not happy.
    I refuse. I will not put up with unhappiness just because. I am not required to. I will fall and rebuild as many times as it takes for me to be where I want to be.
    I look forward to the day I dont have to rebuild. But for now, I will continue to grow.

  • kmt_poetry 50w

    So you know the saying curiosity killed the cat?

    Well curiosity teamed up with anxiety and took all my nine lives.

    And I still have no answers.