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  • koyenasarkar 184w

    Gift for new year and christmas ����������������

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    The Truth of Life

    Life is a wonder,
    If you try, you can face lightning and thunder.
    Life is a game,
    If you try you can achieve fame.
    Life is a race,
    If you try its difficulties you can face.
    Life is made up of pure gold,
    Life is fadeless ; strong and bold.
    In life, some spend, some beg for rice in a tiny bowl.

  • koyenasarkar 187w

    Incidental Accident

    Love is an accident,
    That remains like an forever incident.
    Not possible to forget,
    But possible to regain again and again.
    It is impossible to say that when, how, with whom one fall in love,
    What can be recognised is only the feelings of heart.
    All time loved ones are not near,
    What is near is the memories of dear.
    As we know that treasure is in minds,
    We have to search and find.
    Perfect love completes only then,
    When there is one to say that I am always with you to stay.

  • koyenasarkar 187w

    My mom

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    Difficult to be

    As I get older ,
    As I grow wings and fly away ,
    I see what it takes
    To be a mom and save the day .
    As I become mature ,
    As I learn ropes of life ,
    I see the sacrifices you make
    To be a mom and wife .
    Here's to , the wonderful woman you are
    Not just my mom ,
    The family's brightest star ,
    Who is regarded as a human of man maker .
    Difficult to be , not too ease ,
    As a mom and make honey like bee .