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  • kradle 5w

    Your only as good as your worst
    Only as true as your lies
    Wolves purr with disrespect at your kind heart
    Thinking your ignorance supercedes their failed disguise
    #keepquestioning demons roam

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    Convexed moon,
    comes over a Convexed mind
    To borrow its sunny glow in
    gloomy souls
    Like that ever helped a broken boy with
    flail shards of heart on a crystal floor
    Classic turnover by a greedy coat
    Further down steam droplets elope
    Just enough to shiver away into matrimony
    Short lived

  • kradle 5w

    Lightened dark world

    Rage, raging in a manner so sweet.
    Falling or rising it takes jabs at a remenising past.
    The voices crying in the thirst for comfort.

    How weak is overflowing.
    How many more times will I sit here watching the burning mountain as I dance away with horned jewels.
    Screaming about the niceties I miss.

    Drinking of a double tapped stone.
    Reaping the benefits of a misdemeanours.
    One small enough to cut short a messengers strides.
    Strids with great compassion, that glowed from the One and Onlys' presence.

    Chuckle away at my failure, but I fear you an I may sob shoulder to shoulder in well lit darkness.

  • kradle 6w

    Strange boy

    There once was fairly strange boy.
    Who broke many hearts, in a gentle, kind home.
    He saw red when he rose, and blue on slumber, but never did he see the sight of gold.

    An old boy now rode the darkness of others hearts,
    Till it gave in to the fuel and pump.
    He tapped away like a type writer, evolved into a ghost writer.
    Breaking stories of truth-and-lies from the desolate dark.

    He then met quite the fair lady.
    Who played his game with a little more flare.
    He was excited, filled with wonder and glee.
    This much he could see.
    She's an oleander with a thing for the dramatics.

    They rode the wave of madness for long,
    Till they found peace in an old lodge.
    They traded the joker for a king-and-queen.
    And lived in joyful peace.

    How short the goodness was,
    As those the Queen wronged came knocking.
    For a debit so large, one called for her head, another a strand of hair.
    All the same, the debit was collected.

    The strange boy stood by, chuckling at the sight of a fallling king.
    "Where art thy Queen my foolish King." asked the boy.
    "Come, let us play. For at the jest of my hands,
    I have made you reappear!"

  • kradle 7w

    Age of thought

    An young boy once said,
    "If words of hate leave thine heart.
    Question thy heart, not thy words."

  • kradle 7w

    Sailing Thoughts

    Battles fought are marked by heroics.
    Where bards tell tales of how they flail.
    Kings cough long swords filled with barrels of pride.
    For the troops of Country to drink till they're down in pine.

  • kradle 8w

    Ephemeral mayflies

    He never saw it coming,
    none of them did.
    It struck true, as though carving effortlessly through flowing water.
    Hearts fall past cupped hands,
    As reality cracks minds,
    Now yearning that it all be a lie.
    Sobering to existence.
    They become mad, as a fairytale no longer is.
    All the while a Potter sings a song of cracking stone, not ready for the Bisque firing.

  • kradle 9w


    A fool I was for thinking it was love.
    Not much will be said for a mistake it was.
    Let not lust and fulfillment be your aim.
    For the heart is as deceptive as a chameleons mane.

  • kradle 11w

    Pro(nounce) Myocardium

    A coup d'etat after a lovers quarrel.
    Leaves nothing behind.
    Like the shutters on a flustered mind,
    Neither open nor closed.
    Lying prey for another sunny day to appear with cold repress.
    The aroma of a capable past reigniting as quickly as lies from mouth.
    Yet such slander stands shorter than the star lit hate that flares repugnant flames.
    Appease my forth coming tounge Lord as these words I speak may turn foul in your sight, But turn delightful in the ears of calamity.

  • kradle 11w


    In a world that gets "easier".
    Where morals and beliefs are seen as barriers.
    Thoughts to be crushed by fear and defended by empty words.
    I bite my tongue when they arrive.
    The new generation that shouts louder than they converse.
    And arm its self with adaptability and conformity.
    We carry our kriptinite,
    And axe away our courage.
    How lux we are, how hard our future may be?

  • kradle 11w


    Cavity in the city centre.
    A pain keeping our mouth shut.
    Strangled by the dentist,
    Who now masters in the art.
    Puppet to the receptionist,
    And the assistant now accomplice.
    When will I be free to dine in truth,
    With a lighter heart.