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  • kshh891 90w

    I knew I found the one

    I knew I found the one,
    When we went to dine.
    Me gazing into your deep eyes
    While you were sipping your wine..

    I knew I found the one,
    While watching movie together.
    Holding hands tightly
    Promising to leave never.

    I knew I found the one,
    After all those fights.
    When you ran to me at end of day,
    And use to hug me tight.

    I knew I found the one,
    On the day of valentine.
    When those little lips told me
    "Ohh you are just mine !!"

    I knew I found the one,
    When we were sitting on Marine lines.
    Watching beautiful sunrise,
    With you, my sunshine !!

    We were destined to fall in love
    But to be together not destined.
    Now all those places & memories
    Reminds me of you everytime.

    I knew I found right one
    But may be at wrong time.
    I knew I found the one
    But may be at wrong time....

    -Kshitij wadankar

  • kshh891 90w

    It’s easier to win when you switch your focus from trying to win to trying not to lose.

  • kshh891 97w


    Its 2020, unexpected things happened
    And many things changed
    Then why stopping rapes is so difficult,
    That it's numbers remains unchanged

    A new case in Hathras, made whole country gape,
    19 year old girl ,was found in field raped.
    Her spine was thrashed, tongue protruding from her mouth
    Bleeding from vagina, her eyes were bulging out.

    I wonder,
    Seeing little girl bleed , how they were standing fine.
    Didn't their soul tremble even for a second while commiting this horrendous crime.
    Strangling someone's daughter & leaving her to die,
    Returning home ,with their child how could they meet eye.

    The one who can't see or feel the girl's pain,
    Not less than demons the one who are insane.
    When will be strict laws enacted for rapist men,
    Why option to live is even present for them ?

    Now the question is,
    Will girl get justice or case will be closed ?
    Is fight against rape just limited to sharing post?
    Just like SSR justice, will media fight for this case ?
    Or in the race for TRP, the news will disappear in few days.

    -Kshitij wadankar

  • kshh891 103w

    If there is nothing to talk,
    It's still alright.
    I will love to have,
    Unreasonable small fight.
    Hearing your voice is
    now only thing to feel you.
    Without listening to you,
    I couldn't sleep at night.

    Calling you everyday
    has now became habit.
    So speak anything,
    Just don't be quite.
    I miss u love,
    I miss your smile,
    I wish you were here,
    And I can hug you tight.

    -Kshitij Wadankar

  • kshh891 105w

    Our friendship got start, from a whatsapp hello
    4 years completed & many more to go.
    Can't be there personally, to hug & wish you,
    So wrote this with love on your bday for you.

    Kind, generous person willing to help other,
    Scholar in studies also won medals as player.
    Papa's little princess & perfect sis for brother,
    One who can do anything to see happy face of mother.

    With specs you look geek, love reading the books,
    Traditional , formal or party , you just slay in every looks.
    But my heart gets skip, with your open hair look,
    Btw I am waiting to taste something that you learned to cook.

    Your awkward noises and pause that you take during call,
    Forehead cross & lips size , can't be ignored at all.
    Guessing your drawing is still difficult for all,
    It's always fun talking to you, be it chat or vdo call.

    One who likes & listens to all my weird songs,
    Laugh before hearing jokes, whose overacting skills are strong.
    Choclate icecream lover & Jennifer winget fan,
    Perfect partner for sharing meme & performing prank.

    Be it cafe or theatre, the josh is always high,
    Had funny drunken nights where we wokeup till 5.00.
    Time passes so soon when together, I wonder why?
    It's always been hard, to say you good-bye.

    You forgetting things & I making you remember,
    You & me I can say are perfect combo ever.
    As you say " some things never change",
    I believe in future everything remains same.
    Even if something changes in between,
    One thing is sure sharma
    You are always going to be my Queen.

  • kshh891 109w

    Foolish followers

    Controversy erupted as old video went viral,
    Girl making fun of Maharashtrian's great idol.
    But if carefully watched you will notice one thing,
    Joke was made on politician & not about the King.
    She spoke on Quora writers, writing about statue,
    Misunderstood by many but understood by few.

    The King who supported, woman & their rights,
    No one could harass or harm women in his sight.
    Be it someones wife , mother or daughter,
    Women of captured territories he released with honour.

    His followers commenting filthy words & calling her hoe,
    Some giving rape threats on Instagram video.
    Don't call yourself his devotee & defame his name,
    As you are the people, he might've ashamed.

    Some says,
    She shouldn't have called the King by his name,
    Not mentioning "Chhatrapati Maharaj '', our king was defamed.
    For calling "Shivaji park", by naming "Shivaji nagar",
    Aren't we too insulting our own great warrior?

    I agree,
    One respected by entire cross section of Indians,
    Should not be topic of standup comedians.
    But also by wearing lockets, posting status or screaming "Raja Dhiraj"
    No one become "Shiv bhakt" of this Swaraj.
    Only one who follows principles & value his thoughts,
    Should consider himself as true follower of

    -Kshitij Wadankar

  • kshh891 110w

    Twin Flame

    Turned off lights, darkness in the room,
    Completely enamored with this monsoon.
    Talking to the moon through window frame,
    Lost in the thought of meeting Twin Flame.

    I wonder where my eyes will meet yours,
    At someone's wedding & may be blind date,
    Or rather in gym while lifting up weights.
    Would it be workplace where daily we will greet ?
    Or party in pub is where we destined to meet.

    Pondering if you are, my school or college friend,
    Or right now just present in list of mutual friends.
    Chatting on an app or social media sites,
    May be one who is reading this & also loves to write.

    I am afraid we crossed paths & time was not right,
    Became victim of situation & separated by fight.
    Possible, we never met & it's still not perfect time,
    But I know it will be worth waiting, for you all this time.

    Looking in your eyes, something I would like to see,
    Reflection of my soul staring back at me.
    Unaware you are present in which part of world,
    In this wide sea of people, where is hidden my pearl ?

    -Kshitij Wadankar

  • kshh891 111w

    Questions going to be answered,
    Situations will be defined.
    All you desired is on its way,
    Keep patience,
    Have faith in the Divine.

    -Kshitij Wadankar

  • kshh891 111w

    Who killed Sushant ?

    Sunday afternoon many fans cried ,
    News circulated of Sushant Singh's suicide.
    Inspiration for many , struggling actors's pride,
    Everyone wished he shouldn't have died.

    Next day social media started trolling starkids,
    Post & Status for boycotting big banner films.
    Trending was topic , Lobby business & groupism.
    His death considered, as result of Nepotism.

    Since very young age, in nepotism we grew,
    School teacher if not tutor, you will get marks few.
    Boss kinsman get a job without an interview,
    Is your love same for bestrfriend & the buddy who is new ?

    Youth are predominantly influenced by starkids,
    Casting them in films , producer knew will yeild profits.
    If you were in their position, might behave same I knew.
    Hiring friends & family, filling your whole crew.

    When gully boy came, everyone appreciated film,
    Huge crowd for Race 3 but not for Sushant's film.
    "Sonchiriya" gets less audience, than SOTY2 in theatre,
    And blaming bollywood, not opening doors for outsider.

    If talent was appreciated & not the glamour,
    Possibly bollywood , could have been much better.
    Being alive, he was begging to watch his role,
    Now tweeting after his death, isn't disrespect to his soul ?

    It's audience that decide whose movie will get fame,
    Overrated actors or underrated names.
    For his death, should bollywood stars be ashamed,
    Or it's you & me who really should be blamed ?

    -Kshitij Wadankar

  • kshh891 113w

    2020-Season 1

    January began with Indonesian flood,
    Followed by Avalanche in Kashmir killing dozen.
    Be it Kobe's death or Turkeys Earthquake,
    Incidents taking place which can't be forgotten.
    How can one forget Australia's Bush fire,
    Which made millions animals, whole ecology burn.

    Then came February, with new plans to torture,
    Above 20C , Antarctica recorded it's hottest temperature.
    Violent protest taking place against Citizenship Law.
    Communal riots had always been India's biggest flaw.

    March has started & new problems arrived,
    WHO declared Covid-19 as pandemic, worldwide
    Lockdown started ,Olympics postponed so far
    Deaths of Covid-19 overtook SARS

    April had started with global economy down,
    Palghar mob lynching had shook whole town.
    Cancellation of IPL made cricket fans mourn,
    Kapoor & Khan death, made everyones mind blown.

    Were adapting to this & May month begun,
    Riots initiated in USA, Gas leak in Vishakhapatnam
    Pregnant elephant died & plane crashed in Pakistan,
    Mumbai facing "Nisarga"cyclone , whereas Orissa damaged by "Amphan".

    June has surprised with two news so far,
    One with Assam fire & second suicide of Bollywood star.
    6 more months to go , for ending this year
    Be prepared !!!
    This last year of decade is going to be your greatest fear.

    -Kshitij Wadankar