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  • kuhushona 257w


    Life is too small for just thinking about things you can't change,
    But believe me it's enough big to change the things we can change.


  • kuhushona 260w


    Sorry kuhu.. Coz I always mess up
    Sorry kuhu.. Coz I'm not perfect
    Sorry kuhu.. Coz I hurt u somtimes
    Sorry kuhu.. Coz I'm afraid of losing u
    Sorry kuhu.. Coz u r the only one who know me more than i do
    Sorry kuhu.. Coz u r the only one whom i love
    N u know what kuhu.. Our story doesn't end here.. I knw u will forgive me..coz apni dosti h hi itni pakki vaali..! Koi hila k toh btae..!


  • kuhushona 265w

    Dedicated to my best soul mate.. ��

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    Coz at last.. Dat pretty smile of her.. matters for me d most..


  • kuhushona 274w

    Sometimes it's better to create new memories rather than preserving the old ones