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  • kulsoom_fatima 220w

    Sooner or later, we all learn to embrace closure.
    If only with clenched fists.

  • kulsoom_fatima 233w

    How often I find myself drifting back,
    dissecting sentences,
    hovering onto those words..,
    Reading between the lines.

  • kulsoom_fatima 237w

    1." Don't leave"... though I've never said it out loud.. but hey, I wanted you to stay.. I wanted you to see the darkened henna stains on my hands.. the innocent promises of forever etched onto my naive palms...
    2. I clutch the remanents of our past in a tight fist.. I've kept every memory of you locked in my mind.. every word you spoke hushed and preserved in the sience of my heart.
    3. The edges of my tongue carry a silent and secretive prayer... I pray for you to come home.
    4. I stay up late at night, the kind where you can feel every minute pass.. my overworked brain covering up all my anxieties with a blanket of hope... leaving a fire burning in the hearth of my heart..
    .... maybe someday,this pain will be a fleeting memory...


  • kulsoom_fatima 244w

    1. Everything is uglier up close... there isn't art in everything broken.. words aren't always meant like they are spoken.
    2. Often the calm winter winds stir up a storm in ny mind, whispering, "Don't you think he mistook the strings of verses around his neck for a rope?"
    3. In solitude, we talk of souls dark as black.. abandobed hearts that bleeds of uprooted freedom.., decorated with the tapestory of distorted words.
    4. The floor of your heart is covered in broken promises.. the deep rooted uncertainities sprouting insecurities.., curtains laced with patches of sorry, swaying with every inhale often exposing the blistered truth.
    5. On one side was a pile of excuses taller than guilt.
    6 December brings with itself, a citrus scent of deceit. It hurts like knives, sighing next to a window pane, writing down your name and smudging it again.
    - Kulsoom Fatima
    @mirakee @readwriteunite @writersnetwork #pod #potd

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  • kulsoom_fatima 246w

    1. Often I wonder that maybe you never loved me as a whole.. maybe you were in love wilth all my shattered pieces.. the ones that hesitated, stuttered and shivered to phrase the qiestion of your unexplained absence.. the ones that were so intoxicated in madness, that every signboard they read, read 'home'.... or maybe the ones that glided in your arms inspite of knowing how cold a place it was.
    2. On the tip of my tongue rested a bouquet of apologies.. apologies smelling of miserable pleas.. 'please do stay'.....
    3. I still remember you with your crisp clean attitude, dressed up in layers and layers of apathy... standing next to me, watching me shatter into a billion fragments.. If only you knew them unfinished goodbyes, they hurt the most.
    4. It's november... the pain hasn't subsided, although I have learned to envelop the werckage with a smile.. often I crave your presence like a warm sunshine on a fading winter afternoon.. inspite of being insanely conscious of the consequences.. oh, them twisted workings of my heart.
    - Kulsoom Fatima
    @readwriteunite @mirakeeworld @writersnetwork #pod #potd

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  • kulsoom_fatima 247w

    Wilted flowers,
    shattered dreams.
    Chewed words,
    silent screams.

  • kulsoom_fatima 250w

    These october nights reminded me of those stomped apologies and wilted promises... of chewed words and swallowed tears... of volatile scenes and slaughtered dreams...
    I still get goosebumbs when the whiff of your scent caress my chapped skin... your carefree laughter still echoing in my ears, transporting me to the place I once called 'home'.
    A home now adorned with the tapestry of hesitancy...
    Maybe I am hungry for just another story, just a slight caress of hope... Once again my foresaken mind cradling the idea of embracing the inescapable, inevitable storm... whose aftertaste could linger on forever...
    Time is slipping away scarily fast.. No, I need to burn those calenders.. No, I can't go back... I can't.
    Maybe because I know happy endings aren't real..., and this baggage is here to stay... getting heavier and heavier with every sigh...
    - Kulsoom Fatima
    #potd #pod @writersnetwork @readwriteunite #mirakre

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  • kulsoom_fatima 252w

    I'll scrub away every inch of my heart painted with your name.. I'll cage down your words, which waltz through my mind every now & then, triggering an avalanche of memories.. I'll shatter each & every mirror that reflects back the love in my eyes.. I'll cover up every vulnerabilities that I once baþed with the sheets of apathy... I'll wipe away every hint of you from me.. I'll no longer be an artist you'll no longer be my muse.. I'll no longer be an escape, you'll no longer be traveller to this known route...
    I'll murder all yesterdays... and built myself a cottage in the towns of tomorrows,..
    I will.
    For once I want you to roam till the ends of the earth awaiting the answers which you'll never get.
    -Kulsoom Fatima
    @readwriteunite @anne_verse @writersnetwork #pod #potd

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  • kulsoom_fatima 253w

    If only I could stitch your fragmented mind & fractured soul, with the strings of unconditional love,,
    without being broken in the process....

  • kulsoom_fatima 254w

    My poetries are nothing, but verses of hope,
    that one day,
    you'll come back to the place
    which will forever be yours.