Best selling Author and Poet. Sixteen books in publication. Favorite topics are 'Time' and its many deceptions.

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  • kurtphilipbehm 7w

    Death & Taxes

    Memory kills time,
    as time kills life

    Faster than a paid assassin,
    colder than a dream that’s stolen

    —surer than the tax man knows

    (Dreamsleep: March, 2022)

  • kurtphilipbehm 7w

    Into The Valley Of Death

    the family of man
    chasing the last baton

    (Dreamsleep: March, 2022)

  • kurtphilipbehm 7w

    Iron John

    forcing our will
    on the inertia of circumstance

    (Dreamsleep: March, 2022)

  • kurtphilipbehm 7w

    Wishes To Hope

    The more I think I really know,
    the less I understand

    The farther out to sea I drift,
    the more I miss the land

    The stormier the days repeat,
    my soul to chase the sun

    The rules I once thought hard and fast,
    denounced and on the run

    The more I think, the less I feel,
    my spirit inexcused

    The hours spent off from myself,
    those times I stay confused

    As days fade into sleepless nights,
    the moon to haunt my dreams

    Where wishes live to hope again
    —if I can just believe

    (1st Book Of Prayers: June, 2019)

  • kurtphilipbehm 7w

    Humbly I Pray

    Tonight through the darkness,
    I wander and crawl

    The faces seem ghoulish,
    my past to recall

    Unsure of direction,
    I listen for sounds

    To possibly guide me,
    as fire abounds

    I look to my left,
    as hooves thunder past

    I look to my right,
    and Beelzebub laughs

    All colors have gone,
    just the fieriest red

    I live out my fear,
    I live out my dread

    One hope then to muster,
    that faith remains true

    And guides me inclement,
    past demons anew

    Despair almost total,
    regret full in charge

    I squint through the smoke,
    there’s new light from afar

    I plod on my knees,
    and it grows brighter still

    As the temperature drops,
    and the moment is chilled

    Once free of damnation,
    my life starts again

    With sacred commitment,
    forgiven of sin

    My tomorrows in passing,
    I live for today

    Belief in salvation
    —as humbly I pray

    (1st Book Of Prayers: May, 2019)

  • kurtphilipbehm 8w

    The Summit

    Climbing the mountain,
    you walk on its rim
    scratching the surface
    never let in
    Once at the summit
    new footing takes hold
    rock you can stand on
    —legend foretold

    Climbing the mountain
    never look down
    focus above you
    reach for the crown
    Others who failed
    and others to come
    will follow the tracks
    —that lead zero sum

    (The New Room: March, 2022)

  • kurtphilipbehm 8w

    Unheard & Unknown

    Without a reader
    the poem is dead,
    stillborn and lifeless
    —buried unread

    (Dreamsleep: March,

  • kurtphilipbehm 8w


    When feelings stop,
    words take over
    Emotion harried,
    pen unleashed
    Heart in limbo,
    mind resurging
    Muse in waiting
    —time released

    (Dreamsleep: March, 2022)

  • kurtphilipbehm 8w

    Nauita Tempus

    Our past is never
    where its left,
    the tide always returns

    Those things unsaid
    not put to bed,
    like butter still unchurned

    Returning once
    returning twice,
    its power built on fear

    To undermine
    those things adrift
    —till anchored yesteryear

    ((The New Room: March, 2022)

  • kurtphilipbehm 8w


    Born under a bad sign,
    verses time recalled
    harder luck and trouble,
    moments trapped and stalled

    Born under a bad sign,
    rock of ages sold
    answers stay unquestioned,
    bells no longer toll

    Born under a bad sign,
    darkness settles in
    rumors take the place of truth,
    wages buying sin

    Born under a bad sign,
    desperate to belong
    days belay what lies conscript,

    (Villanova Pennsylvania: March, 2022)