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  • laconicutterance 150w

    hi there people.


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    it's easier to look
    at the infinities
    of promises, with
    endless regrets
    & brokeness
    of 99 pasts.
    drowned in the
    yesterday's red
    slipping from the
    blue bar shelves.
    seeking love.
    seeking affection
    from some people
    outside of my
    little home.

    i listen to my maa
    and she says
    of the collapsing
    feelings she has had
    when adding to
    her new life
    with papa.
    of mistakes
    he made and
    sorrys she left
    of fights
    they did never
    they meet
    once in a week
    to check on me.
    not on my
    broken heart.

    a torn letter.
    i read.
    lying in yellows
    and pinks
    at the corner
    of two walls.
    rolled up
    into mess
    of joined
    3 pieces.
    it smelled
    of tears and
    heavy eyes.
    sounded a cry
    for the long
    friend and
    a wish to

    in among
    all the people
    who wait
    for love. and
    others who
    just let it
    go. some who
    cover their
    face because
    they couldn't
    hold on.

    i'm a
    part of
    them all.
    i'm a
    part of
    them all.

    of people i've
    and people
    i've lost.
    love i don't get
    and love i
    give off.
    smiles i held
    on the cheeks
    & cries i let

    i'm okay i say.
    i'm okay
    for me.

    ©laconicutterance | sia

  • laconicutterance 157w

    For the first time;
    in this present;
    little cosmos;

    an expectation, a will;
    a hope bigger than enough;
    A change over the blue sky,
    where birds along with the wind,
    fly wider spreading their wings;
    little more than high you know;
    A tale, a new story this time;
    new to every human breed;
    She, like the soft gush of wave;
    A smile over blushing face;
    history of those tiaras;
    de novo born at;
    the sunsets;

    She is the new time;
    with tales of new start;
    She is power that rises ;
    even with the dark;
    She's a young lady;
    with a real strong;


  • laconicutterance 158w

    *sometimes I write anything*

    “when someone dies, you can mourn. it’s so much harder when someone just disappears, never to return back.” aahana said.

    "is it really so easy mia?" she looked at me through the dim light of street. "you know, to forget someone."

    aahana always questioned things that i myself was struggling to find answers of. it seemed as if she knew what was going inside my head. and she wanted me to let it all out. on the surface.

    "like one time you're together, as if it's all you have and then out of nowhere they just vanish, without any word or text." she said looking at the flickering street light.

    when two people cross path and stumble into each other; they connect and make memories in few. both of them hope of something long. but as time unfolds and days overlap into new it's not necessary that they both take the same road till the very end. roads diverge into millions and so does their fate. and destiny. and they.

    strangers click like home sometimes. but you cannot hold them for always. they come in for a reason. and when they leave; that reason, its smell stays forever till the last.

    life doesn't stop. it keeps moving.

    "say something?" aahana said looking sideway at me.

    "it's not" i said.

    "it's not easy to forget someone, you just learn; learn to love them, you know, in letting go."



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    letting go;

  • laconicutterance 158w

    all i hear is
    the chaos in my
    thoughts. I hear
    the sun and the
    the voices in
    among the trees.
    they want me
    to write about them
    but I'm lying here
    trying to come
    up with thoughts
    I can call mine.
    last to last week I
    met this old woman
    she was sitting
    beside the
    white lilies.
    I talked to her.
    I remember her
    saying," once all the
    worst part is over
    life will bring the
    real beautiful
    for you
    and you'll
    be happy
    to be the part
    of this universe."
    "its been really long
    and life seems
    more dark now" I said.
    she smiled, it
    was the most
    beautiful smile I
    had seen in
    a while.
    she loves to talk
    and I love to
    listen, always.
    it's been a while now.
    I miss her.
    It's vacant,
    the feeling. I'm
    either going
    through a writers
    block or I have
    forgotten how to
    let out my
    they're still loud
    the voices in my head;
    sometimes I don't know
    what they really mean.
    I just hear them,
    screaming. And I
    say nothing.
    I scramble through
    the words
    but everything
    seems vain.
    She might be
    sleeping now.
    I sometimes think
    about her.
    her smile.
    I don't know
    what she wanted me
    to understand.
    life is beautiful?
    I don't see it.
    I'm out.
    I see the street
    lights are low now
    with the sun
    about to rise.
    I'm standing on the
    I'm looking at life.
    And I see this.
    The sunrise.
    the glow.
    after the darkest
    of my night.
    and maybe
    this is what she
    She meant
    back then.
    I stare.
    I smile.


  • laconicutterance 161w

    @writersnetwork #writersnetwork #pod

    Have you ever looked at the settling leaves; raving through the storm, madly covering the streets and finally falling into a silent heap with others like them, quiet like peace? Have you ever looked at the settling ocean water, raging high and low into tremendous waves and then finally laying smoothly across the river bed like a dream?; mixing with the warmth of sand.

    Have you ever had moments, where all you can think of is how you suddenly, out of no where, just like that learned to let things be as they are; settling for what you've got in life and not mourning over what's lost back in yesterdays. Each broken toy you tried to mend as a child but failed; each broken relationship you held tightly, putting efforts to pull it all back together but failed. All the struggles you've gone through and all the courage you held till the end brought you where you are today;

    and then at last it always felt like those harsh days weren't even so bad, for when they held your hand tight into their palm, hurting you bad, at the same time they also taught you to be the braver you, the stronger you; they looked you into your eyes and along with giving tears, they gave you strength, capablility of bearing everything, even worse that falls ahead. Those bad days made you, the one you are right now; the one who gets hit by thunder and still stands again, wiser and fearless.

    Broken seems too small a word at times; no one's left untouched by it. Each one of us have tales to cry over, still there're faces smiling when you look around yourself. What's gorgeous than that? learning to smile more, to wear confidence over your lips, doesn't mean your pain's less or you're without scars, it just means you've become someone fierce enough to let it not bother you; to live with the memories of it stacked at some corner of your head but not letting it slip in every aspect of you;

    for living, for smiles on lips of your family and friends holds so much more than getting affected by something not worth anything or damaging yourself. For with each sunrise; with the new start, you've learnt to settle with your past.


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    settling with past;

  • laconicutterance 161w

    It's complex to see;
    clarity in this world,
    the sky's messed
    and so is my

    Blue down the way ;
    high above the waves,
    its so much hard to
    walk through these

    Yellow's shining, with
    each new beginning
    but my head's still dark
    with the tales of

    Green coils the leaves,
    and dust shadows my
    dreams, I drown down
    with the sunsets,
    waking beside the
    demons I



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  • laconicutterance 216w


    Broken at the edges;
    and too many old tales;
    a tear in those eye,
    engulfed; before it,
    rolled down its fate;

    so many pasts;
    so many scars;
    how do I carry,
    their weight,
    till the last;

    a lot to come;
    lot has happened;
    with every deja vu;
    my stories fall open;
    the same long road &;
    this same crippled,

    the sunrise is old;
    the dark night's same;
    how do I evolve into,
    the new bright stars;
    so many pasts;
    have given me, 
    so many scars;


    #writersnetwork #pod

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    pasts & scars;

  • laconicutterance 218w

    Oky? Maybe.

    a lot to see, a lot to feel; this road you've been travelling will lead you to your destiny either soon or at eleventh-hour; a little long it may seem, far from reach, but all you've got is hope within; A hope that flutters for best; hope that's huge than life and hope that brings you peace and ease; you might curse the days that will lay before you, others may develop themselves with the change and connection; Life has never been good, not only towards you but for everyone around; storm rages at each one of us with same extend, pain resurfaces us over and over again. When all you wish is to end up everything that's happening, rub away all the times you've been broken and lost in this world. You regret over failures, you cry over love, things seem wrapping you again with the same inconveniences.

    Burdened with expectations, tied with knots countless. All breathless and tired you're alone in this crowd. Cm'on let things hurt, don't worry about scars. Learn to wear them, learn to let go. All you've got is you! Enough and Fierce.
    Everyone's fighting their own battles, no one's left untouched. Everyone's wishing for someone who would listen to them; but hardly they find one, you be that one for them; a long way to go. More mornings to come and nights at same time, lightening will burn you up but then raindrops are also there to caress you.
    Life's boring, except for your smiles, skies and some flowers; fresh and young; what do you want when all you have? Feel a little more, understand things with depths, overthink things less. Take a walk. Go and run, embrace the sunshine.

    Heal. And. Rise.


    #pod #writersnetwork @writersnetwork

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    sunset unfolds to sunrise;
    thunder brings stormy rain;
    there's a difference in the way,
    you feel things, the way you,
    let them slip into your being;
    the same moon, for some is,
    spotted for rest it's soothing;


  • laconicutterance 218w

    *Hey hey hey!
    Hey there guys!*

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    Separation, Nostalgia & Photographs;

    "Why can't we always stay together?" she said resting her head over her best friend's shoulder, " Why life has to be so rough?" she continued glancing at the sunset. "Together always!" best friend smiled and said "Let's see what separates us apart man!"

    If separation is all that life brings to us at the end of the gorgeous day, then nostalgia over deja vus and millions of memories we've created, are what that elicit back yesterdays to us. Memories merged with smiles and tears, memories tinged with togetherness of us, binds us even if distances separate us off, miles apart.

    You say, absence and less talks have the power to bring space between two people then photographs, they have the love to connect separated hearts, array, nostalgia to their faces and an elegant curve over their lips. Photographs bring before our eyes a different place that's tuned with shadows of past, the kind where things repeat themselves and voices echo back. Tragic or Blessed, pictures always enchain us with people long gone and things long finished.

    All that has happened seems to return before our eyes with maybe sadness or weird smiles over our face, mind wanders off into old anecdotes where certain pictures bring the long dried tears back into our eyes, heaving our cheeks again into a wet mess. A mixture of soothing and harsh tales for today and always a treasure for tomorrow, a smile for today and remembrance for coming dates, photographs share a special place of our heart.

    People often ask, "Why am I so much obsessed with photographs?". But then some also sing, and I repeat, "We keep this love in a photograph, we make these memories for ourselves, where our eyes are never closing, heart's never broken, time's forever frozen still". Maybe that does explains a lot in itself.


  • laconicutterance 231w

    Yes I did.

    Was I right? Please don't say no.

    @writersnetwork #pod

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    But yes I did. I had to someday;
    and don't ask me, don't blame me;
    I'm already tired of blaming myself;
    now all I want is a beginning;
    a new cosmos to cradle,
    myself on the clouds;
    with or without stars;
    I don't know;

    I don't care any more;
    I just want the answer that,
    I had been searching within me;
    whether it's a yes or no;
    I want to know;

    Yes. I said it. I did. Yes. I told everything;
    I don't know of the consequences they'll face;
    I have no idea what's gonna happen when,
    these words will collide with their destination;
    Will it turn out to be the most beautiful happening
    or shatter me into bits?
    I don't know.

    I only know is that I can't let these words die inside me;
    where probably they'll end up suffocating my being;
    I can't stop these words to fall into the ears they belong to;
    I want to live with the wings, free of weights;
    free to escape into infinities;

    I gave it a chance;
    I took a step less taken;
    I want them to be my reality;
    I have to try atleast, right?
    whatever be the result;

    And yes I did. I said it;

    ©laconicutterance | Sia