He loves me infinity... ♡♡

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  • lady_witch 4d

    When I look in the mirror
    I see vellus of poetries on my skin,

    Glints as crumbs of colliding luminaries
    As though with it~moonlight in my eyes.

    Blithesome words are the ornamental trust
    Echoing serenades in self-healing breaths,

    Poet~It just picturesque that I meant to be
    With dissolved pen in my heart~it is love.

  • lady_witch 1w

    When emotions ruffles on sheet
    Alluding peek-a-boo of body and soul
    Some perpetual word wafts under felt-tip
    Like a graceful poem of melting heart,
    Sometimes noons of exhaustion clots hope
    And vision dies in faithless arm of mirage
    My pen chants love to that ephemeral page
    And my joy coheres beneath umbra of that pen.

  • lady_witch 1w

    When thoughts pulverized his heart
    Gazing for stars on palm
    He overlooked himself in the inner confliction
    Merging all peace in a fragile poetry
    Silently filled hollow chest with few verses
    His pen was blew in echoes of distant love rune.

    He wrote hope on grey pages
    As half-conscious moon in lap of happiness
    Rhymed love from fate and promises with life
    Emptying soul on sheets of shaken time
    Concluded it a poem of fragmental wait
    With an achieved life from that far living girl.
    ©lady_witch♡ darksoulz

  • lady_witch 2w

    And now I know I'm loved and missed..This feeling is really incommunicable.

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    Love:Existing in hope

    "I will only drink when you will be with me after marriage. "He replied.

    Taking a series of deep gasps,her eyes denied to believe.This appearing text on her phone screen was like a gesture of dream. "Is it true" Her brain was struggling to understand. a few moment ago her heart was sinking, tears were racing to come out,she was chocking as her thoughts have blocked her throat,it was the lonely hour of twelve,when wait crushed her soul with insecurity of losing him.His alcohol was the poison always suffocates her love,deliberately drains her consciousness with a thumping heart where she hates all the signs of life.
    You're my everything now."After reading this next message, she drenched in tears but suddenly closed her eyes to hold these drops of happiness.

    "I LOVE YOU ALOT"she uttered in such a bliss as these words were eminently waiting to kiss her lips.Now her heart was a paradise with an inestimable feeling of being loved.And he,of course he is much more than of her everything she could ever explain.

  • lady_witch 2w

    Between the walls of mythos
    I want to renovate the ground
    So may it sense as yard of love
    Colourless as trust could shelter
    And a roof beyond each height
    No rituals ever reach it to ceil
    Keeping mid your heart with mine
    I would be calling it our home,Darling.

  • lady_witch 3w

    When night enchanted
    my eyes from love,
    The only poem margined
    in moonlight was you...

  • lady_witch 4w

    @darksoulz I don't know what to write here babaa, but these memories will last forever. I miss you but thanks for turning my dreams into reality. You're truly a gentleman, something much more than I could ever deserve.

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    December took my heart away! //

    When the clock ticked one
    Knocking nervousness of mine
    I stepped forth with long- waited love,
    A six foot guy was waiting thruway
    He mated me for supper just sitting next
    And our hands entwined 28 tinctures of await.
    (Once, December 28,2021)

    His black shirt promised mirth to my eyes
    We beheld delight with ageless reminiscences
    As bournes too wrapped verity in trusting-arms,
    Blue berries were crushed when he kissed my forehead
    Savor of distances invoked each moment abysmal
    And 29 lapse of love I resided on his warm lips.
    (Twice, December 29,2021)

    But my heart got cold when 30th dawn hummed asunder
    I dropped him on dreams once more bowing to fortune
    Even my soul ached for embrace of his remedial hand,
    We met seeming only home carpentered by devotion
    A half of me subsists in that home to cloy love's season
    While my hopes have welcomed winter bearing wait again.
    (Thrice, December 30,2021)

  • lady_witch 7w

    Thanks for EC..❤❤❤ @miraquill
    Maybe it makes sense..

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    Through the calm lap of sky
    when sun hids under my pillow,
    I turn off my alarm of each motion
    Yawning a hectic me on Sunday's bed,

    Taste of espresso leave behind turret of dream
    Wraps of blanket are as color slides over eyes
    I imagine myself a candy stirred in poetry
    Rhyming over morning grass of scented autumn,

    I admire me, utopian girl gasping words
    As melt delectably over thickness of busy week
    Dalliance betwixt phrases is slightly remedial
    Where I traipse on sheet napping over scathed days.

  • lady_witch 8w

    Thanks for EC... @miraquill

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    How to bake hope on rib of endeavor

    Nothing, but some vodka sauced passivity
    And a heaping table spoon of sprouted smile
    Stir in vessel of lost moment preheated on chest,

    Ashed fingertips and frozen tissue of swallow
    Ought to be spiced enough that never harsh tongue
    Now coat lid from strength until smells hope,

    Low flame of aches is only fortifying tactic
    on irregular hunger of every life to undergo
    Ohh darling,feed sanguinity from nothing but to be alive.

  • lady_witch 10w

    I never unveils but high minded
    me is pathetically chaotic.
    Caroling pain in words are
    never downhill,
    Giggle are not my choice
    but a defenseless me,
    I hide betwixt inconsiderable vows.
    I endure but unfortunately
    an aching me than materialistic grief.
    Burial on lips with tongue chewed words
    are a realistic me known as
    nothing but fragment poetry.
    //I don't rhyme that's why haphazardly I exist.//