I set my soul free by penning it down ��

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  • lame_poetries 113w


    Hold my hand
    And be my man,
    Because in you arms
    I forget my pain

  • lame_poetries 131w

    I Never

    I never did anything lame
    I never let you face any shame
    I never left you alone in achieving your aim
    I never put on you any blame
    From you, I expect the same
    I thought I'll be your only Dame
    But your love was a game

  • lame_poetries 138w

    He Was Not A Gentleman

    He always thought from below his pant
    But pretend her, he was a good saint

    He always thought about sex in his mind
    But pretend her, from heart he was very kind

    He always felt greedy for every girls body
    But pretend her, he was not interested in other lady

  • lame_poetries 140w

    Hand Of Sand

    Our hands will be together
    Not for today but for forever
    When first time you hold my hand
    I felt the same
    But that was the first stage of your game
    And now I came to know
    God made your hand of sand

  • lame_poetries 140w


    My eyes are red
    Why this thing is not going in your head ?
    I need you shade
    Why are you not doing my aid ?

  • lame_poetries 144w


    She don't want to see him in army
    For this she always do smarmy
    She don't want to see him there
    For him she was full of care
    She can't see him in danger
    She want to be with him longer
    His decision of becoming buttress
    Making her mind full of stress
    She want him to be with her in this rush
    Not to fight hiding himself in bush

  • lame_poetries 144w

    Mr. Right

    My choice was right
    Love the way you fight
    I could talk to you whole night
    You are the only one who could
    Fill my life with full of light
    That's the reason for me
    You are Mr. Right

  • lame_poetries 145w

    Do You Know

    When you went from my life
    I felt like someone dropped me
    From seven skies
    When you leave my hand for forever
    Then our memories started being together
    When you choose someone else
    I started feeling myself useless

  • lame_poetries 145w

    It's Better To

    Give your love to
    Those people who
    Are begging on road
    More than
    Those people who are
    Running their cars, bikes
    On road

  • lame_poetries 145w

    Blessed I'm Dark

    Blessed I'm dark
    Now people could easily
    See me in light
    And I could easily hide
    Myself in night

    Blessed I have tanned skin
    Now people could easily see
    On my face
    It's Smile
    And I could easily go in sun
    For a long while